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From behind the privacy of his closed eye, Roy watched and waited as bright blotches of piercing white and startling blue muted to an intense blackness. Once the light faded, he became increasingly aware of a ringing in his ears and smoldering tendrils of heat that danced across his skin. The last he remembered, he was running into the crumbling array to try and save Ed's life. So where was he now? With his left eye still closed, Roy's military training kicked in, and he began to mentally access his current situation. Starting at his toes and moving up his body, he wiggled and tensed each muscle to test for damage. When he got to his raised hips, it did not take him long to realize he was kneeling, bent at the waist, above a hard, unforgiving floor. Lastly, Roy curled his outstretched fingers into tights fists against the dry ground. Satisfied that he had no outward injury, Roy began to slowly and carefully open his eye.

Instead of the empty blackness from mere moments before, Roy's senses were bombarded with a yellowish light. Blinking his eye to clear, a gasp escaped Roy's throat as he focused on the form below him. The light he now saw did not come from another alchemic source, but from beautifully caramelized skin and tussled sun-blond hair. If his heart beat wasn't accelerated before, it surely was now. There Roy was, leaning over the prone, and most of all, solid figure of one Edward Elric.

With a headache to rival the greatest avalanche, Ed stayed still as his thoughts began to clear. He was rash, but he had enough experience with head injuries to know that he should not be jumping around. Biting his lower lip, Ed blinked his eyes open. Of all the hellish things he expected to see, the vision of Roy, above him, was not one of them.

Gold met deep blue, as their eyes locked. It was then that Ed realized his head was situated between Roy's large hands, and he had one of Roy's knees on either side of his waist. The pain from before might be gone, but the tell-tale sign of alchemic heat still lingered around his body. If later asked, Ed would blame the raised temperature on his slowly growing blush as he lay underneath Roy's muscular body.

Roy subconsciously knew they were not alone, since they did not come to this place unaccompanied, but he could not bring himself to care. All he could focus on was the warm body below him. He felt his elbows start to bend and the tip of his tongue dart out to moisten his dry lips. Mimicking his actions, Roy watched transfixed as a pale pink tongue snaked out of Ed's mouth to wet his own bottom lip.

Again, Roy moved closer to that beautiful mouth. His heart hammered in his chest, loud enough he swore others could hear it.


Before Roy could further close the gap between their bodies, he found himself sprawled on his side cradling a now red and probably swollen jaw.

"You Bastard! You unthinking Bastard! You could have been killed!"

Though not yet on his feet, Ed had propped himself up on his right metal fist. Dazed, Roy noticed the red tinged knuckles of Ed's left hand. At least Roy was lucky Ed used flesh and bone and not metal, or he would be nursing a broken jaw.

Once clarity finally found its way into Ed's brain, he found only one thought.

He was furious.

Yes, something had gone wrong.

Yes, he was in pain.

But, that was no reason for Roy to throw caution to the wind and run into harm's way. And for what? To save his ass?

"I do have to say Ed…your fist was something I did not miss."

With one hand still at his chin, he looked at Ed's slightly trembling frame. By this point, the heat that seemed to encase the area was decreasing, and he became aware of Hawkeye's voice shouting orders across the room. Yet, he had eyes only for Ed. It seemed like forever since the last time he really looked at him. Golden hair was coming out of a loose pony-tail, tan skin glazed with sweat and dust, and a chest heaving with restrained breath; whether from fury or exertion, Roy did not know.

Pulling his feet underneath his body, Roy pushed himself off of the hard floor and made his way over to Edward. Standing before him, Roy extended his right hand towards Ed, maintaining eye contact the whole time. The room seemed to still as the two men shared a moment of silent tension and wonder.

Slowly, Ed extended his lightly trembling left hand up to grasp Roy's right wrist. Expecting to feel the prickling pain-filled-pleasure like the many times before, Ed drew in a sharp, shaky breath when all he felt was warm, solid skin. However, that did not stop the tingle of excitement that ran down his spine.

Ed relaxed as he let himself be pulled up by Roy's hand.

For the next several heart beats, the two of them stood their ground, looking intently into each other's eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Roy swallowed the lump in this throat. "What was I doing? I was trying to save your ass, Edward."

Looking down at their still joined hands, Ed's retort was caught off as he heard a coughing sound behind him. Turning on his heel, Ed glanced over his shoulder and was met with the sight of his brother standing next to Hughes. Ed felt a smile stretch across his face as he looked at Al. Sure, Ed had seen Al whole for the past several days, but this was the first time that the two brothers were together, in their actual bodies, since this whole ordeal started. It was as if no words were needed as Ed and Al exchanged mirroring smiles.

