Bonnie was in her room playing with her new toys that Andy gave her before he went to college. Right now she was running around in circles holding both Woody and Buzz Lightyear in each hand. They were escaping the evil witch Dolly, who was throwing pie at them.

"We have got to lose her." Bonnie said speaking for Woody.

Bonnie got on her bed still holding Woody and Buzz, then she began jumping up and down on it like she was on a trampoline. Her mom interrupted her playtime by calling her down stairs for dinner. She sighed as she dropped Woody and Buzz on the bed and got off.

"Coming mom!" She shouted.

She wasn't really that hungry, she just wanted to continue playing. As soon as she left the room all the toys came to life.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" Woody asked Buzz.

"Yeah, one of the best playtime's I've had in years." He agreed.

"So what should we do while she's having dinner?" Jessie asked.

"Uh, we could jump on the bed." Woody suggested.

"Sounds great to me." Buzz said.

So the three friends jumped on the bed. Trixie and Rex played games on the lap top and Dolly, Buttercup and Mr. Prickle pants played a nice game of hop scotch.

"Why come I always have to be the bad guy?" Dolly wondered.

"Cause someone has too." Chuckles answered as he stared out the window lost in his own thoughts.

After Dinner, Bonnie had to brush her teeth, take a bath and get ready for bed, but tomorrow she would continue the journey from where she left off.

"I am so excited for tomorrow." Hamm whispered to Rex. The toys were all put away in the toy box, except for Woody. Just like he was Andy's favorite, he was Bonnie's favorite too. Bonnie always wanted him to sleep on the bed next to her.

"I finally get to be the evil Dr. Porkchop once again."

"And I get to be a scary dinosaur who terrorizes buildings and people." Rex whispered.

The next day was Saturday and daycare was closed. Bonnie woke up at around seven to play with her toys. She got Woody, Buzz and Dolly and began to play. Dolly and Hamm were placed on the bed. Bonnie had decided to make them both partners in crime since they both liked to cause trouble for people.

Minutes later they had defeated the evil witch Dolly, and Dr. Porkchop and they rescued Chuckles the clown. But the trouble wasn't over yet.

Bonnie was sitting on the floor staking wooden blocks together. It was supposed to be city buildings, and she got out some barbie dolls. They were going to be the innocent people running from the most terrifyingly dinosaur in the whole world.

The first barbie doll was a girl, she had dark brown hair, hazzle brown eyes and was dressed in a sparkly red outfit. The other doll was a ken doll. He had sandy blond hair and dark blue eyes and was dressed in a blue suit. They were boyfriend and girlfriend. Her mom had bought them for her a few days ago after an appointment at the dentist. She told Bonnie that if she was really good, she would get to buy any toy she wanted at Al's toy barn. She named the dolls Kelly and Chad.

"Ahhhhh! help me help!" Bonnie screamed, pretending to be Kelly.

"Quick, get in the car." She spoke for Chad.

She put the dolls in the barbie car and buckled em up. She had a remote control that allowed her to control the car. She made the car move as she pressed the forward button on the control.

Bonnie grabbed for Rex and started making monster noises. "Roar Roar! I am going to destroy the city!" She moved Rex near the blocks and knocked them all down. Next she had him go after the car and picked it up.

"Ahhh, help!" She screamed as both Kelly and Chad.

She put Woody and Jessie on Bullseye, then she had Buzz in her other hand. She made them charge at Rex and they defeated him and everyone was safe.

Rex was locked in a toy cage for punishment.

"Bonnie, get over here!" Her mom called from downstairs.

She went downstairs and followed her mom in the kitchen. "I found this porcelain doll in the streets when I went outside to check the mail box. Her face was dirty, so I washed her up. I also saw the name Andy on one of her shoes.

"Cool, a princess!" Bonnie exclaimed. "Can we keep her?"

"Sure, she's all yours honey." Mom answered.

"Cool, I'm going to bring her upstairs and introduce her to everyone." Bonnie grabbed the porcelain doll from her mom and rushed upstairs with excitement.

