Happy Halloween. Warning this story has some cursing and can get a little intense.

We all know of at least one ghost story, many of us even remember living near a haunted house when we were young. Scared that the old woman, who lived alone with her cats, would place a curse on you

As we grow up we tend to lose the fear, believing those ghosts are nothing more than fictional characters like Santa or the Easter Bunny.

What we fail to realize is that we, as humans, are not alone…there are others that walk among us. Though we cannot see them, they are there and watching.

June 9th 2009

She smiled as she sat in the large booth with her friends, laughing at their antics and drinking the sweet sugary treat that sat in front of her.

"Can you believe we're actually finished?" Mina squealed as she popped a handmade truffle into her mouth

"Finally Graduated, Galaxia's gone, Usagi-chan finally has her own apartment…man what will we do with ourselves?" Makoto asked smiling

"Honestly I really don't care, just as long as we're finally finished with all the drama" Rei said crossing her arms

"You know we are Rei-chan, Usagi-chan made sure of it!" Ami said placing a hand on her blond friends shoulder "To Usagi-can" Ami raised her soda in the air as the girl's followed suite

"For saving our asses once again" Rei added with a chuckle

"And for bringing us peace at last!" Mina cheered as the girls drank their dinks and smiled lovingly at their friend, princess, and savor

"Oh come on you guys" Usagi placed her head down in her arms blushing "You would have done the same for me" her mumbled voice added

The girls nodded as they heard a ding from the sliding door indicating a new customer.

"It's Seiya-kun" Rei whispered as Usagi's head shot up

The girls noticed the uncomfortable look take over their friends once happy features. "Usagi-chan, what is it?" Ami whispered

"It's just…ever since he stayed behind…it's like he's everywhere I am, I mean everywhere…I almost feel as if he's stalking me…" her whispered reply stopped when Seiya walked over to the table

"Hi girls" he smiled at the group as he turned to Usagi "hey Usako, how is your day going?" he asked sweetly not noticing the confused and questioning looks the four girls were giving him

"It's been fine Seiya-kun, and its Usagi, not Usako…Mamo-chan is the only one who calls me that…"

Seiya's hands balled into a fist, as the girls saw Seiya's face contort into anger but quickly turned back to normal

"Did you see that?" Rei whispered to Makoto as she nodded

"You left School so quickly Usa, I was hoping we could walk together" the starlight stared at the uncomfortable blond with hurt eyes.

Sighing Usagi ran her hands over her face, "I told you Seiya I always walk home with the girls"

"Yea but I waited. Honestly, I kinda feel like you're avoiding me" the group turned their attention to their blond leader. "I mean I save you a seat in all of our classes, but yet you rather sit elsewhere, today when you said you were going to eat outside under the sakura trees – you went and hung out with Umino!"

Growling in frustration Usagi turned heated eyes to the raven-haired teen, "I told you to stop following me Seiya!"

"You shouldn't lie to me!" he countered, "You even avoid me when we're at work"

"Because I don't want to spend every waking minute with you Seiya! Also stop calling my parents house, their getting real upset with your constant questions!"

Shrugging Seiya placed his hands into his pockets. "I wouldn't call so much if they'd just tell me where you're at, I mean is it so hard to give me your phone number?"

Slamming her head against the table, Rei turned her annoyed eyes to the raven-haired teen. "If someone tells you no Seiya it means no. What is going on with you? You use to be so cool and….Sane"

"What? Nothing is going on with me, I just want to hang out with Usako! Why is that so hard for everyone to understand?"

"Maybe it's because you're the one who's not understanding" Minako answered looking to her defeated friend. "It's nice you want to hang out with Usagi-chan, but even we get sick of one another every now and then and need a break"

"I think you should back off" Makoto added with venom in her voice.

Feeling a fight, Ami interjected. "Hey Seiya-kun, we were really hoping to have a girls day…you know just us girls…if you don't mind?" Ami asked noticing how stiff Usagi had been since his arrival

Seiya sadly nodded his head as he stood "oh, okay…sorry to interrupt girls…hey Usako, hope the rest of your day is great" he then leaned in and kissed Usagi on her cheek causing the blonde to lean into Ami. With that he walked away. It was a few moments before Rei spoke up

"What the hell was that?" she yelled

"I would like to know the same thing" The group looked up to find a not so happy Mamoru standing with his arms crossed

"That was just creepy," Minako whispered "Usagi I think you should tell him" Mina said quietly as Mamoru pulled up a chair, taking a seat beside his blond princess.

"Tell me what?" he asked impatiently, if someone did not start talking soon he would just go after Seiya himself. "Someone better start talking"

"I-I think Seiya-kun's stalking me…" she took a deep breath as she saw the anger start to boil in her prince. "After Seiya-kun decided to stay…everything was fine, he was sweet and fun to be around…like before galaxia, but then…he stared to show up every were I was…I'd be at the mall and there he would be, I be out to lunch and there he would be, there wasn't a moment I didn't see him…then after I got that job, you know working at the super market down the street…he started to work there and requested to be my partner." Taking a deep breath, she continued.

"after I quite I went to pick up Naru-chan when Seiya-kun showed up at my car window upset…he said that he only got this job so that he and I could hang out together…so-so that he and I could be close, he also started calling me Usako…when I started to work at the children's Museum…he came and would sit in the back of the cafeteria and just watch me…I told Kitomi-san, you know the security guard, she asked him to leave…he now works with me…" she whispered the last part

"From the way he just acted now…I would say he has clearly lost his mind" Rei adds

"What did he say just now?" he asked his irritation clear.

Seeing the young mask hero ready to explode, Makoto explained. Once she was done, Mamoru stood from his chair and turned without a word, walking out of the arcade. Usagi jumped up running after him- girls close behind "Mamo-chan stop!" she yelled "where are you going?"

"To show that cross dressing son of a bitch what happens when someone messes with my fiancé!" he growled

Usagi had never seen him this angry, not even with Diamond. She quickly ran grabbing his arm.

"Awe, come on Usagi, just let him go!"

Usagi turned her heated gaze to the tall Amazon Senshi before turning her attention to her enraged fiancé. "Just let him be Mamo-chan…he has no clue where I live, so everything will be alright…and-and he hasn't done anything bad, he's just following me around…I bet you he's just missing his brothers"

Sighing, Mamoru cupped his lover's cheeks, she was too sweet for her own good. "This guys is stalking you Usako" shaking his head he allowed his hands to drop. "From the sounds of it-he's only getting worse" Mamoru frowned as he watched a soft smile appear on his princesses lips.

"I know it sounds bad, but…this is Seiya we're talking about…I'm sure I'm just over reacting."

"I don't know Usako…"

Usagi nodded "It will be alright" she kissed his cheek, bringing her lips to his right ear she whispered, "Why don't you come over tonight and spend the night again" winking, her smile grew as Mamoru nodded his head in reply a small smile appearing on his lips. Pulling away, she turned to the girls. "now the girls and I were heading to the movie store to rent Dragon Ball Evolution and He's just not that into you, then we're heading back to my place for pizza and wine-"

"Yea, why don't you join us?" Rei stepped up, hoping to defuse the situation, as she saw Mamoru ready to replay, not knowing of the two lover's plans.

"It would be great to have a strong manly prince to protect us poor defenseless girls" Mina smiled jumping next to Rei.

Mamoru laughed "Defenseless my ass" he shook his head; he sent his princess a wink. "Sounds great, how about we stop by the ice cream store after picking up the movies, my treat?" the girls cheered as they began their walk to the movie rental.

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