Ed's attention was once again diverted when he realized that the coughing sound was coming from Hughes.

"Roy, I think it's about time you two get out of there. We don't want to chance fate, right?"

Ed noticed that while Hughes' comment was directed primarily towards Roy, his green eyes and Cheshire grin were locked on their linked hands. It was to Ed's shock that he found himself being lead out of the array by Roy's hand. Part of him wanted to tear his hand away from their current unusually and uncommon display of public affection, but the other half of him wanted to grab the firm skin tighter until no air could pass through their fingers.

Roy, deciding to ignore the fact that he was still holding Ed's hand, proceeded to carefully walk towards the two other men at the edge of the array. He did not understand what happened and why, but he was not going to question their good luck. As far as he was concerned, they should both be dead right now or at least playing a game of limbo with the Gate. And yet, here they both were.

Stopping mere steps before Alphonse and Hughes, Roy reached up with his other hand to land a soft pat on Hughes' shoulder. From the corner of his eye, he watched as at the same time Ed delivered a one arm hug to his younger brother.

Al's laughter filled the now quiet chamber as he pulled back from Ed's embrace only to place the palm of his hand to his brother's cheek. "There will be time for that later Brother. I am so happy to have you back, but for now I think you need rest."

Laughter filled the area once again as Al caught the look of mild disdain that appeared across Ed's features. Instead of supplying his elder brother with a retort, Roy watched as Al winked at Ed before turning and giving a matching wink to himself.

Clearing his throat, Hughes juggled his gaze between Ed and Roy. "Speaking of rest; that should go to both of you…in the hospital."


Before Ed could get the rest of his sentence out of his mouth, Hughes stepped in. "But, I might be able to accept letting Ed into your care, Roy." As the last word was spoken, Roy was met with the penetrating yet amused glare of his long time best friend.

Matching Hughes' glare with his own trade mark smirk, Roy glanced over at Ed and his slightly pink cheeks. "I think I can manage that."

The expression on Ed's face at Roy's comment was hysterical to everyone but Edward. For one of the very few times in his life, Ed found himself speechless. He had no idea what to say and how to act at that very moment. All he could do was allow Roy to lead him towards the stairs so they could make their journey top-side. One thing Ed was thankful for was the fact that no one had yet to mention the fact that Ed and Roy seemed to be attached. But, in actuality, Ed didn't think he would even care either way.

The group was silent as they all made their way up the stairs. Roy, for his part, was reviewing his past few hours in precise detail, still trying to figure out how he and Ed were still alive. Shaking his head, he glanced over at Ed who also seemed deep in thought. Roy decided that maybe some things were not meant to be questioned.

Ed found himself questioning why the Gate did not demand payment for not only his own corporal body back, but for Roy's safety as well. He was torn between analyzing the situation further and glancing between Roy and Al. Al seemed so happy. He caught his brother's attention at that moment and shared another wide smile. He owed what ever just happened to his brother and the man he loved. It was over. He could now move on.

Hughes, who was walking in the front of the group along with Hawkeye, pushed open the final barrier that separated the wayward group from the air outside. It was not yet winter, but the night sky provided a cool breeze to fill the air. Ed found himself moving closer to Roy's warm body beside him.

Feeling a pressure against his side, Roy looked down only to see a messy blond head resting just inches from his shoulder. Roy's arm twitched with the sudden wanting to wrap his arm around the thinner body, but he stopped. Their relationship was still new, and he did not know how Ed would react to such a gesture in public. Hell, he was surprised that Ed still allowed him to have a grip on his hand.

While his eyes still rested on Ed, Roy felt a hand gently touch his shoulder. Looking up, he found himself staring into the tired yet relieved face of Hawkeye. "I don't expect to see you till Tuesday morning, Sir." Looking intently between Roy and Ed, she directed her next sentence towards the blond. "The same goes for you Edward. If you both insist on not seeing a doctor, then you need rest. And I mean rest, Sir." With her light brown eyes boring into Roy's dark blues, her last sentence was uttered through clenched teeth. Roy's only response was to smirk. From years of knowing Hawkeye, he knew when an order was an order and when an order was laced with good intensions. He was proven correct when Hawkeye's tight lips quickly pulled into a small smirk before turning away and heading towards the driver's seat of the closest military issue car.

