Chapter 1~

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MAIN: HidaKaku,

Less: KisaIta, PeinKaku, SasoDei (maybe but the way you look at it)

It was around ten o'clock at night.

Everyone in the Akatsuki was getting to bed all but two ninjas. Down a long hallway there was a door with a sign on the top of the door frame say do not enter written in blood.

The two immortals in their room for the rest of the night and having somewhat an argument. The taller one of the two was sitting on the bed and other was on the floor. The shorter of the two was started to begged for some thing.

"Hidan no," said the man one the bed.

This man was a tall man. Around 6'1. He had dark green almost emerald eyes, these orbs was surrounding a deep shade of red dangerously close to black. His skin color was a tan close to a carmal like color. He looked like he tanned a lot but it his natural skin tone. He always ware this gray hood and a dark shade blue mask this part was a part of his head gear to cover his face. When he was alone with lover he was forbid to his head gear. So when he with Hidan alone in the same room the head gear was off. When the hood and mask was off it revealed his long dark brown hair the came down to his tail bone. On his face toward his jaw line a row of stitches near his mouth stopping at the corner of mouth. Then going down he had a blue tang-top and pants but this cover the stitches on his body.

This man name was Kakuzu, and he was from the village of Takigakure {Village Hidden in a Waterfall}.

"Come on Kuzu-chan do you want to know how it fucking feels to an uke," the other man said.

This sliver hair man is named Hidan.

He is Kakuzu's current and last partner. He was also his lover for seven years. He was shorter than Kakuzu. He was 5'7. Hidan loved to showed off his muscular body. His skin was really pale almost like he had no heartbeat. Hidan pull back his sliver hair. His hair was a sliver in the light but in the shadows it looked like he had gray hair. He had bright magenta eyes with a crimson tint to them. He never wears a shirt but only for special occasions. He always worn a Jashin symbol on his pale neck. The necklace was a circle with a downwards triangle and with small beads to hold nice and tight. Hidan is the foul mouth, immoral.

This sliver hair man was from the village of Yugakure {Village Hidden in Boiling Water}.

Together these to are call the Zombie team.

"Come on fuck face just one fucking time you can be the god damn uke!" Hidan almost yelled.


The bright magenta eyes water...

'Oh no' Kakuzu thought. 'Not that uke trick!'

His fake tears trick which had made Kakuzu feel really guity for yelling.

"Hidan," Kakuzu said. Hidan slowly back away from him. "Look I'm sorry ok, I didn't mean to yell at you Hidan-chan" Kakuzu signed. Hidan in his head was evilly smiling know he got Kakuzu. So with sad, baby like eyes he looked up at the man he loved.

"Why don't you want uke, Kuzu" Hidan said in a sad voice.

"Hidan-chan, I just have my reasons, drop it ok," his response was.

Kakuzu turn his head as he blushed.

"H-holy Jashin," Hidan smirk.

Kakuzu turn his head and show his flushed face.

"K-Kakuzu-chan your blushing" Hidan said sounding surprised.

"I'm not blushing" Kakuzu blushed harder.

"Yes you are jack-off; come on tell me, I promise not to fucking laugh" said the sliver hair man.

"Fine, Hidan" Kakuzu signed.

"I worried about a gene that in my body" he finish.

"What is it, I mean what the hell dose it do" Hidan said.

"It uh makes dick large" Kakuzu lied.

"That it! Asshole that make me want you more" Hidan lick his red plumb lips.

"H-Hidan we shouldn't do it"

Hidan kissed Kakuzu on the lips to shut him up. Hidan wrapped his arms around Kakuzu's neck with his hands landing on Kakuzu's back playing with his shoulder blade stitches.

"H-Hidan wh-what are you doing " Kakuzu tried to hide his moan.

"Come on please Kuzu just once love" Hidan said in a his own deep voice.

He got up from his side of the bed and locking the door so no one can dispute them.

"H-Hi-chan what are you doing" Kakuzu shocked that he figure that Hidan was trying to make him the uke and him the seme.

"Oh, nothing much uke" Hidan said crawling on the bed slowly he almost looked like a cat.

He go up to Kakuzu licking his rosy lips.

"H-Hidan don't" Kakuzu said in a nervous tone.

Then Kakuzu started back up to the headboard hitting his head lightly.

"Oh crap" was the last thing he could say.

Hidan lean his head forward and press his soft red lips onto his lovers soft cool lips.

Kakuzu close his eyes and kiss back. He was very unsure to open his mouth but a moment later he open it for Hidan's tongue to slip in. Kakuzu moan inside Hidan's mouth. Hidan quickly took off Kakuzu's shirt.
Hidan's mouth went from Kakuzu's mouth to his neck kissing and sucking it hard.

"Oh god Hidan" Kakuzu moaned.

He slowly movedhis head so Hidan can do more of his neck and get more of it.

"Not God Kuzu-san Jashin" Hidan re-corrected.

"Hi-chan you know I don't believe in a God or any type of God," Kakuzu said.

Hidan's mouth went from neck to his Kaku's collarbone and bite it hard drawing warm sweet blood.

"Hidan, you son a bitch" Kakuzu moan loudly.

The blood go into Hidan's mouth and on the bed sheets stain it for the morning clean-up.

"Oh Jashin Kakuzu, you taste so fucking sweet, sexy man" Hidan said.

There was a sexual tone to Hidan's voice. He purred into Kakuzu's ear and nibble on it lightly make the stitch nin moan of sweet pleasure.

Kakuzu felt Hidan's warm wet tongue slid down his to his torso and into his belly-button and feeling it go inside sliding in laps. He sliver his body was very sensitive because of his thick black stitches.

"Oh yeah Hidan, that feels nice" he groan.

Then there was a knock on the door.

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