Legends tell of spirits who can upgrade the power of a human tenfold.
The name of these spirits are the Shikouhouji. The legends also tell about a boy named Kyou who will work with a Shikouhouji to save the 4 seasons... The story all starts in a small village named Tsuchikaze.

Jeis:Kyou...Kyou, wake up!
Jeis:KYOU! The village is under attack! Dad is in trouble!
Kyou:What! Come on, we got to go help him!

At the castle, Jeis and Kyou saw their dad in trouble...

Iaroo(Kyou and Jeis' father):Kyou! Jeis! Get away!
?:You should NEVER let your guard down!*pierces Iaroo in the heart Iaroo:Uurrggghhh...
Kyou:Father!NOOOOO!*Kyou's eyes start glowing in synchronisation with Jeis'.
Jeis & Kyou:Wind...Ice...Light...May the elements give us the power to fight! Earth...Fire...Shadow...Let our power flow!
Kyou:I'll make you wish you never set foot in our village! You will regret this!
?:So this is the one we were looking for...
Kyou:This is for my father!*Kills the mysterious man.

Kyou releases a red glow from his eyes.

Jeis:Oh no! He can't control the power!
Kyou:Urrggghhh...*Knocks himself unconcious.
Jeis:KYOU! Are you ok?
Kyou:To...Much...Power...*Falls asleep.

Jeis sighs in relief and brings Kyou back who was the mysterious man? And what did he want? Find out on the next chapter...