Graduation day was panic filled, each student that walked seemed to slow time, it slowly ticking by until at last both Sam and Dean had walked across the stage and had left with a diploma in hand. Graduation was a big moment for both boys, mostly because it signified an entire summer together followed by forever together. Mr. High school was no more; the popular boy had changed into a man, a shift that had occurred with not so gentle pushes from Dean.

Graduation day held other significance for Sam, it was the kind of event a mother was required to attend and so for the first time in years Sam saw his mother. She was a high priced lady, high heels, high temper and make up coating her eyelids. None of it mattered though because Sam loved the woman, he loved that she was independent, even if it caused her to leave him when he was ten. There was slight pain, and always John and Sam Winchester waited for her return. She was the queen to the king of town; her things remained littered around the house as though she was only on a short trip. Sam knew without a doubt that Ellen Winchester was never going to come home.

"Samuel, how lovely to see you. My you have gotten tall." Ellen said as she leaned up for a hug, her arms avoiding contact with Sam's skin.

"Nice to see you to mom" Sam smiled sweetly as he stared down at his mother. She was a stunning blond and it was clear why John had chosen her as his queen.

"Samuel, please call me Ellen. I feel so old when you refer to me as mother" She forced a smile, her lips thinning slightly.

"Sorry, hey I want you to meet someone" Sam grabbed his mother's hand and pulled her in the direction of his boyfriend.

Dean stood with his mother, dressed in a too tight pantsuit. Sam felt instantly lighter the moment he saw his boyfriend, even though Dean looked mildly annoyed. Sam grinned and threw his arms around Dean's neck, pulling him in close. Breathing in Dean's cologne for a moment, Sam fully relaxed into Dean. A cough from his mother drew his attention and Sam pulled away from Dean, bouncing around to face his mother.

"This is my boyfriend, Dean" Sam said as he smiled brightly, well aware that his mother had no idea he was gay. After John Winchester had calmed down enough to speak coherent sentences he had practically begged Sam not to tell his mother until graduation. John was clearly delusional and thought that Ellen would come home, Sam had kept his promise only because Ellen was John's only soft spot.

"Your…boyfriend?" Ellen's thin eyebrows shot up, surprise marking her sharp features.

"Yes, I'm gay Ellen." Sam smiled a bit sadly, although it wasn't because he was ashamed of his sexuality, more from his mother's reaction.

"Well that will be something to tell the girls at the country club" Ellen said with a tight smile, "It is nice to meet you Dean. This must be your uh mother?"

"Yes, ma'am this is my mother Mary." Dean smiled politely at the ex Mrs. Winchester "Mr. Winchester it is nice to see you again" Dean said as Sam's father joined the awkward circle. "Sam uh want to hit the vending machine with me?"

"'Course" Sam grinned and practically dragged Dean away, breathing a sigh of relief as he escaped the tension. "Wow this is so awkward"

"You're telling me," Dean said quietly before pulling Sam in, his lips moving just barely across Sam's as he whispered "I love you". Flicking his tongue across the seam of Sam's lips, Dean demanded entry. Losing himself in the moment Dean closed his eyes and savored every second, knowing they would have to return to the crowd soon enough.

Pulling away Sam took Dean's hand, smiling a sorry as he gently pulled him back into the gym. The crowd was already beginning to dwindle, parents leaving their children to head to dinner while students rushed off to massive parties. Vivian Winchester had clearly had enough and left, leaving Mary and John to talk. Both were smiling and laughing as though they were old friends.

"Hey, where is mom?" Sam asked when he was close enough to be heard his eyes narrowing slightly at how close John and Mary were standing.

"Samuel, your mother needed to go. Did you know that Mary here was in my high school? She was a freshman when I was a senior." John's smile was genuine and for a moment he looked happy, as though all of the bitter years between high school and now had faded.

"No, I um didn't" Sam said as he looked at Dean with wide eyes.

"Well, she is going to work for me as my personal assistant. She needs the work, and I need someone who has the time to divulge."

Sam stared for a moment before nodding and mumbling something about needing to go to a party. Sam's face paled slightly, the color draining as he considered his father's actions. It seemed strange that his father would wait eight years for Ellen to come home, only to let her leave without a fight. Sam let a million possibilities pass through his head until it suddenly occurred to him exactly who Mary was.

"Dean, did you know our parents dated in high school? I remember dad talking about her, they broke up when he left for college and when he came back he was married." Sam couldn't help but laugh out loud at how close to being brothers the boys had come "Thank gosh that didn't last! Thinking about having sex, let alone actually having sex, with your brother is so gross"

"Dude, ew. They aren't going to hook up now are they?" Dean faked a gag and rolled his eyes at the thought of his mother, a hooker and drunk, dating the most powerful man in town. "Gosh please don't them have sex."

"Please stop talking about them having sex. Oh no! Mental image" Sam cringed and wiped his eyes in a mock attempt to remove the blinding site from his mind. Dean laughed and pulled Sam towards the car.


"Dean keep your eyes closed! Don't peak!" Sam scolded as he led Dean by his lower back, his thumb gently circling under Dean's shirt, goose bumps rising with each swirl.

"I can't think when you do that." Dean practically whimpered, trying to force his mind from the image of Sam touching him with less clothes on. "Are we there yet?"

"Almost, just another few steps." Sam led Dean right up to the steps of his father's private jet, "Okay, now you need to step up"

Dean puffed out a frustrated sigh, lifting his foot carefully and attempting to find the step. It took too many precious moments before Dean was finally reached the top of the stairs. He was angry and slightly afraid of falling backwards, the only relief was Sam's hand pushing his lower back, urging him forward. Dean walked a few steps before Sam informed him that he could remove the blindfold. Slipping it off and opening his eyes Dean let out a sigh of relief, his eyes wide as he took in his surroundings.

"Where are we going?" Dean asked, turning to face Sam, a wide grin spreading across his face.

"To Europe for the entire summer. My father suddenly had a change of heart and decided he loves that we are dating. He is paying for all of it."

"You mean, I get to spend an entire summer in Europe with the hottest guy in the world?" A smirk played on Dean's lips as he smacked Sam's ass.

"I mean you get to spend forever with the hottest guy in the world, but for the next three months our location will be all across Europe."

"Have I ever told you that I love you?" Dean pulled Sam in, a fraction of an inch away from kissing.

"I could never tire of hearing it" Closing the distance between them, Sam knew he would spend his entire life longing for these moments with Dean. Dean was his addiction; Dean had saved him from being Mr. High School perpetually. Sam was finally the man that he always hoped to be; the man kissing Mr. Invisible.