Title: Mr. High School; Sex Ed


Warnings: homophobia

Word count/Summary: 2070, Dean is a loner who is afraid of leaving his closet; Sam is a popular boy afraid of loosing his space in the cool club.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural; I do not own the boys.

As Dean walked into his new health class he came to the conclusion that it was this vary class that tainted high school. The embarrassment of having to put a condom on a banana could only be matched by being a virgin senior year. Dean felt a blush creep up his cheek, leaving a shadow of red, as he considered discussing sex when he had never even kissed a boy. That fact only made sexual education more awkward, Dean was gay and so far into his closet that he talked to practically no one. When you refuse to talk to most people it typically leads to having no friends or even casual acquaintances to sit with. With a heavy sigh Dean forced himself to trip his way into a seat before burring his head in his arms.

"Dude you seriously need to relax,"

Dean's head shot up as he followed the voice to a familiar looking boy. Instantly Dean felt the urge to run; the boy seated next to him was none other than Mr. High School himself, Sam Winchester. Fear crept along Dean's body, causing him to lean away as his blush once again swept over his features.

"See this is what I am talking about. I've never heard you talk and I have had at least five classes with you since freshman year. What's the deal?" Sam's voice was thick and always slightly teasing; as though he was above all of those he spoke to. Dean couldn't help but agree, after all the boy was stunning with his rich brown hair and God like features. He was a picture of perfect; perfectly chiseled, perfectly tanned, perfectly taunting. It didn't help that Sam's dad practically owned the town. Like father like son, Dean supposed.

"I..um.." Dean cut off, terrified of making an even bigger fool of himself.

"I'm Sam, your Dean…nice to meet you officially?" Sam said as he held out his hand for Dean to grasp.

In his state of mild shock Dean could only nod before grasping Sam's hand, his own shaking slightly. Dean's mind was racing with shock as it sunk in that this perfect boy had not only noticed him but knew his name. It took him a moment to internally slap himself; Sam had shared many classes with him and eventually he would have picked up Dean's name.

"Man, you're shaking. Do you like never talk or am I just not good enough for you to talk to?" Sam asked with a crooked grin, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

"No!" Dean said, panic leaking through his voice as he began to fret over how his silence must have offended Mr. Popularity.

"Relax, I was kidding. You have a nice voice, you should learn to use it more." Sam grinned before turning to face the teacher who began calling for attention.

Dean's attention was far from the discussion about nutrition the teacher was droning on about. Dean's mind was filled with Sam's voice saying his name, welcoming him to high school, the first real welcome he had received in the last four years.


Sam walked into his house, welcomed by the sound of silence being shattered by the rushed footsteps of his father.

"Samuel Winchester what is this?" John Winchester's voice practically screamed power, control. He was not one to reckon with.

"Um?" Sam squinted at the paper in his father's hand; fear creeping it's way through his body as he realized it was his computers history.

"Let me tell you what this is. Here is a google search for 'gay' and here is a web page dedicated to teaching fags how to tell their parents they are willingly going to hell"

"Dad, I..I have a friend-"

"How stupid do you think I am?" A vein in his father's forehead was a clear warning sign of the impending punishment.

"I swear, I'm not gay" Sam practically pleaded, knowing it would really only lead to more anger.

"Get the fuck out of my sight, I will deal with you later"


Dean anxiously waited for Sam's entrance, hoping for even a simple smile from Mr. High School. Instead he received a nod from a boy unable to lift his eyes from the floor as he took his seat. Dean contemplated for a moment before settling on asking about his new friend's mood change.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly, his voice sickly sweet as he looked over with innocent green eyes. Worry lining his features as he attempted to hide behind his long eyelashes.

"Ya I'm fine" Sam knew he didn't look or sound fine, he knew he was also lying. His father's outrage had left a deep hole in his heart; one that he knew would never be filled. His father's opinion was law and his homophobia would prevent Sam from ever obtaining the love he craved.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Dean asked quietly, afraid to push Sam away.

Sam contemplated for a moment before writing his phone number on a slip of paper. The current situation with his father couldn't get much worse and in a way it freed Sam; there was nothing left for Sam to loose.

"Text me tonight and I'll tell you all about it" Sam said with a genuine smile, his dimples showing briefly before he turned away to face the teacher.


Dean: Can you talk about it now?

Sam: I'm gay

Dean: No, seriously what is wrong.

Sam: My father hates gays.

Dean: Your actually gay? Why does he hate them?

Sam: I don't know…he just does.

Dean: I'm sorry, what happened exactly?

Sam: Can you meet up with me?


Dean awkwardly shifted in his seat, his fears bubbling to the surface. His mind screamed at him to run before he could get hurt. Sam Winchester couldn't be gay; after all he was the most popular boy in school and by far the most attractive. More importantly even if he was gay, he certainly wouldn't chose some nobody to come out of the closet to. Pulling in a deep breath, Dean closed his eyes as he concentrated on his coffee.