Roy watched as Hughes made his way toward the car parked next to the first one. "Come on you two, I'll drive you home." With that said, Hughes pulled open the door and got inside to start the car.

Ed and Roy began walking towards the car before Ed realized Al was not following. Stopping in his tracks, Ed swung his head around to search for Al, only to find him no more than ten feet to his left.

"I'll catch a ride with Havoc and Hawkeye. Don't worry; I'll see you on Tuesday."

Ed watched, opened mouth, as Al jogged over to Hawkeye's car and climbed into the back seat.

The car ride was mostly silent. Both Ed and Roy were seated in the back seat. The only noise came from Hughes' subtle humming. Startled, Ed looked down to see Roy gently moving the pad of his thumb over the back of Ed's left hand. Ed had no choice but to watch the movement of the pale thumb against his tan skin. Tearing his eyes away, he looked up into its owner's face. Roy's intense stare bore into Ed's eyes. Ed could tell from Roy's face that he was nervous and apprehensive as well as excited. And there was something else swimming around him his deep eye that Ed could only label as lust.

The car came to a stop in front of Roy's home. Ed didn't even think about asking where they were going, assuming Hughes was taking him back to his and Al's dorm. It wasn't until Roy finally unclasped his hand to open the door that Al's words finally registered about not seeing him until Tuesday.

Ed gave a small shake of his head and smiled in the memory of his brother's actions. So, Al gave his blessing. The boy was too smart for his own good.

Once Hughes was out of the car, he came up to Roy, patted his back and leaned in towards his ear. "Glad you're both back, but don't EVER do that again." Without another glance, Hughes turned around and got back in the car to drive off.

Startled by his abrupt departure, Ed stood staring at the retreating car.

Taking a deep breath, he looked back to find Roy, only to notice him already walking towards his front door.

Silently, Ed quickened his pace and made it to the threshold as Roy opened the door. Stepping to the side, Roy made a hand gesture for Ed to walk in first.

Even though he had been in Roy's house multiple times over the past few days, he felt like he was looking at it for the first time. Tentatively, Ed extended his arm to run the back of his knuckles along the wall.

Both seemed apprehensive about breaking the silence.

Sucking up the courage, Ed proceeded to turn around, expecting to see Roy falling into his daily routine of taking off his shoes and jacket. Instead, Ed was startled by the intense stare that rooted him to the floor. It was like Roy had let down all of his emotional walls, and Ed could see everything. All of the want, the desire, and dare he hope it, love.

Words were no longer needed as their bodies started to slowly move together, closing all of the empty space between them.

Roy's breath was coming in short and shallow puffs as he brought his right hand up to gently touch Ed's left check.

A gasp of air quickly entered Ed's parted lips at the sensation of Roy's lightly calloused skin against his face. Unable to stop the slight tremor racking his body, Ed brought up his own left hand to cover Roy's.

With eyes transfixed on Roy's moist mouth, Ed had no choice but to stand still as Roy tilted his head and closed the last hairs breadth between them.

Ed could only count the number of his previous kisses on one hand and none of them ignited the same spark as this one did. It lasted for only a brief moment before Roy pulled back to once again look into Ed's hooded eyes. Their breath mingled together to the point where Ed was unsure if he was breathing his own air or Roy's.

This time, it was Ed's turn to move forward as he leaned in for another kiss. He brought his right hand up to secure Roy's neck in place. He had waited so long for this moment that he would growl if Roy dared to move away once more.

Roy opened his mouth against Ed's, yet let no tongue escape his lips. Breathing in through his nose, Roy brought his other arm around to tightly grip at Ed's thin waist. All Roy could feel was Ed's warm and delicious body against his, yet he wanted more.

Steadying his breathing, Roy moved as far back as Ed's metal hand allowed him. With lips still brushing against each other, Roy started to nudge Ed's body to move backwards towards the stairs. Understanding Roy's implication, Ed lowered his right arm from Roy's neck and instead moved it to his wrist. Turning, Ed started heading to the stairs until he felt Roy's unmoving weight hold him back.

"Are you sure?" Roy's voice came out as a husky whisper.

"Aren't you?" Suddenly nervous that he had misread Roy's intentions, Ed felt his eyes head towards the carpet and his shoulders slump.

Before he could let his eyes fully drop, Ed was reassured by the sudden feel of Roy's hand beneath his chin.

Placing another kiss against Ed's plump lips, Roy tightened his hand around Ed's and quickly led the way upstairs.

Closing the bedroom door behind him, Roy watched as Ed eagerly looked around the room.

