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Do you feel a certain sense of synergy between yourself and me?

A kind of macabre and somber Wonder-twin type of harmony?

What if it was you?

You that I needed all along

I felt like a fool

Kicking and screaming and pretending we were wrong

-It Had to Be You, Motion City Soundtrack

December 18

I had put off writing in you for several days, because I knew, if I did, all that was going to come out of the end of my quill would be a raging river of fluffy goo which would undoubtedly make me gag if I were to ever reread it.

But alas, that is apparently inescapable.

Because I have never ever ever felt so, dance around the room for no reason, wave at strange students, smile until your cheeks ache, happy. I didn't really think it was possible for someone who was wound as tightly as I am. I kind of feel like my whole life has just fallen into place, and I want to feel like this forever. And no, you don't have to tell me that it is silly and ridiculous to be so crazy head over heels for a bloke you've been with for a grand total of 3 days, and to think that he is all I will ever need to be happy.

I suppose I could use a few other things to achieve ultimate Nirvana bliss. Like to graduate as the top student Hogwarts has ever had, to snog on a broomstick while flying, and to have been born with Lily's straight flowing hair rather than my crazy curls, but hey. Right now, all of those things can be completely put on hold.

All you really need is love.

And I think I have it. I think this is what it feels like, to feel completely out of control but to not want anything to change. I usually hate being out of control, but somehow, around him, it's okay. It was so different with Lorcan; I never fully let him in. I never let go of that control, I was scared to give him the power to either make me laugh uncontrollably or cry hysterically. In the whole 8 months we were together. I think it's kind of weird that I want to feel out of control with Scorpius. But I like it. I love it.

I love everything right now, actually. I'm currently on the Hogwarts Express, heading home for Christmas Break. I love Christmas. I love snow. I love mistletoe. I love getting gifts. I love buying gifts. I love Aunt Ginny trying to cook and always letting something burn. I love my mum hovering over me and acting as though I've been away at war for 20 years. I love my dad being an idiot. I love Hugo being annoying.

I love life.

Is this the 'Honeymoon Phase'? Do you think? You know, the part that fades away, the part where you feel like you just want to spend every possible waking moment with that special person; where you feel like, no matter what you're doing, if they were there it would be better? I rather hope not, because, scientifically, the honeymoon phase does not last. And I want it to.

But how could it not? I feel like things could never go back to the way they used to be, not now that I've felt all of this. I feel like I can't live without it.

Though, perhaps I should make more of an effort to be less mushy. You never know when someone else will have to read you, and I would find myself slightly humiliated if anyone in the world read all that I have just written, because it's just so sappy. I absolutely cannot show this to Scorpius now, or he will either get totally freaked out by how ecstatic I am, or throw up at how I am such an emotional girl.

He's sitting in the train car with me right now, actually, and I must say he looks quite ravishing. He is constantly trying to stealthily peek over my shoulder at what I am writing, and whenever I catch him he gives me the most adorable smirk, and I just don't understand how I was ever able to truly be angry with him. Who could be upset with that face?

And he's quite intelligent. Since I am being a terrible anti-social girlfriend, and am scrawling in you rather than interacting with my one true love (which I am totally doing on purpose, by the way, it's strategy, I don't want him to feel sick of me!) he is currently reading ahead. How attractive. I do so love an academic man. Although he seems to be mocking the author of 'The Prime History of the Fall of the Vampiric Empire' and keeps scoffing to himself. Says the author has it all wrong; of course he does, and that's why he published a book about it…

I'm sure Mona has read it and has a differing opinion. Speaking of, I have some fantabulous news to announce.

But you have to guess.

No, I did not lose my virginity to Malfoy on the hood of a muggle car. Yet. Though, that would be fantabulous news. Alright, I'll just tell you I suppose.

I made a friend. Someone who isn't related to me. I never thought it possible in a million trillion years, but here we are! And yes, it is our very own FFRLG Mona. Who I may have intensely hated not a week ago, but things have changed since then. She's actually rather… interesting. Yeah, yeah, so I was wrong about her, blah blah blah, don't judge a book by its cover (oo I'm ever so clever), first impressions can be deceiving, I know.

We have quite a bit in common actually.

She, obviously, loves to read. And so do I. And when, after being released from the Hospital Wing, I once again approached her, we sort of had an unspoken agreement. An unspoken apology for our behaviors when we first met. I feel so mature. She also came to visit me in the Hospital Wing, (which I, er, didn't notice, as I was busy drowning in misery at the time) which was very thoughtful and unnecessary of her.