"Thanks for coming" Sam said as he slid into a chair across from Dean, his hair hanging low across his eyes, just barely concealing the sorrow.

"Your welcome" Dean whispered in reply, his voice cracking slightly as he averted his eyes.

"My father just freaked, I mean I walked into the house and he storms into the foray demanding I explain myself. He went through my computer history. God I am such an idiot."

"Porn?" Dean asked, trying to hide his smile.

"What? Oh no, I've been going to gay chat sites dedicated to helping teens come out of the closet."

Dean instantly knew the site Sam had mentioned; after all he spent a lot of his free time on the site. Lifting his eyes to look Sam in the eye Dean searched for any sign that the boy was lying, tricking him.

"I know the site." He murmured, his eyes once again shifting to his coffee.

"Wait. You do?" Sam's eyebrow cocked, he suddenly understood the boy before him, "Your gay?" he asked, his words softening as he considered exactly how separate the boy before him really was from his school.

Dean couldn't force the words out; he couldn't even shrug as fear paralyzed him. Visions of Sam and his friends laughing at the fag Dean Ross filled his mind. Dean had spilled his most well kept secret; the very fiber of his being was dependent on this secret remaining untold.

"It's okay" Sam said, his hand sliding out to cover Dean's, frowning when Dean quickly pulled away with wide eyes. "Look I'm not going to tell anyone, or anything like that. I just…can't we talk about it? I've never actually met another gay guy."

"I…I can't" Dean said as he practically through himself from the table. "I need to go" he murmured before rushing out the door, his heart pounding a million miles a minute. An almost painful feeling bubbled just under the surface as he walked to the bus stop. With one look back the tears threatened to fall from perfect emerald eyes as he realized that his secret would now spread like wild fire through the school.

"Get in the car" Sam Winchester's voice rang from within his Mercedes, clearly 'no' was not an option. When Dean refused to move or look up Sam threatened to force him into the car.

Sauntering over to the car Dean awkwardly slid inside, his eyes fixed on his lap. Sam floored the gas and headed out of town, giving no explanation to his clearly confused passenger. As mile after mile passed the silence deepened until at last Sam turned the car onto a dirt road. Before the boys sat a small cabin well hidden from the main road.

"You're going to talk to me about this." Sam growled, control filling his voice. Sam had spent long enough around his father to master the Winchester control tone.

"No, I…I can't" Dean's voice shook slightly, suddenly very intimidated by the boy before him. Dean had never spoken to anyone in person about his sexuality and he hardly ever actually admitted it online.

"Yes, you can and you will, or we can sit here all day and wait for you to admit you like guys." Sam's brown eyes did not reflect the anger evident in his voice. His chocolaty eyes were kind and sincere.

"I've never told anyone" Dean said, lifting his eyes to directly stare into Sam's.

"That doesn't surprise me, you aren't very social" Sam said with a chuckle, "I've never told anyone either."

"But your Sam Winchester, Mr. High School, Mr. Popularity. You rule the school…"

"Exactly, I could loose everything I have ever cared about. I only have school Dean, my home life is cold and I…I don't think I can face social failure on top of that" Sam's voice shook with emotion as he considered his entire life falling apart just because he happened to love his own gender.

"But high school is almost over?"

"And then I'll go to college and I can be open about who I am…I'm just not ready to admit to anyone that I'm queer." Sam bit his lip, wishing he could take back his words. "I'm sorry that was rude"

"But true, I am invisible. Telling me isn't really telling anyone" Dean's voice held no sadness, only acceptance.

"You choose to be invisible, you could change it at anytime. You're stunning and clearly smart but you are so reserved that no one can get in. People hate rejection and you reject everyone."

"I'm not" Sam whispered, his voice quieter than a breath of air.

"Your not what"


"Dean, yes you are. It is part of why I talked to you on the first day of class. I mean I've always been intrigued by how beautiful and mysterious you are."

Dean blushed deeply and turned to look out the window. Sam was too nice and he knew he was lying to help build Dean's self esteem. For a moment, before rationality settled in, Dean felt his heart flutter at the thought of Sam finding him beautiful. The sound of the wicked witch theme sprang Dean from the confines of his mind.

"Yes…Yes. I'll be home soon. No, I'm going to take my friend home. We were studying for a health exam. Bye" Sam's voice was ridged with formality and sadness. "We are going to finish this conversation another time Dean."

Dean nodded; silently pleading the drive home would be quick. Dean couldn't help but feel insecure in Sam's presence and now that his secret was out in the open he felt even more weighed down. Dread filled his heart as he considered having to sit next to Sam everyday. Dean's world had suddenly become more complicated and he couldn't help but crave his previously solitary state.

"I'll be seeing you in sex ed," Sam said with a wink as he pulled into the city limits.