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Summary: Sakura has been in an abusive relationship with Neji for 4 months now. She can't find it in herself to get the courage to break away from him. She loves him, she doesn't want to leave, or be left. Sasuke Uchiha transfers to their school in the middle of the year. Sasuke may be an asshole, but he knows the proper way to treat a lady, and he takes an immediate disliking to Neji due to his own abusive family history.

Rated M for physical and sexual abuse, future sexual content, language, and the overall mature nature of the story.

Chapter Fifteen

Sakura stirred under her giant comforter, rolling over and burying her face into the sheets. She could hear the sound of birds chirping outside and wondered if there was a single human on earth who found that sound even remotely cheerful. She groaned and rolled onto her other side, facing away from the window and throwing her covers all the way over her head.

A familiar electronic sound stopped her from dozing off again and she recognized it as her text tone.

She sluggishly reached for the device in question and immediately brought it under the covers with her, sheltering herself from the cold air. She unlocked it and saw she had 5 new text messages from Sasuke.

She smiled to herself and she started reading them, her grin getting bigger and bigger with every word he had sent her.

"Hey, if my brother comes over to your place today don't let him in it's a trap."

"My mom wants to know if you want to have dinner at our house tonight."

"She said she will make your favorite, macaroni and cheese right?"

"Wait no that's my favorite."

"Shit Sakura what is your favorite food, hurry and wake up so my mom can stop lecturing me about not knowing."

Sakura glanced at the time and laughed shortly, it was 12:45. It had been a long time since she had slept in like this and it felt great. She hurriedly typed a reply informing Sasuke that her favorite food was, in fact, macaroni and cheese and that she would love to come for dinner at his place and if Itachi stopped by she would send him on his way. She pressed send and attempted to snuggle deeper into her mattress.

Sasuke felt the familiar sensation of his phone vibrating in his pocket. He paused his game and dug his phone from his pocket, reading through his girlfriends reply.

It had been a little over four months and Sakura and Sasuke fell into a comfortable relationship, despite the fact that Sasuke's brother was still "visiting", which meant he was still putting the moves on Sakura every once in awhile just to scratch at the little thing he knew as Sasuke's last nerve.

Sasuke would have liked to think of it as just that, his brother trying to annoy him, but he knew better than to give his brother the benefit of the doubt. Granted it wouldn't be the first time his older brother has put the moves on his girl, and a few times he had even succeeded. Sasuke smirked at the thought, because he knew Sakura better than he knew anyone, apart from the favorite food thing, but he knew the really important things. Things like how loyal she was and how trustworthy.

His thoughts were interrupted when his mother poked her head through the door. "So have you found out your girlfriend's favorite food yet?" she teased as she picked up a dirty shirt off of Sasuke's floor that, in his defense, had only been there since last night.

"Yeah Sasuke, have you even heard from your girlfriend yet or do I need to go over there and help her wake up." He heard Itachi comment as he walked passed his little brothers bedroom.

"Itachi!" his mom hissed before poking her head back in, looking at Sasuke expectantly.

Sasuke sighed deeply, closing his eye's and contemplating on whether he should start counting to ten or if he should get up and start chasing his brother around the house.

He knew his mother would never let that go on for long so he settled for replying with "It actually is macaroni and cheese." Sending his mother a weak smile and hoping that his door closed soon so that he could go back to his game. He could only take so much these days and he knew it was because of all the stress he had been going through in the last few months but he was trying to get over it.

His mother seemed to get the hint and she smiled back at him, mouthing a "sorry" before gently closing the door behind her.

Sasuke took a deep breath again before un-pausing his game. It was a great distraction and he would do just about anything to get his mind off of things. However, every once in awhile his thoughts would take a turn in the direction he would rather not go and he would start to remember things.

He would remember how broken Sakura had been the first few days following Neji's death, and how horrible his mother felt for basically killing someone even though she did not regret it in the least because the guy was trying to kill her son and an innocent girl.

The shock had caused his heart to palpitate uncontrollably and the he just stopped breathing. It was a very uncommon thing but it did happen to people, especially people with heart conditions and there was no question that Neji had a lot more wrong with him than high blood pressure.