The toys heard footsteps.

"Bonnie's coming back!" Woody warned.

All the toys resumed their position and froze.

"Hey guys, my mom found a new friend. I think she's a princess, but she was also one of Andy's toys too." Bonnie explained.

Her mom called her again, so she left the room and went downstairs.

"You have been in your room all day, I think it's time to get some exercise. How about we go to the park?" She asked.

"Alright!" Bonnie said getting excited again.

Woody was surprised at who he was seeing. "Bo?" He asked hoping it was really her.

"Woody?" She asked wanting to make sure it was the same Woody she fell in love with.

"I can't believe it, I thought I'd never see you again." He rushed over to hug her.

"My owner didn't want me anymore, she replaced me with another Bo peep, called me a piece of trash and threw me out the window and I landed in the streets." She explained as she tried to fight back her tears.

"What a jerk. Well I'm just happy you're okay." He said as he leaned in for a kiss.

Meanwhile Bonnie was at the park with her mom, they were both flying a kite while they were standing on top of a nice grassy hill. After that they played Frisbee and went on the playground. Her mom helped her make a nice castle in the sand and found some beautiful rocks for decorations.

Bonnie and her mom stayed at the park for a couple of hours. The park was just a block away from their house so they decided to walk home.

While they were leaving the park, Bonnie spotted a pink teddy bear behind the park's fence. "Look mommy, it's a teddy bear!" She said getting excited.

She rushed over to the teddy bear, picked it up, she sniffed it. "It smells yummy, like strawberries, and it's cuddly."

"I wonder who would abandon such a cute and sweet teddy bear." Her mom said.

They went home and Bonnie quickly rushed upstairs with Lotso. She couldn't wait to introduce him to all the others. "You are going to love it here." She told him as she entered the room.

"Hey guys, I found a new friend. I think it's a Lotso hugging bear. Some meanie didn't want him anymore so Now he's mine."

Woody's heart skipped a beat. It was that same bear who almost had them all killed. Even though he wasn't moving, he could tell it was the same Lotso and when Bonnie wasn't looking at Lotso, Woody swore that he saw a devious smirk on his face and was starring right at him!

"You can sleep with me tonight, and I'll even read you a nice story." She told Lotso.

For the rest of the day, Bonnie gave Lotso more attention than any of the other toys. She would bring Lotso everywhere with her, even at the dinner table.

In Bonnie's room, the toys were hanging out and talking. Woody felt kind of hurt, but he knew how kids could be, and he shouldn't over react, like the way he got when Andy first got Buzz and started to pay more attention to him for awhile. Speaking of Andy, Woody still missed him, but he knew that Andy would always be in his memories.

"I hate being ignored!" Mr. Potato head told his wife. "And it's all because of that stupid strawberry scented bear!"

"Let's play with our kids, maybe that will make you feel better." Mrs. Potato head said.

She called the three squeaky little aliens and they jumped Mr. Potato head like a bunch of little puppies. He backed away, he was in no mood to be slobbered all over.

"We are internally greatful, we are internally greatful." They kept repeating over and over again giving Mr. Potato head a headache.

"Guys, that was fifteen years ago." He said.

"We have a problem here you guys." Woody said getting everyone's attention.

"What are you talking about?" Jessie asked.

"Lotso." Woody answered. "He's here, and when Bonnie was holding him, I could tell by the look he had on his face that he was up to no good."

"He's evil?" Bo Peep asked.

"Of course he's evil. He used to run Sunny side daycare at night. He even turned Buzz against us by putting him on Demo mode and convinced him that we're Zurg's minions and we got locked up in cubbie prisons, oh it was horrible!" Rex explained.

"And that's not all!" Mr. Potato head chimed in. "That duffus was going to be sucked into the shredder and Woody and Buzz saved his life. We thought he had a change of heart but he didn't care about us, we were heading towards the incinerator, we hoped he would push the button but he didn't, he made a remark to Woody and left us to face our death."

