Dont know where this idea came from but I thought of it.

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"AGHHH!"Another agonizing scream from one of Reed's men. Sam thought over and over that this battle was almost over. But the way it looked it was far from over. This was all for Sarah, Sam's daughter. When Sam put it that way he didn't feel bad for all those people he murdered. He got to the vice president and interrogated him. "You can't shoot me im bulletproof!" he said. Sam replied, "We'll see about that" and shot his feet. A huge explosion followed and Sam crawled up a pipe. Sam was listening to the soldiers conversations and cut one short when a bullet ran through his head followed with more to the other soldiers. More murder... Sam was getting used to the deaths by now, but he knew that this was gonna be traumatizing when things became normal. More soldiers were coming now, which came to the same ending.

Murder... The thought ran through his head multiple times with the ocassional thought of Sarah's safety. Sam was Sarah's soldier, he would do anything to protect her. When he finally met up with Grim, she said something about doing a thing that would hurt him. Sam said he was ready, but when he saw that gun pointed at him, he thought twice. He was shot. His life was flashing by him. He thought of Sarah, and how he couldn't protect her anymore. But he woke up in the oval office, still alive. Reed was there talking to Sam about his plans. Looking at all the guards and at Grim, she was nodding. A plan. When Reed was close enough, he tackled him while Grim shot three guards and, taking Reed's gun, shooting the rest. Sam brought Reed to a table and interrogated him about info for his daughter. When Reed told him, Sam shot him. I can go home, with Sarah. And as Sam was being transported, he couldnt help but grin at the thought of actually going home.

After playing Splinter Cell Conviction, I thought, WHAT THE HECK IM GONNA WRITE A STORY. Once again it is very short. Probably coming up with a multi chapter fan fic about either kingdom hearts or final fantasy 13. w/e PEACE