Bowser Junior

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

"Hold on, this title looks so bland and out of date. Let me fix it up." Bowser Junior stated as he arrived in his personal, smaller, green tinted version of the Koopa Klown Kar, of which was officially dubbed his Junior Klown Kar, zipping up to the title and taking out is Gadd Paintbrush, painting over the log as he smiled, nodding his head. "There we go. Much better and more unique. All right, cue the title!"

Bowser Junior's Clownish Mishaps

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Bowser Junior kicks ass. Especially since he can manage to handle things all by himself. That's what makes him epic, and win. Also, I tookit upon myself to actually give this story some quality and actual substance. And there's no better time than now, since Bowser Jr. is playable in Smash Bros. So, with that all said, done, and out of the way, enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Nintendo.

Bowser Junior was as awesome as you can get. He could beat it up within a radius away from him, and he didn't afraid of anything. That's how he easily kicked Waluigi's butt, with the former actually playable in Super Smash Bros. officially. The two were fighting in Super Mario Sunshine's Isle Delfino, with the two being on the floating stage around Delfino Plaza.

"Gwa ha ha ha! Don't make me laugh, Waluigi," Bowser Jr. taunted as he poked Waluigi in the face, smirking as he twirled his Gadd Paintbrush in the air. "You just don't have the guts to take me on."

Waluigi fumed as he stood up, grabbed Bowser Jr., and tossed him into several bowling pins. Bowser Jr. retreated into his spiky green colored shell, and after knocking down the pins, he turned around and collided right into Waluigi's face, causing the tall, lanky man to fall on his back and groan in pain. Bowser Jr. popped out, laughing victoriously as he placed his hands on his firm, yellowish reptilian hips.

"Man, look at him go," Silver The Hedgehog stated to the gray colored robot, the Robotic Operation Buddy, as they were watching from the rooftop containing the red warp pipe that led to the Sirena Beach level. "He's really good at combat."

"Well, he is the true son of King Bowser Koopa." R.O.B. responded to Silver as he tilted his mechanical head to Silver, raising his robotic arms. "He's been waiting for this moment his entire life. To beat up Mario and show him up on the battlefield."

"You know it!" Bowser Jr. stated boldly as he folded his arms with a smirk, only to be sent blasting off again high in the clear blue sky as the Junior Klown Kar exploded, with Silver and R.O.B. glancing at each other in disbelief.