"You almost got killed?" Bo Peep pulled Woody in for a hug and tightly squeezed him.

"Ah, you're squeezing me, you're squeezing the stuffing out of me!" Woody complained.

"If it weren't for the kids, we would have been goners." Mrs. Potato head said.

Woody heard footsteps approaching, and told everyone to freeze in the spot where Bonnie had placed them. Woody controlled himself from wanting to spit at Lotso. He knew that Losto couldn't have changed, especially after seeing that evil look on his face.

"You can stay here with my other friends Lotso, Mom said that I can't take you in the bath tub with me or you'll get ruined." Bonnie said, she tightly hugged Lotso then placed him on the bed.

She left the room and went to the bathroom. The second she left, all the toys came to life, including Lotso.

"Stupid Kid." He muttered to himself.

Woody felt his heart sink when he heard Lotso say that. Bonnie loved a heartless monster, but she didn't know that, she thought he was something special.

"You just can't appreciate kindness and love can you?" Woody asked.

"Love?" Lotso spat out. "You call that love? She doesn't even know what love is, She's just a stupid kid who thinks we're her mindless slaves and then when she gets older she's going to throw us out like a piece of trash!"

"That is not true." Jessie said.

"I don't care. I am not garbage like the rest of you. I'm important, something beautiful to love and admire, not to be replaced or outgrown. I am going back to Sunny Side and things will go back to the way they used to be. I am not going to stick around to be played with by this pathetic and worthless kid."

"She's a great kid!" Woody said defending his new owner.

Lotso sneered. "Yeah and look at what happened with you and Andy. I don't see any Andy here."

"He still loves us, and he never outgrew me, he loved me so much that he was going to take me with him to college." Woody explained.

"Bonnie will never play with you guys again, not as long as I'm around." Lotso smirked as he thought about how heart broken Bonnie was going to be when he leaves.

Lotso picked up Woody and walked over to the window with him. There was a dumpster outside in front of the window and Lotso planned on dropping Woody inside.

"Woody no!" Bo Peep panicked.

"And your fragile porcelain princess girlfriend will be next." Lotso told Woody.

Lotso froze when he heard laughter. He quickly dropped Woody in the dumpster and rushed over to the bed where she had placed him. Bonnie jumped right on the bed, climbed inside the covers and hugged Lotso tightly to her chest. Lotso was smirking evilly at all the toys. By tomorrow he was going to get rid of them and finally have his revenge. Bonnie fell asleep with him cradled in her arms and petting his fur.

"We have got to get him out of there now!" Buzz whispered as he saw Woody struggling to get out of the dumpster.

"Hang on buddy." Slinky said. Woody grabbed onto his sling like it was a rope pulling him up to safety then he quickly got back inside the room.

"Phew, that was close. Thanks guys." Woody whispered to his friends.

"No problem, now quick, come on, we have to get inside the toy box." Buzz whispered.

Woody quietly opened the toy box and motioned for everyone to get in, and he was the last one to get inside. He couldn't sleep with Bonnie when Lotso was around. There was no telling what the bear was capable of doing.

Morning time arrived and Bonnie woke up at around six, but she had to be very quite cause her mom was still sleeping. She decided to have a nice tea party with Lotso. She put him down on a chair and sat on another chair across from his. She got out some plastic tea cups and jelly beans that she hid in a plastic container.

"Want some more sugar Lotso?" Bonnie asked.

Lotso wanted to call this girl so many mean names right now. He didn't need an owner, he was better of on his own. He wasn't going to stay to make this kid 'happy' only to be thrown out years later. But on the bright side of things, Lotso could finally have revenge on Woody and his friends for foiling all his plans.

I hate you, you are one stupid kid, can't you take a hint that I don't even like you? Lotso was thinking.

Hugs were one of his weaknesses, he had to admit. He loved it when he got hugged, but that didn't mean he was going to go back to being nice. He had his mind made up, he hated Bonnie and wasn't going to give her a chance, instead he was bent on having revenge on Woody.

