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Story time...

"DETAINED?" Renji shouted as he stared a the door and his captain rubbed his temples. They stayed there for about twenty minutes, until Byakuya ran out of his substance induced sex high.

"DETAINED?" Byakuya screamed as he gawked at Renji who just gawked back.


Hisagi slowly started to open his eyes, but immeditely winced as the ache in his ass returned with a vengiance. 'I really can't stay conciouss for long. Damn it!' Hisagi thought as he moved his legs over the side of the bed and sat up with his hands behind him. He slowly grabbed the crutches on the side of the bed and stood up. He made sure to keep his injured ankle off the ground as he crutched around the room. He slowly made it back to his bed and layed down again, careful to avoid aggitating any wounds. Then the door was knocked and his attention snapped to it.

"Who is it?" He asked shakilly, if it was Renji or Byakuya he was bolting. Luckily when the door opened he saw a head of blonde hair and large body of orangey brown. He sighed and let them into his hospital room. Kira sat down in one of the chairs next to the bed and Komamura stood standing.

"Hisagi, there's something we need to tell you about Renji and Byakuya..." Kira began slowly, waiting for Hisagi reaction to the names. Hisagi twitched slightly, but for the most part kept his cool and sat up against the headboard. Kira contined to wait for his answer. Hisagi let out a heavy sigh and turned to Kira.

"What about them? I'm not affraid of them or anything, so you can stop looking at me like you're waiting for me to burst into tears." Hisagi said flatly as he watched Kira give him a questioning look then continued.

"You see, they didn't do anything to you conciously. Someone spiked their tea and it caused them to attack the first person with high spiritual pressure that they ran into. In fact, they both started crying when they saw the video..." Kira said as he watched Hisagi's face go from slightly tired and annoyed to confused.

"Who the hell would spike someone's tea, just to get them to rape someone else? Tch...what a creep." Hisagi said as he sat criss cross, rested his elbow on his knee, and used his hand to support his head. He then closed his eyes and let out a large sigh.

"Well actually it was an officer of the Gotei and they were brought to justice and thrown out." Kira said as he watched Hisagi sigh and put a hand on his face and slowly moved it down his face until it fell back onto the bed again.

"That's good to hear, but you guys are my gaurds until Unohana finds an antidote anyways, right?" Hisagi asked as he opened his eyes and was greeted with both Komamura and Kira nodding. He then layed back down again and shut his eyes and Kira and Komamura looked at eachother before looking back at Hisagi.

"I don't care if you guys stay in here or in the waiting room, but I'm really tired so I'm going back to sleep. My wounds are almost healed anyways. I'll probably only have to be here for another two days." Hisagi said as he pulled the covers over himself and fell asleep oly minutes later. Kira stayed in the room, but Komamura left for the waiting room.

~With Renji and Byakuya~

"So we're stuck here for who knows how long, GREAT!" Renji shouted as he flopped down on a large couch. Byakuya sighed and sat down next to him rubbing his temples to try and avoid an upcoming headache. Then there was a small knock on the door and Renji stood up making his way to the locked door. He opened it and was met with a small squad four officer.

"Captain Unohana would like to see you, leiutenant Abarai, and Captain Kuchiki down in her barraks right away." The young officer said before they were off back to their duties in squad four. Renji turned around and was about to tell his captain when he almost bumped into him.

"Cap-" Renji began, but was cut off when his Captain interupted him and pushed him out of his way with a light nudge.

"I heard, Renji, let us go." Byakuya said as he and Renji flash-stepped to the squad four barraks and soon after, Unoahan's personl office. They walked inside and were greeted with the smell of violet and ginger from one of her many candels spread around on the tables. She signaled for them to walk over and so they did. Once they reached her she filled two syringes with a strange liquid and set them on the table. She then turned around to face them and their confused expressions.

"This may be the antidote, but I am not possitive of the effects it will have on you two. I will bring Hisagi in once the drug is administered, you become conciouss once more, and see what your reactions are. Do not fear, we will have Captain Komamura, Kira, Momo, Rangiku, and myself to protect him if anything goes wrong. I assure you, if this does not work he will be safe." Unohana said as she injected the liquid into their arms and waited to see their reactions. They both stayed somewhat still until they collapsed and started breathing heavely. They then both passed out soon after. Multiple squad four officers came in and once again lifted Byakuya and Renji onto stretchers and carried them away.

"Now, to see if it works..." Unohana said to herself as she watched Byakuya and Renji get carried out of the room. She sighed and sat down in one of the many chairs and put her hands on her face.

~30 minutes later~

"I hope it works, or else I don't know what I'll do..." She said as she watched Renji and Byakuya confront Hisagi in a small room along with Momo, Kira, Rangiku, and Komamura. They stared at him before Renji ran up and hugged him along with Byakuya. Hisagi winced slightly before he relaxed and hugged them back and tears silently rolled down his cheeks.

"Thank godness..." Unohana sighed as the two lieutenants and captain continued their embrace until they let go and Hisagi finally calmed down.

'Looks like I had nothing to be affraid of after all...' Hisagi thought as he continued using his crutch to support himself and wiped away his tears, 'This may not be so bad after all...Thanks you guys...'


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