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You see, this was the peril of being a teenaged girl in a small town. Everyone knew everyone, which was annoying but bearable- unless you were a teenaged girl. Normally when you show this much of your body to someone, you're hoping it's someone you're incredibly familiar with. But when you're on an examining table, covered only by a flimsy paper gown, the last person you want to see between those stirrups is someone familiar.

If I was the kind of girl who did those kind of things, or even knew where to get those kind of things, I would have been knee deep in Zanax for this appointment, but I just wasn't that lucky I suppose. So there I sat, every fidget shifting and crinkling the paper liner on the table below me, feeling miserably exposed, waiting for the only OB-GYN in all of Forks.

Up until now I would grow impatient with doctors who made you wait, just wanting to get this over with as fast as possible. Now, however, I was perfectly content to wait, hoping he wouldn't feel the need to be speedy. No rush. I am totally okay with stalling this.

The door started to creak open, and clearly luck was not on my side today as the familiar blond head poked in on me. "Ready for me, Bella?" he asked.

The very question made me flush, the butterflies in my stomach beating madly against me. "Y-yes," I stuttered, taking deep breaths, willing the blood to leave my face. As if it would. It seemed like blush was my body's neutral state.

Carlisle strolled in, and pulled up a stool to the edge of the examining table. "I see you've declined a chaperone?" He asked, his golden eyes meeting mine. "Are you sure about that?" He asked.

"Positive. No offense, Dr. Cullen, but this is kind of awkward as it is, I can't imagine another person in here is going to make me more comfortable," I explained with a weak smile. It was a battle as it were to keep my legs from trembling. Please don't notice.

"All right. So, today we just have the standard check up. Breast exam, pelvic. Any questions or concerns you have, we can talk about after, okay?" He asked, gently. Carlisle has this natural ability to calm patients and in any other case I'm sure it would have worked. But not for me. If anything, the butterflies in my stomach just increased pace, and it was all I could do to keep from trembling as he asked me to lie back.

He peeled back the top of my paper gown, and it was a battle not to squeeze my eyes shut and pretend I was somewhere else. And then I felt his gloved fingers gently but firmly traced the outline of my breast, and my heart raced to fever pitch. Was it too much to ask or Carlisle to be ugly in just this moment? Because doctor or no doctor I could refute the fact that an extremely attractive vampire was holding my breasts in his hands. I struggled not to arch into his touch as he gently squeezed, and had to remind myself that this was an exam, and not a seduction. I was glad I could blame the hardening of my nipples on the chill in the air. What I couldn't do was stop the shock of arousal as he rubbed his thumbs across my nipples, and gently squeezed and prodded.

"All right, everything looks good," He said, and I pulled my top back up, trying not to hear what could be a double meaning in his assessment. This was Carlisle, for crying out loud. He was Edwards father. He was a doctor, and did dozens of these every day. There ceased to be anything sexual about this long ago, I'm sure.

As he pulled out the stirrups, I swallowed hard. I let my ankles rest on the cold, hard metal, terrified that the arousal mingling with nerves and fear was showing. "All right, Bella, scoot down until you feel my hand," he said. Words that I'd heard at half a dozen pelvics over the years suddenly turned from clinical to erotic in Carlisle's lips, and I fought to keep my face from burning in shame. I scooted my hips down, spreading my legs wider for him until I felt his cool, gloved hand on my bottom.

"All right, to make this easier on you, I'll use ointment on my fingers," he told me, soothingly. I nodded my head, absentmindedly. "Alright, here we go, Bella," he said softly.

As his cool fingers entered me, I let out an involuntary moan. I cursed my sensitivity as Carlisle's amber eyes shot up to meet mine. "Did that hurt?" He asked, concern pooling in his eyes.

I was captivated, dumbfounded, and barely managed to say, "Cold fingers." I couldn't believe this. With Edward constantly thwarting my advances, I ached for release much of the time. Apparently to the point that a pelvic exam with his father was rapidly turning erotic.

Carlisle's smile was captivating, and he chuckled. "Can't be helped, I'm afraid." He rested his hand on my lower abdomen, and pressed in and down gently. The shift in weight caused the slightest friction against his fingers, and forced a small noise from me. "Pain?" He asked, gently.

"Um, no," I stuttered. "Just uncomfortable." My pulse raced, and I was sure I'd flushed, my face felt warm. In fact, the whole room, cold just moments before felt almost unbearably warm. I breathed deeply and tried to calm myself as Carlisle felt around a little more. Finally, it seemed as though he was done.

He went to remove his fingers, and then it happened. His thumb brushed my clit, and there was no disguising the breathy moan that escaped my lips. He locked eyes with mine, and he deliberately stroked me once more, and that was our undoing. "Carlisle," I gasped, and with inhuman speed his hand was fisted in my hair; his cool smooth lip crushed to mine.