He was going to break Bonnie's heart by destroying Woody and the others. All he had to do was come up with the perfect plan to get rid of them. Easy, he would throw them all in the dumpster, the garbage truck was going to stop by at Six thirty, so it would be perfect.

"I have to go use the potty, be right back." Bonnie told Lotso as she quickly got up and left the room.

Lotso went over to the toy box, lifted it up and threw it in the dumpster. "See ya, losers." He sneered.

He made it back to the chair just in time before Bonnie came back. She was excited to play with the others. "I'm going to play horsie with Woody today."

She looked around her room and her mouth dropped open in shock when she saw that the toy box was gone. She searched everywhere for her toys, in the closet and even under the bed, but they were nowhere to be found. She threw herself on the bed and began to cry.

"No! My toys! They're all gone!" She cried out.

Lotso chuckled to himself as the little brat started taking a tantrum. "Brilliant." He said con grating himself.

Woody opened the lid of the toy box and found out that Lotso threw him and his friends in the dumpster and he could hear Bonnie crying. He didn't like Lotso at all, but Lotso really made Bonnie happy, and her being happy is what made Woody happy. But she still loved him and the others.

What was worse? Lossing Lotso or all of them? Woody had made his dissision. "Guys, we have to get rid of Lotso." Woody told his friends.

"Look I know that he's evil and all, but he really makes Bonnie happy and-" Jessie began.

"What would make her feel worse, if she lost just Lotso, or all of us?" Woody asked.

Right away Jessie knew what he meant. Lotso would leave Bonnie when Monday arrived and she would have no toys to keep her happy.

Together as a team, Woody and the toys escaped the dumpster. Buzz used all his strength to lift up the toy box and he pressed a button on his chest that activated his wings, and he flew in Bonnie's room and placed the toy box back where it was.

Bonnie was not in the room, she was in the living room crying, she had to wait for her mom to get off the phone so she could tell her what was wrong.

"Jerk!" Chuckles yelled as he knocked over the chair while Lotso was still sitting on it. He tackled Lotso to the ground and had him pinned down.

"You made Bonnie very unhappy! You made her cry!" Chuckles said angrily.

"So what?" Lotso snapped. "Who gives a rats nest what I did? She's just a stupid kid who's going to throw you guys out anyway when she gets older. Luckily for me, I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll stuff myself inside her backpack and be at Sunny side again.

"I'm sorry Lotso, but we're going to have to get rid of you!"

"Cowboy, do you seriously want to hurt Bonnie, can't you see how happy I'm making her?" Lotso asked.

"Big deal." Jessie said. "It's only going to last till tomorrow then you'll ditch her."

"She'll be sad, but she'll get over it cause she will still have us, and you're not worth it." Woody explained.

Before Lotso could respond, he felt something whack him right in the face. "What the-" He began as he turned his head.

It was Bo Peep's cane, and she kept whacking him with it and wouldn't stop. "This is for making Bonnie cry, and worst of all for nearly having my Woody and the others killed!"

She swung her cane in the air like a bat and hit him like a baseball, and he went across the room, out the window and crashed right in the dumpster.

"Nooooo!" He yelled in defeat.

Woody congratulated Bo and spun her around. When they heard footsteps, they quickly got inside the toy box and closed it.

"Look mom they're-" She began.

She was shocked to see that the toy box was there again. How was that possible? But what mattered was that she would be happy again.

"Here!" She exclaimed as she ran to the toy box and dumped out all the toys.

Her mom noticed that Lotso was missing.

"Hm, I wonder what happened with Lotso.

A garbage truck had arrived and Sid spotted Lotso. "You're coming with me, you'll make a great replacement for the other Lotso that got lost."

Sid strapped Lotso to the end of his truck again, like last time. Lotso was right back where he started and that is what he deserved for making an innocent little girl cry.

End of 'The return of Lotso'