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Shilo was in a dark alley. It seemed familiar, somehow. Then she heard a soft, low voice.

"Drug market, sub market."

She turned and saw Graverobber walking towards her. She reached out, but he walked past her. "Sometimes I wonder how I ever got in." Scalpel sluts seemed to melt out of the walls. They crowded around Graverobber. "Blood market, love market." Shilo didn't feel herself move, but she somehow found herself crouched with the other scalpel sluts, clawing pleadingly at Graverobber. He stroked her face, then pushed her away. "Sometimes I wonder why they need me at all"

"Zydrate comes in a little glass vial, and the little glass vial goes into the gun like a battery."

Shilo gasped with the other scalpel sluts at the thought of the drug.

"And the Zydrate gun goes somewhere against your anatomy." Graverobber placed the needle against Shilo's neck. "And when the gun goes off, it sparks and you're ready for surgery."

Shilo gasped as she was transported somewhere else. Pavi, Luigi, and Amber stood in Graverobber's familiar apartment. Graverobber came in and slowly walked to Amber, scooping her up in his arms and placing his lips against hers. Amber pulled away and smiled coyly at Shilo. "You didn't really think he'd love you did you?"

Pavi and Luigi laughed cruelly at Shilo. Shilo stared in horror at the scene before her. Then Pavi approached her, holding out a hand.

"Don't-a cry, beautiful girl-a," he whispered, gently pushing a lock of dark hair back from Shilo's face. Shilo closed her eyes to his soft touch. Then a low voice growled "You're really pretty."

Shilo's eyes flew open to see Roach leering at her.

Shilo gasped and closed her eyes in horror, then opened them again and saw herself in a dark room.

"Who's there? Stay back," said a low, nervous voice.

"Um, do you have my cure?" Shilo asked, heart pounding.

"Kid is that you?" Graverobber asked, hanging from the ceiling.

"I'm here to learn my cure," she said. The glow from her watch looked like the glow of Zydrate.

"Your cure, is that what this is about? Sorry, that fucking Amber cleaned me out, but maybe later, I'll hook you up. Later, just help me down."

"The drug?" she asked.

"Yeah, the drug."


"Your cure it's-"

"The drug."

Graverobber placed a needle in her hand.

"How 'bout-"

"Yeah," said Graverobber suggestively.

"Her, she's right beside you."

"I'm out of Zydrate."

"No, it's like a night light."

"You're beautiful," he said, so softly and truthfully. She felt a flutter. He seemed to mean it.

"It's easy," he continued.

"You don't mean-"

"Yeah." His voice was low and enticing, and so sexy.

"For me to-"

"So easy."

"I don't think-" she continued, nervously.

"Don't think, just smack it," he pushed.

Shilo crept toward the body beside him and reached down, this time ready to smack the needle. Then the light came on.

The dead face that stared up at Shilo was her father's.

Shilo screamed and closed her eyes again.


Her eyes opened and she found herself in the pool. She stood and walked naked through the pool, the water flowing around her, embracing her. She walked farther and farther, the pool never seemed to end or get deeper. Then, in front of her, Graverobber appeared, wrapping his arms around the waist. His rough lips touched her neck gently.

"You're beautiful."

She lay back and let her hair flow around her, closing her eyes again.

"Come on kid."

Suddenly she wasn't in a pool of water, she was in a pool of blood. Her hair spread in the warm, sticky blood as she sat herself up.

"Kill him," coaxed a soft voice. Rotti Largo came out of the shadows, holding out a gun.

Shilo tried to walk away, but her father's voice called her back. "I poisoned you, imprisoned you." Shilo turned back and saw a ghost of her father in a wheel chair. "I couldn't lose you what have I done?"

Shilo turned back as Rotti passed her the gun, but as it was placed in her hand, it turned into a Zydrate gun.

The blue liquid beckoned. "It takes you there," whispered the voices of Amber and Graverobber.

Shilo placed the needle against her own arm, and there was a loud click.

"Uh!" Shilo awoke with a gasp.

"Thank God," whispered Graverobber from beside her. He gently placed his arms around Shilo. Her breath sped up nervously and she wriggled quickly out of his grasp.

"Don't touch me," she said, her eyes wide and her heart beating quickly.

"What?" asked Graverobber. "Shilo, it's me. You're not still tripping are you?"

Graverobber reached to take her hand in his, but she withdrew it quickly. "Everything you always said," she whispered in a strained voice, the thoughts of her dream, of her conversation with Amber coming back to her. "It was always a lie."

"Shilo," Graverobber said, his voice pained. "Please. You've been through a terrible experience. We're going to work through it, but you have to trust me."

Shilo closed her eyes, hearing his words but not understanding. A pain shot through her entire body, as though she'd been electrocuted. "Ah!" she cried in pain.

"Easy," said Graverobber, inching toward her. "That's you're body clearing out the drug."

"Oh God," cried Shilo, as the pain shot through her again. "Oh God, make it stop!" She collapsed, and Graverobber rushed to her side.

"Easy, Shilo," he said softly, kissing her head. At first, she relaxed to his gentle touch, but then she heard Amber laughing. "Do you really think he'd love you? He used you."

"No," moaned Shilo, thrashing against Graverobber. His arms tightened around her, holding her tightly to his body.

"We'll get rid of it Shilo, I promise," Graverobber reassured her. "You have to fight it."

The pain subsided a bit, and Shilo breathed more easily.

"It hurts," she moaned. Graverobber placed her back on the bed gently, and caressed neck and head, trying to help the pain. She closed her eyes, enjoying his touch, but as soon as her eyes closed, she could see herself in the dark alley, crawling with the other scalpel sluts, moaning for the drug.

"Ah!" she yelped, pushing Graverobber away.

"Shilo, please," pleaded Graverobber. He could see it in her eyes, insanity, fear, the signs of a junkie, someone who'd used the drug in the wrong way, for the wrong purpose.

Another shot of pain went through Shilo.

"I have to leave," she said, tears stinging in her eyes from the pain.

"What?" asked Graverobber in surprise. "No, Shilo, you have to fight through this. I'll help you."

"I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP!" Shilo screamed, pushing him away. "You lied didn't you? About everything! I thought I saw good in you, but in the end, you're no better than the rest of them!"

Shilo spun and ran from the apartment. Graverobber started to run after her, stung by her words, still wanting, needing to help. He rushed down the stairs after her. Shilo slammed the door behind her, and Graverobber struggled with it for a moment, then burst out into the night.

Rain poured from the sky, blurring his vision. He spun about, looking in vain for Shilo in the empty streets. She had disappeared.

"SHILO!" Graverobber called. "Shilo…"