Sonic The Hedgehog Shorts

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Sonic's the name, speed's my game! Too easy, piece of cake! Hey, we should do this again sometime! You're too slow! Come on, step it up! You can't catch me, slowpokes! I'm too cheap! Let's make some sparks fly! Faster than the speed of sound! Nailed it! It's all about speed! All right! Woo!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to SEGA.

Sonic simply smirked as he dashed all around the planet, rolling around the speed of sound as he left everything behind him in the dust. He laughed as he did several poses in the air, winking at the clear blue sky as he went by. Several skyscrapers in his way were sent crashing down as Sonic went right through them like they were pieces of paper.

"I'm too quick for you, slick. I'm too fast to pass!" Sonic laughed as he jumped into the air, forming a spin dash as he used his homing attack on several Egg Pawns, landing back on the path as he took off towards the western direction.

Sonic continued running westbound in the huge, seemingly endless open grassy meadow as he zoomed past a chilli dog stand. Curious, Sonic went right back, tapping his foot impatiently as he folded his arms in annoyance. Suddenly, Sonic screamed as a giant metal claw hooked him, squeezing the blue humanoid hedgehog. Sonic struggled as he tried to get out, opening his beautiful green eyes as he spotted the troublemaker, who was holding a red remote control.

"Shorts, huh?" Sonic remarked as he was sitting on the edge of Crisis City, wearing a pair of blue shorts. "They're pretty comfy and easy to wear!"

Shadow and Silver both groaned as they placed their hands on their own foreheads, with Dr. Eggman suddenly running up to Sonic and pushing him into the fiery magma below, dusting his hands off.

"He had it coming," Eggman stated to Shadow and Silver, who both sighed as they glanced at each other, unimpressed.