I quite enjoy her company, honestly. She has lots of opinions that she has always been too shy to voice to, well, anyone, and it's rather lovely that she feels she can share some of them with me. And it's rather lovely that she's not family. Though she did confess to me that she found Al extremely attractive, which is not something I am all that used to hearing.

I mean, he's quite the goof.

But hey, to each their own, I suppose. Perhaps I should set them up for love, seeing as how my own love life is so completely perfect. Obviously I have mad skills.

Though I think I should get to know her a bit better first. No need to rush into things. I may only get one chance to give them a star-crossed romance, only one chance for them to owe me for the rest of their sweet little lives, which will be filled with lots of quiet, bookish, yet simultaneously class-clownish children.

Oh, I can see it now.

Then, once I am done with them, I will start on Lily. She needs to settle down and find the love of her life too, like me and Al and Mona have, otherwise she will end up the third wheel cat lady! Alone forever! She needs me! I'll rescue her from a lifetime of loneliness and misery; fear not. It will be easy, I'll just have to demonstrate to her that being in a relationship just means that you get to snog the hot bloke you have chosen whenever you want, and it requires no work whatsoever! It's completely brilliant!

Though it is a shame that her snogs won't be as good as mine, seeing as how I snagged the number one most skilled snogger in the world. Which I deserve, for being older than her, and all. She'll have to settle for second best. I think I'll pat myself on the back.

I forgot that I wasn't alone in this compartment for a split second. Scorpius is once again looking at me like I am not human… Does he not pat himself on the back every once in a while, when he's feeling proud of himself?

Apparently not. I asked him, and he responded with, 'why pat my own back when I can get someone to pat it for me?' which is totally lazy and ridiculous and whatnot, but regardless I had an uncontrollable urge to pat his back. Which is incredibly sexy, like all the rest of him. I'd never really noticed his back before, because I had always been rather focused on his behind, (oh, shut up, you would be too, it's glorious) but now I have realized what I was missing!

Patting his back was quite a satisfying experience. Mostly because it led to us snogging. Until Al burst in and interrupted us, (of course) though it was probably for the best that he came in when he did, and not 10 minutes later, because Scorpius' hands were getting dangerously high up my skirt and had they actually reached their target, there would probably be dead Scorpius all over the floor right now.

Though I'm feeling awfully put out with Al. I am admitting that I have never actually, really had hands fully up my skirt, and I was rather looking forward to it. I don't care if a compartment on the Hogwarts Express is not classy. I have needs you know. Now when am I supposed to get his hands up my skirt? After Christmas Break? That's weeks from now!

I just reread that and it sounds awfully slutty. Do you think I'm a slag? I can't help it if I have the single, most shagable boyfriend anyone has ever laid eyes on.

Stupid Al. I'll get him back for this. Oh, and now Mona has arrived, and I can't quite bring myself to be glad to see her because I am still feeling slightly sulky that my snogging session was cut short. And Scorpius clearly is, too, which is cheering me up a little. He seems slightly uncomfortable and is now holding his books at an interesting angle, obviously to hide the physical evidence of how hot I make him.

I am clearly a sex goddess.

A virgin sex goddess, but a sex goddess all the same. I'm badass. And to amuse myself even further, I am currently watching Al and Mona try and make small talk. It's painful. It's crucifying. It's wonderful. Not that I'm any better at small talk, but hey. She's all blushing and mumbly and he just looks completely perplexed. They so need my help. They'll never find love at this rate! They haven't even had any steamy eye contact! Mona keeps staring at her shoelaces!

The poor dears.

We're almost at platform 9 ¾ now, and while I am looking forward to seeing my family, I'm even more not looking forward to 2 weeks without Scorpius. Maybe I will be able to run away from home and visit with him and we can snog for a full day with no interruptions! That sounds like a lovely Christmas gift.

It would make me happier than Mona would be if Al kissed her under the mistletoe, happier than Lily would be if she managed to snog every bloke in Hogwarts before she graduates, happier than my mum would be if house elves were paid more than she is, happier than my dad would be if I never stepped within a 5 foot radius of a teenage boy –

Speaking of.

My father.

I can't wait to break the news to him that I am madly in love with the son of the man his wife punched out. Oh, Merlin. There is no way that can go well.

Oh, this Christmas Break is just gonna be so fun.

-Rose Weasley. The Virgin Sex Goddess Matchmaker Who Is Soon To Be Disowned.

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