Everything I know and anywhere I go It gets hard but it won't take away my love. And when the last one falls, when it's all said and done, It gets hard but it won't take away my love, whoa!-Here without you

Scene A

"Sorry!" A cruel voice behind them yelled mockingly. Dean and Sam turned to see a figure who's right arm was completely covered in tattoos. The man wore a sleeveless black t-shirt and jeans. He seemed to be familiar..

"What's the matter boys? You don't recognize me?" The rocker look-alike asked humorously.

He turned and smiled wickedly at Sam. "Not even you Sam?" His eyes gleamed a vibrant reddish color.

Sam's fists clenched. "Lucifer?" His voice angry and confused.

The devil nodded and showed the two young men his left arm. It was decaying, the flesh looked as if it were being burned off. "This is quite painful. I need your body Sam"

Sam gave him a dirty look. "Never. How do you have a new body?"

"If I told you all my secrets then I wouldn't have that much of an advantage would I. And not even for the return of your beloved? I could bring her back to life. Pull her from the depths of hell. It is my kingdom of course."

Sam doesn't reply, instead looks at Dean who's grown pale, then shakes his head.

"How about you Dean. Tell your little brother to say yes. And Lena will be returned to you alive and healthy," Lucifer offers.

Dean feels his brother stiffen at his side, now he knows. He looks away and doesn't reply as a stream of tears runs down his face. Dean then looks down at Elena's lifeless body then back up at Lucifer. This was all his doing.

As if the devil could read his thoughts he laughs viciously. "Had you not gotten in the way Dean and fallen in love with your brother's girlfriend. Everything would have gone as planned. You would be dead and Sammy and Lena would be married."

His brother turns to Dean. "Is that true Dean?" The hurt and betrayal he felt was evident in his voice.

Dean can't even look at his brother. "Tell him. Tell your little brother how you slept with the woman he loved," Lucifer spat.

Frustratingly Dean begins to shake his head then looks at Sam. "Please forgive me."

Sam doesn't answer him.

"Are you going to convince you brother to give his life for that of Elena's, Dean?"

"Never," Dean growls angrily.

Lucifer walks past the two and picks up Elena's body. "And to think she gave her life to save yours."

Dean attempts to chase after Lucifer who is walking away with Elena's body, but Sam stops him.

"Let him go," he tells him bitterly as he grabs Dean back.

Scene B

A few weeks later, The Winchester's decide it's time to go back to trying to save the world. Attempting a normal life was the worst idea they ever had in the first place. They could never be normal, it wasn't their destiny. Their destiny was demons and angels, and saving the world from a war that has been going on long before the world was even created.

Dean waited patiently in the impala as Sam came out with the last box and put it in the trunk of the car. He watched as his brother paused and stared down into the empty street, he then chucked a small jewelry box he had pulled out of his pocket as far away from him as he could.

Dean flinched. Both of them were heartbroken. Sam was probably more then Dean was. He had been betrayed twice. Why hadn't Dean thought twice before falling in love with Elena? What was the point in doing so anyways, more heartache and pain.

At a red light Dean turns to see they are right in front of the diner that had become tradition.

"It's Sunday," he says to no one.

Sam shrugs by his side. "Let's go." Those were the only words Dean had heard out of his brothers mouth towards him in weeks.

Inside the diner at their usual table was an unfinished salad and a half-filled glass of water. Before Dean could sit down and the waitress came to clean up the table he notices a folded napkin on his usual chair that reads: I love you. Sam walks over and Dean quickly throws the napkin inside his jacket pocket.

They order their food and eat quietly. Dean's mind drifts to the thought of Elena's beautiful face.

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