Ed had been in Roy's room before, but like how he felt down stairs, Ed was taking in everything for the first time. Focusing his eyes on Roy's scarlet covered bed sheets, he slowly placed one foot in front of the other as he made his way towards the bed. He could not stop the sudden feeling of warmth that spread over his face at the realization of what was about to happen. He may have some experience with dating, but he was still a virgin.

As he let his left hand reach out to touch the duvet, he noticed the presence of a warm body behind him. Arms slowly reached around to cradle his waist, and Ed let his head fall back against Roy's shoulder. Inhaling a deep breath, he felt a tingling sensation travel down his body as Roy started to place butterfly kisses down his exposed neck.

Careful not to jostle the blond in his arms, Roy gently put pressure on Ed's shoulder to turn his body around. However, that did not stop Roy's lavish attention to the wonderful caramelized column of Ed's neck. He could not only hear but feel Ed's quicken breaths. All it took was one more step and Ed's knees were against the mattress. Placing one hand behind Ed's head, Roy maneuvered Ed onto the bed.

It wasn't until Ed's body was flush against the duvet that he realized for the first time that his body sunk into the surface instead of resting just on top of it. Leaning his head back against the soft pillows, Ed looked up into Roy's dark eye.

"This is all nice, Mustang, but you better not think you can treat me like a girl. I'm not glass, I don't break."

Roy could not help the smile that came to his lips at Ed's comment. "Oh don't worry; I am very much aware of your gender."

With one knee against the mattress, Roy pushed himself up in order to quickly remove his and Ed's boots. Once that was done, Roy went to move back up towards the headboard only to find himself thrown onto his back by a very spunky blond.

Taking advantage of Roy's surprise, Ed took the imitative. One clap later and the clothing disappeared. Ed's eyes greedily took in the exposed muscular skin below his fingertips and tensed his thighs around Roy's bare hips.

A startled gasp escaped Roy as the warmth he had experienced just moments before was replaced with the cooling bedroom air, leaving a tingling sensation across his chest and arms from the alchemic reaction. He could have sworn he heard Ed growl as he felt tight muscles squeeze against his lower body.

Smiling, Roy looked up into Ed's face. "Well…that was handy."

Ed let a quick chuckle leave his body before his lips were pressed against Roy's collar bone. "I thought you'd like that," Ed muttered between well placed love bites.

Roy brought his hands up to run his fingers along the expanse of Ed's exposed back, causing a shutter to pass through the body above him. Soon he brought his hands down to cup Ed's round ass, pulling Ed's body flush against his own. He couldn't let Ed have all the fun now could he?

Breaking away from Roy's chest, Ed uttered a surprised shout at the sudden contact. On impulse, Ed ground his hips down into Roy, causing their growing erections to rub together. The feeling that coursed through Ed's body was cataclysmic compared to the pleasurable tingling sensation while Ed was between worlds. The hands that before were merely resting on his ass were now squeezing, keeping Ed's body tightly secured.

Something in Roy snapped at the carnal urge that raced through his body when he felt Ed's matching arousal against his own. Prying one hand from his newly favored perch, Roy stretched behind him to open the drawer at his bedside table. Pulling out a jar of lotion, he placed it next to the pillows. Using his momentum, Roy took the opportunity to once again roll Ed onto his back.

Roy's smirk was reflected in the "ed-ible" visage beneath him as he felt strong legs, both flesh and metal, cross behind his back. The force of Ed's extra weight against his lower back once again forced their erections to deliciously rub together. As hungry mouths once again battled for dominance, Roy reached for the jar and gracelessly unscrewed the lid. Twirling his tongue around Ed's matching muscle; he used the distraction to lightly coat three of his fingers in the lotion.

Ed became aware of Roy's actions only when he felt one of Roy's fingers circle around his tight entrance. Dropping his legs onto the bed, Ed stared wide-eyed up at Roy's grinning face.

"Oh, that's cold!" Ed exclaimed as he started to push backwards into the bed.

Grabbing Ed's retreating hips with one hand, Roy stilled his movement. "Just relax," Roy reassured and sealed his promise with a kiss.

Moving his hand back down, Roy started to insert one finger into Ed.

Shuddering at the intrusion, Ed closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. He knew the more relaxed he was, the less it would hurt in the long run, but that thought still did not prevent his nerves from overrunning his common sense. With quickened breaths, Ed pushed against the bed with this right leg to lift his hips, causing Roy's finger to fully submerge into Ed's warm body.

