Title: Trapped

Summary: Sakura has been in an abusive relationship with Neji for 4 months now. She can't find it in herself to get the courage to break away from him. She loves him, she doesn't want to leave, or be left. Sasuke Uchiha transfers to their school in the middle of the year. Sasuke may be an asshole, but he knows the proper way to treat a lady, and he takes an immediate disliking to Neji due to his own abusive family history.

Rated M for physical and sexual abuse, future sexual content, language, and the over all mature nature of the story.

Chapter One

It hurt. It hurt so much. She wrapped her arms around her middle as she started to tremble.

Sliding down the bathroom wall beside the bath tub she began to feel the fear envelope her faster than any physical blow.


She jumped at the sudden sound. Her hands shot up to cover her face as she began to feel hot tears sliding down her cheeks. Despite the fact that a locked door now stood between them, she couldn't help but feel afraid.

BAM. BAM. Neji's fist continued to pound on the other side of the door.

"Sakura. You are disobeying me again. Don't be so foolish!" he yelled through the door, anger dripping off of every word.

"I will knock your fucking head off of your shoulders when I see you, you worthless excuse of a girl."

And she believed it. Her crying became uncontrollable as she sobbed into her palms. "I'm sorry!" she screamed suddenly, lifting her head to look at the door with longing. Sakura meant what she said. She was indeed very sorry. She couldn't stand it when he was angry with her. She wanted him to love her. He was all she had. He was the only person who had not abandoned her.

He may have had a few attitude problems. But he had never left her had he? He had never broken her and then deserted her, had he?

No. He just broke her and stayed. And she would accept that much. As long as she was not alone then she would be happy. That's all she wanted.


"I'm so sorry." She repeated as she stood and slowly walked over to the door that separated them.

He was waiting for her on the other side, just like every fight. She had already forgotten what he was mad about this time. It didn't take much to set him off.

Other boys talking to her at school. When she disagreed with him. When she failed to encourage him when he wanted to be reassured, or when she didn't clean his house properly.

"I have no choice Sakura. Lessons must be taught in my house. You know that. I'm the man of this house. I will not tolerate misbehavior from you while you visit."

"I do." She said back to him as she twisted the doorknob and opened it, revealing her stoic looking lover.

At first it was just a harsh slap in the face. However, it didn't take long before it escalated, and Sakura found herself curled up into a ball on the floor as she tried not to be sick from the pain of being kicked in the stomach.

Her ribs weren't broken or anything. He would never really break her. Just hard enough to show her he was in charge.

"Go home and get some sleep." he began gently, all past aggression soon forgotten. "We have to wake up early for school tomorrow. We have a Geography test in second hour."

He walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. It was a minute or two before she could hear the sounds of him taking a shower on the other side.

She picked herself up off of the floor and did as she was told.

This was her least favorite part of her day. Returning to her one room apartment. Alone.

"Sasuke, wake up. Breakfast is ready." his mother informed him as she sent him that genuine smile of hers.

"It's your first day of school here too." she added, a little bit of guilt appearing on her features.

Sasuke sat up, the sheets sliding down his bare toned chest. He rubbed some of the sleep out of one of his eyes and he looked over at her. "Mom." he began when he saw the guilty look on her face.

"I'm glad that we got out." he reassured her, almost sounding annoyed that she would feel sorry for something so small as going to a different school.

"Good. I'm glad too." she replied, still sounding a bit sad. "Now. Come eat your eggs." she said softly as she retreated, allowing him to get dressed and come down for breakfast.

Sasuke and his mother had just recently moved to Konoha, a small town that he hadn't even heard of until he started living here.

They had left his worthless father behind. 'Good riddance to bad rubbish.' is what he told his mother when she felt bad about breaking up the family.

After all he had dare to lay a hand on his mother. He wasn't a real man. He was trash. Sasuke himself had broken many girls hearts without a second thought, but he had never once hit them.

He hated his father.

Sasuke opened his closet and hastily grabbed a black and white striped Hollister T-shirt and put it on.

He walked over to his dresser and opened up the bottom drawer and shuffled through his shorts and jeans.

He picked out some white baggy shorts before grabbing his black slip on vans and hastily putting them on while he walked down the hallway to his mothers cooking.

It was best when it was hot after all.

He munched sloppily on his toast and practically inhaled his eggs.

"Slow down Sasuke." she scolded him playfully. "Still hungry? I can make more eggs if you want. Bacon?"

"Nah. I've gotta go. Don't wanna be late." he said before grabbing his Element book sack and giving her a crumb filled kiss on the cheek and headed for the door.

"Be nice!" she told him as he began closing the door behind him.

"Yeah, yeah." he said, rolling his eyes.

As he exited their new apartment he saw a petite girl with long pink hair waiting patiently at a door two rooms away from his. She was wearing blue jeans and light green long sleeved shirt.

He was walking past her, about to make a smart ass comment about her unusual hair color and weird out of season style when the door opened, revealing a boy with long brown hair and white eyes.

'He looks…pleasant.' Sasuke thought as he continued passed them with a smirk.

"Stop looking at that boy." he heard the scary looking guy say after he passed.

Sasuke scoffed. He hadn't even said a word to the girl and he was already jealous.

Sasuke hoped not all the guys at this school were as paranoid as that guy as he continued his walk to school.

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