"You Want It?" Muttered Morshu, the creepy perverted shopkeeper from Koradie, eyeing Bowser Junior with glee as he approached the young reptilian, "It's yours, my friend..."

Bowser Junior screamed in horror as Morshu revealed his naked body. Bowser Jr. turned away, tossing his Gadd Paintbrush at Morshu, which broke in half.

"You Want It? You Want It? You Want It? YOU WANT IT!" Morshu kept repeating as he grabbed Bowser Jr., trying to do naughty thing to the young reptilian. "Mmmmmm!"

Bowser Jr. snarled, punching Morshu in the face as he dashed away, jumping off the giant television set (which, by the way, was made completely out of wood but wasn't pointed out in the previous chapter due to increasing word count and because the writer did not care enough) and landing on several colorful pit balls, trying to keep his balance as Morshu flew a jet fighter, trying to blast Bowser Jr. One laser was shot, an a huge fiery explosion sent thousands of colorful pit balls into the air, all of them landing on Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. screamed as he retreated into his spiky green shell, wondering when the horrible nightmare would be over, as Morshu evilly laughed his head off, aiming his next laser squarely at Bowser Jr.