Twin groans echoed throughout the room, and Roy quickly went to insert a second finger. Scissoring his fingers, Roy leaned forwards and started placing a trail of kisses along Ed's upper chest.

Ed had never experienced a feeling like this before. His heart rate increased to the point that he could feel his pulse pounding in his ears. He had had enough of Roy's teasing and with a surge of energy, he moved Roy's hand aside and situated himself on his knees. Before Roy could stop him, Ed pushed him onto his back and placed his mouth to the tip of Roy's penis.

Roy let a strangled, unintelligible noise past his throat as he felt Ed's warm tongue circle around the head of his erection.

With his left hand at the base of Roy's erection, Ed started to lick from the base of his shaft to the top and back down, leaving a moistened trail in his wake. Once he was sure that Roy was properly lubricated, he straddled Roy's hips and in one quick motion, lowered himself onto Roy's now fully erect penis.

Moaning at the abrupt sensation, Roy dug his fingers into Ed's hips and threw his head back in ecstasy.

Ed started a slow, gentle rocking motion with his pelvis and placed his hands on Roy's chest for leverage.

Roy's frustration grew from the agonizing pace and decided to once more switch positions. In one quick movement, Roy managed to sit up and tilt Ed onto his back without leaving his body. The sweet and slow movements from before were replaced with passionate quick and shallow thrusts. The new angle caused Ed to see blotches of light behind his closed lids.

Reaching down, Roy grabbed hold of Ed's right leg and dragged his hand up the inside of his thigh until he found purchase in the curve of Ed's knee. Lifting Ed's leg onto his shoulder, he was able to delve deeper into Edward. The tightening of Ed's muscles soon became too much for Roy, and he reached between their sweat covered bodies to find Ed's neglected erection. Pumping Ed in time with his thrusts, Roy was lost in the overwhelming feeling of Edward's embrace.

"Roy!" A feeling of warmth started to gather in the pit of Ed's stomach, and his leg muscles trembled against Roy's body. With his left hand splayed across to top of Roy's ass, he moved his right to tightly grasp at the headboard behind him. It felt like his entire body was going numb, and all of his nerves and blood supply were rerouted to his groin.

With one final deep thrust, Roy watched in amazement as Ed threw his head back and issued an animalistic, primal scream. He barely registered the pulsing arousal between his clutched fingers as the increased pressure around his penis was enough to send him into a body trembling ecstasy.

Stilling his body after a few more well-placed thrusts, Roy carefully let his body move out of Edward. Moving to join the blond at the head of the bed, he felt a chuckle bubble in his chest at the sight of the fingerprint indentions that now littered his wooden headboard.

Keeping his eyes closed, Ed felt Roy run his hand through his hair. At some point, his hair tie had fallen out, leaving his tresses in a messy bundle on the pillow beneath his head. Opening his eyes, he was greeted by Roy's face. He watched as Roy seemed to study every curvature of his face, letting his fingers roam over his smooth skin.

"Ed…I want you to know that, I love you." Ed had hoped that he was loved by this man, but to hear him utter the words was more than he could hope for. Lifting his own hand to tuck a strand of ink-black hair behind one of Roy's ears, he stared into the man's face.

"I love you too, Roy." Taking a deep breath, Ed felt his lips split into a wide smile. "I have for a very long time."

Joy was the only emotion Roy could focus on as he leaned down and wrapped his arms around Edward. With his mouth next to the blond's ear, Roy whispered in soft tones. "I told you before, that I could not lose you again. Now that I know you love me, I will never let you go."

Feeling a tear escape his lashes, Ed held onto Roy. "Roy, you might have misplaced me, but you never lost me."

Raising his head to look into the golden eyes below him, Roy rested his lips against Ed's for one more, soft kiss.


Wow guys, it's finally over. I hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have. I am currently starting an outline for another Ed/Roy fic, this one taking place in the current 21st century.

I am calling it The Burghers Secret.
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Here is a summary to whet your appetite.

The Burghers Secret: AU, Edward Elric, renowned for his intelligence, quick thinking and unconventional manners, is the man that agencies such as the FBI, CIA and Interpol turn to in order to solve their top priority and most dangerous cases. However, Edward does not pick just any case brought before him. His newest case takes him to London, where he must pair up with up-in-coming Interpol "superstar" Roy Mustang to stop an international art theft crime ring that has set their eyes on one of Auguste Rodin's most famous statues, The Burghers of Calais. Can Ed and Roy uncover the mystery behind this prized sculpture before a part of history, and their own lives, are lost forever?