After the shock had passed Sakura was finally able to explain to Sasuke what had happened with her parents.

Neji was apparently born into what Sasuke could only describe thugs, which would explain why he was insane, controlling and power hungry. All he had to do was complain about Sakura's parents being in the way of his business and they were gone, just like that.

The thought of someone doing something like that so offhandedly infuriated him, especially since it had something to do with Sakura.

Sasuke was still bitter towards his father but he was proud of him for bringing Sakura's parents home to her, it was one of the very few things he could do to attempt to make up for all of the pain and suffering he had caused.

So here he was, sitting in his semi-clean bedroom, his mind swirling with bitter memories. Thankfully, there was one thought that kept him going through anything and everything, and she was coming over for dinner later, so he had better clean up...a bit.

Sakura was sitting on her bedroom floor, throwing random tops, t-shirts, and jeans over her shoulder. Was there anything Sasuke hadn't seen her in more than twice yet? She really needed to go buy a few new clothes soon.

She groaned, laying back into the pile of clothes in the doorway behind her as she dialed Ino's number. She answered almost immediately.

"Hey, what's up?" she asked, cheerily, the faint sound of the radio playing in the background.

Sakura pictured her in her bedroom, probably giving herself a pedicure.

"I have nothing to wear." Sakura complained, rolling over onto her stomach and off of her pile of clean clothes. She heard Ino laugh on the other end.

"I'll expect you to be here in ten minutes, you can borrow something of mine and then we can go shopping this weekend, I would go today but I already made plans."

"Thanks Ino, you're the best." She replied, standing abruptly before saying a quick goodbye and grabbing her car keys. Sakura's parents had given Sakura a new used car as a graduation gift; it was the one thing that wasn't a sort of blur from her graduation week. The ceremony flew by and neither she nor Sasuke had an interest in the after parties. They had opted to stay home and watch a movie together on Sasuke's couch after everyone had gone to bed. It was a sweet quiet night and she was quite fond of remembering it.

She quickly ran over to her black slip on shoes and headed out the front door in her sweat pants and oversized T-shirt, her hair pulled up into a messy bun. She was a wreck.

She rounded the corner to the parking lot only to be greeted by none other than Itachi Uchiha, who was currently climbing up the stairs, carrying three bags of groceries. He smirked when he saw her and she smiled shyly back at him, saying a small "Hi." And attempting to casually pass him and make it to her car.

"Hello Sakura," he began, putting all three bags in one hand so he could place his free hand against the wall and block her path, "where are you off to looking so," his eye's trailed her up and down and to her surprise and mild disgust he looked pleased.

"comfortable." He finally finished, snapping her attention back to what he was saying instead of the way his voice made her feel uneasy.

Sakura laughed nervously, trying to think of what Sasuke would want her to do in this situation.

She laughed to herself, deciding to tone down a bit, considering she knew Sasuke would want her to punch Itachi right in the face and then laugh as she stepped right over him and sped off in her car.

Instead she just laughed again, this time all of the nervousness gone and ducked quickly under his arm, giggling all the way down the staircase before getting into her car and making her way to Ino's, leaving a very confused and slightly offended Itachi behind.

"Your girlfriend just ran laughing down a staircase and sped off in her car." Itachi informed Sasuke as soon as he walked in the door, setting the grocery bags on the table and beginning to unload them.

Sakura no longer worked in his house anymore so although he was already constantly wondering what she was up to he was truly happy she was out doing things again, and above all he was glad she was happy doing them. Even if it was just running down a staircase like a madwoman.

And god forbid he would badger her with questions of "where are you?", "where have you been?", and his least favorite "who were you with?".

Mainly because he was usually on the receiving end of those questions and also because he never wanted anyone to try and control Sakura again, Sasuke happily kept his mouth shut.

He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he sent a smug look in Itachi's direction before reading it.

"I've gone to Ino's for a bit, I think I might have scared your brother so you're welcome."

It also probably helped that she usually told him where she was going anyway on an account of she didn't want him to worry about her more than he already did.