I gasped at the sensation, and his tongue darted inside my mouth, tasting, devouring, and I felt as though I was drowning in the feel of him. He pulled away just long enough to yank off the gloves before his hands shoved under my gown, caressing my hard nipples, gently rolling them in his fingers, before squeezing, soliciting a strangle moan from me. He kissed me again, hard, before trailing his mouth along my jaw, down to my neck. He kissed and licked and sucked. I felt his teeth scrape against my neck gently before his lips were at my ear.

"You smell delicious. But as sweet as your blood may be, nothing is sweeter than that mouth of yours." And with that, his lips were on mine again, sucking and nibbling, before I felt two cold finger stroke up and down my dripping sex. I groaned into his mouth, and this spurred him on, plunging his fingers deep inside me. With the gloves gone nothing shielded me from the cold of his skin, and the sensation was incredible.

"You like that?" He asked roughly. I gasped, and he withdrew his finger before thrusting them in again. "I said. Do. You. Like. That?" Each word was punctuated with another thrust of those wonderfully skilled fingers of his.

So lost was I that I couldn't imagine anything like consequences, or his son-my boyfriend, and his wife. "Yes, yes! Carlisle... So good," I moaned.

He removed his fingers from me, and I nearly cried out from the loss, before he did one of the most erotic things I would ever see. He plunged his fingers, dripping with my juices into his mouth and sucked them out. "Delicious. You are so delicious, my Bella." Even had I been coherent, I couldn't have protested, because in that moment I would have done anything for more. I really was his.

Abusing his inhuman speed, he was between my thighs and before I even knew what was happening, his cold tongue swiped against my dripping pussy and I stifled a cry. His expert tongue circled and swiped at my clit, before plunging inside of me, and I saw stars, riding out the first orgasm I'd had in far too long. He drank all of my juices greedily, thoroughly cleaning them all from me before standing again.

My eyes couldn't help but be drawn to the bulge in his slacks, and unable to help my self, my hand reached up to feel it. His eyes met mine, fierce, and he whispered my name as though it were a curse. With speed that almost rivaled his, I undid his belt, and as fast as I could, my hand was inside his slacks, wrapped around the smooth length of him. "Carlisle, you're so..." I trailed off, looking up at him in awe. In a smooth fluid motion that spoke of experience I didn't have, my hand slid up and down him, and this time he did curse.

"Fuck. Bella, you don't know what you're doing to me. You don't know what you're doing," He growled.

I smiled wickedly. There was no going back now, so I was going to get what I wanted, damned or not. I used him, rubbing the swollen head of his cock against my dripping slit. "On the contrary, I know exactly what I'm doing, Dr."

I was rewarded by another growl, and in a flash the entire length of him was buried inside me. I gasped, and I knew that though I didn't feel it now due to Carlisle's swiftness, and my wetness, I would certainly hurt later. "Are you okay?" He asked quietly, though his voice was strained. "Yes, yes. Please, I need to feel you move," I begged.

And move he did. With every thrust I enjoyed the delicious friction or my clit grinding against the spot where our two bodies met. With every thrust I was that much closer to my release. "Oh god, Bella, you're so tight. So hot. I'm not going to last long," He whispered.

My eyes met his, and the desire, the pleasure I felt was so strongly echoed in his eyes that I couldn't find the strength to look away. "Carlisle," I gasped. Something in my tone must have clued him in, because he picked up speed, and before I knew it, the pressure built until it was unbearable.

Then he said the tree words that had me unraveling in his arms, "Cum for me." And I did. I tumbled over the edge into oblivion, into an endless sea of bliss, and it was only moments before Carlisle buried himself inside me and cried out my name. I drained him for all he was worth, unable to stop clenching and un-clenching around him in the wake of my orgasm.

I don't how long we stayed like that, his arm around my waist, my head resting against his collar bone. It could have been days, or even weeks, though I'm sure it was only moments. The world filtered back in around us, and even as the gravity of the situation sunk in, I couldn't say I would take back if I was given the choice. It was the single most earth-shattering experience in my life. How could anything get better than that? More intense? It would kill me, I was sure.

"Bella..." Carlisle said, helplessly.

"Don't. Don't ruin this for me," I said. Carlisle nodded, wordlessly withdrawing from me. I looked up at him, trying to make out the look on his face. It wasn't negative. He wasn't elated. It was neither here nor there.

I hopped down from the table, and yanked my underwear on, quickly clasping my bra back in place. Carlisle zipped his pants back up and did his belt, and damn him, it looked as though this had never happened. My dress was on in a flash, and I slung my bag over my shoulder.

"Bella, this can't happen again," He told me.

"I know that," I snapped. "I still love him. This... This doesn't change anything," I lied. He turned and his hand rested on the doorknob before he paused. "I don't regret it thought."

"I know," he said, softly.

"You don't either," I stated. It was not a question.

"I know," he said again. "It was nice seeing you, Bella." The door closed with a click behind him, and I couldn't help my small, but sad smile.

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