Toon Link woke up, rubbing the back of his head as he looked around. The close was clear, as Gwonam was far away from the young hyrulian boi. Sighing of relief, Toon Link stetched his arms as he emitted a loud fart. Toon Link's eyes widened as he looked back, a mixed look on his face.

"Hrmm... I should really hold it in," Toon Link muttered as he patted his butt, but then resulted in shrugging, smiling as he stated, "But hey, as long as I don't poop myself, I can have all the fun I want!" Going with this, Toon Link got up and ran towards the western direction in the wide open grassy meadows...

...Because there was really nothing else there. Just wide open, plain, boring, green grassy meadows.

"Sounds BORING," Toon Link stated as he stretched his arms again, rolling his eyes as his arms flopped side by side. He placed his hands on his chibi hips as he closed his eyes, thinking. He gasped as he snapped his fingers, a wide smile across his cute face. "Of course! I'll just have to make a musical!" He took out his wind baton as he moved it around, farting every note along with the sounds the baton made.

Several minutes later, as Toon Link continued this, Morshu, who was snooping as usual, you see, popped out of the nearby bushes, chuckling as he rubbed his hands together with glee as he approached Toon Link, catching the young boi Smasher by surprise.

"GAH! Morshu, how did you get all the way here from Koradia!" Toon Link yelped as he farted loudly, interrupting his music lesson.

Morshu laughed heartily as he slapped his stomach, wrapping his left arm around Toon Link. "Link, I'm traveling all across the world selling my rope, lamp oil, ice cream, and bombs! MMMMM!!" He eyed Toon Link as he poked him in his stomach. "You must be very hungry from all your playtime, huh?"

Toon Link gawked as he looked down at his stomach, which was growling lowly. He giggled as he blushed, rubbing the back of his head as his eyes closed. "Heh heh... guess all that farting made me hungry."

Morshu's eyebrows raised as the perverted shopkeeper became more interested. "You've been farting? Mmmm, now THAT'S what I call a coincidence!" He pulled out some strawberry fudge ice cream as he shoved it in Toon Link's face. "You'll love this delicious sweet for twelve hundred ruppees if you want to have a farting fiesta!"

Toon Link gasped as he clenched his hands together, his eyes sparkling. "Oooh, that looks delicious!" He pulled out his ktunic's pockets, but found no ruppees. His eyes began filling with tears as Toon Link bawled again, the waterfall like tears gushing out.

Morshu frowned as he was disappoint, having wanted to make some money off his good friend. And get some pleasure, too...

...But too bad you'll have to wait until the next chapter to see what happens. Now if you excuse me, my ship sails in the morning.