Sonic The Hedgehog stared out into the open of Green Hill Zone as he took a deep sigh, shaking his head in anger while standing on the vibrant green grass.

"How do you feel?" Sonic asked as he took in a deep sigh and clenched his fists tightly. "...When you accidentally erase your own history and go over your amazing feats?"

After several seconds passed by, Sonic then took the time to just shrug and dash off, for time and his patience was far too short for this.

"What's got him mopey?" A clone of Sonic asked another Sonic, with both of the blue hedgehogs relaxing on the sandy beach nearby the zone of Green Hill.

"Beats me." The other Sonic responded as he shrugged his lanky arms together. "I think he doesn't understand the concept of short chapters."

Sonic continued dashing about, running past several more of his clones through the green hill infested land as he eventually left the area, with the final portion of the tropical paradise having a smorgasbord of different characters from faraway lands.

"And there he goes." Dry Bowser commented as he was practicing his tennis skills, planning to have a match on the tennis court located somewhere within the green hills.