"Again, thank you so much Ino." Sakura was saying for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Just go already, stop thanking me and go gettem'! All I care about is the juicy details you have for me afterwards." She teased, sending Sakura a suggestive wink before closing the door and running to get ready for her own evening plans.

Sakura pulled out her phone to check the time.

"Damn." She cursed aloud, it was already 6! Sasuke told her to be there for 6:30 but she had wanted to get there early to help prepare the food.

She sighed and began walking to her car, reassuring herself that it was perfectly fine for her to be there on time instead of early, considering she was more than pleased with her outfit.

Her hair was down and wavy, framing her face and shoulders perfectly. Ino had given her a trim just to "compliment her bone structure." in Ino's words. Sakura was quite pleased.

She was wearing a loose black tank top that dipped low and showed off plenty of skin. It was safe to say that this shirt was the most revealing thing she had worn in months. In fact, it showed more than she would have liked Sasuke's mom or his brother to see, which is why she insisted on wearing a baggy button-up plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up over it, black shorts, and to top off the look she slipped on a pair of plain black flip-flops.

As soon as she sat down in her car she checked herself in the mirror and ran her fingers through her hair self-consciously. She sighed forcing herself to close the mirror and just drive already. Why was she so nervous all of the sudden? She had been to Sasuke's plenty of times. She had kissed him plenty of times, although she still felt detached and giggly after. She couldn't remember ever being happier in her entire life than when she was with him and the blissful moments following, in which she usually spent lying awake in bed, trying to relax the muscles in her face, still, she managed to fall asleep every night with a smile on her face.

She knew that tonight she wanted to be with Sasuke. To really, truly be with him in all sense of the phrase.

Although she had no idea how she was going to work up to that, but her mind was made up. She loved him.

Sasuke wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his free hand, stirring the macaroni noodles with his other, making sure the cheese was mixed in perfectly. He was still in his pajama's and he wasn't planning on changing. He knew Sakura wouldn't mind, it's not like he did this all the time, just every once in awhile.

"Sasuke are you ever going to get dressed?" his Mother lightly scolded as she walked passed him to grab something out of the cupboard.

"Mom, it's like almost 7 P.M., besides, Sakura won't care." He replied, smirking at her comment.

Soon enough, there was a light knock on the door before it opened and Sakura poked her head in before stepping all the way in and closing the door behind her.

"Hey, sorry I'm late, I couldn't find anything to wear." She smiled, walking next to Sasuke and giving him a peck on the cheek.

Itachi opened his mouth to make a comment but then decided against it when he saw his brother's death glare. He rolled his eyes and grabbed some plates and began helping his mother set the table.

Sasuke barely registered what was going on around him. He knew he was eating dinner with his family and Sakura, and he knew his mother was scolding Itachi for something he had muttered while Sakura reached for his hand under the table, attempting to hide her blush. He could barely even try and make himself pay attention because he had just realized something.

Sakura had kissed him. In front of his family. In front of his brother. It was just a chaste kiss on the cheek but he could not remember ever being pro pda in his life, even with girls he had believed he really cared about. This small realization triggered something in his brain and he was suddenly overwhelmed with the mere presence of her. Her hand in his, her smooth creamy legs, adoringly disheveled hair and her smile. He could not stop listing everything that drove him crazy and most importantly he couldn't imagine his life without her in it.

He loved her.

As luck would have it, Sasuke could not believe his eye's as not only his mother, but his brother left the apartment to attend prior engagements.

His mother left to go to her sisters for the night, which she did every once in awhile, and as for Itachi, he had been laying on the couch, answered a phone call and then up and left with a casual "don't wait up" thrown over his shoulder, complete with another wink in Sakura's direction.

"We're alone." He heard her say under her breath.

He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her against him. "You nervous?" he asked smugly, twirling a piece of her hair in between his fingers as he looked down into her eyes.

She was biting her lip and he knew that meant she actually was nervous about something and for some reason he decided this was the time to tell her.

"Sakura," he began, watching her take a deep breath, another sign that she was nervous.

"I love you."

Sakura froze.


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