Chapter 7~

[One week later]

"Ow OW" Kakuzu said with his leg spread out and criss-cross save with one leg him holding one leg in his arms.

"T-Tobi legs are not suppose to bend this way" Kakuzu complain.

He was doing what his doctor told him of what to do during from now until the birth twenty minutes a day. He doing the Yoga and somehow Tobi was (trying) to help. Kakuzu was starting his third trimester today and that is why he is doing this.

"Just few more minutes Kakuzu-sama" Tobi said.

Kakuzu's belly grown more now, he looked like eat a whole watermelon. Kakuzu felt huge kicks. Some reason the baby like to switch between his liver and bladder. (When he was tied or when he was sleeping he would feel the baby's head on his left side while his tiny feet on his own bladder. When he hungry the baby would kick his liver to tell him to eat something.) As the kicks got harder he knew that his baby was not enjoying this as much he was. Kakuzu want to have a healthy first son and easy birth so the position he stay in. He also feared that Tobi would go Mardra on him. He put his free arm on his stomach as a massive blow was kicked.

"Tobi can we take a brake now, my child and I are not so much agreeing to this" Kakuzu groan as another blow was deliver stretching his stomach a bit.

"OK Kakuzu-san you two get some rest a bit while Tobi get a chair for the next exercise" Tobi cheerfully said.

Tobi giggled then walked out of the room. When Kakuzu saw out of the doorway he let out a huge sign of relief. He didn't know why Tobi knew he needed to do the Yoga or how he got the information about doing it. All Kakuzu knew was that he was going to suffer for another fourteen minutes of this. Tobi walked to everyone room and saw everyone sleeping. After leave Kakuzu's and Hidan's room Hidan open his eyes and sign.

"Thank Jashin he didn't see a wake" Hidan signed.

He got up and quietly walked out the room to the living room. Tobi made sure that no one was going to distribute the season. So the night before when Hidan told people about the Yoga Tobi said that he'll do it and if anyone comes in and disturbed the session he will have to use Uchiha Madara on them.

[Back with Kakuzu]

"Thank God I can finally relax" Kakuzu said as he plop down on the couch.

Then he lay himself out with his left side with his stomach almost sticking off the couch. He felt the kicks and it started to turn his stomach a bit. Kakuzu rubbed the unborn child within his womb and it seem to help him to calm down. Hidan smile as he saw his Kakuzu on the couch he looked around and saw nobody else.

'Thank Jashin...he safe' Hidan thought.

He walked in. Kakuzu sense someone was in the room so he sat up slowly then turn his head to see Hidan.

"Hay there" Hidan said.

"How are my two Jashin's angels doing today" Hidan asked.

"Not so good" Kakuzu replied.

"Why" Hidan asked.

Kakuzu grabbed one of Hidan's hand and put it on his over grown stomach. Hidan flinch when he felt a kick.

"Holy Jashin that was a huge kick, son" Hidan said to the unborn child.

Kakuzu close his eyes breathe in and out to stop thinking about pricks of pain. Then the strangles thing happen his stomach growl.

'That right, Tobi took me before I got a chance to eat more and got change'

Kakuzu thought as his belly growl louder.

'I guess your hungry huh little guy' his thought continue as he rubbing his stomach.

[Flashback this morning]

Kakuzu groan waking up to several kicks to the bladder. He slowly sat up and stretch a bit. He yawn as he looked over to his alarm clock and saw it was nine o' clock. Then he stand up slowly and curse the big belly plus old age.

He was warning a long dark green nightgown since his original night close rip when he try to put them on two nights ago. He put on his fuzzy jet black slippers. He got a little dizzy from standing so sat on his side of the bed.

"I'm up baby, just stop your kicking they're beginning to hurt ya know" Kakuzu said.

Just as he said that the baby stop kicking and move a bit.

Kakuzu surprise that the baby actually understand him so he tried to get up fast. Then he walked or waddle over to the bookshelf and read his "How to A Mom" book Deidara got him after last week appointment. He went to the chapter "When can my baby beginning it's hearing" it reads that babies can begin to hear into the seventh month of pregnancy.

"Oh that interesting" Kakuzu said to himself. Kakuzu felt a kick to his bladder now he really need to pee. Kakuzu walked away for the bookshelf then almost ran as he felt pressure on his bladder. When he got to the bathroom and relief himself. Kakuzu smile feeling better. He finish and washed his hands. His stomach growl loudly as he knew he and his baby was hungry.

"I know that your hungry little guy come on let get something to eat" Kakuzu said realizing that he just talk to a unborn thing. "Wait a moment I just talk to a fetus" Kakuzu said smiling. He felt a tiny kick as if the baby was pouting. He walk out of the room after he gave Hidan a kiss on the forehead. He stop at the door way then smile as Hidan snuggle into his pillow more; thinking it was him. When Kakuzu got to the kitchen he was having craving for pickles and peanut butter. He smile as he saw no one in the room. So he went to the fridge.

"Oh, hello breakfast" Kakuzu said licking his lips as he got the peanut butter and the jar of pickles out from the fridge. He dip the pickle into the peanut butter and was about to eat it until a gloved hand grab his hand and stop him form eating it. Kakuzu move his eyes to see Tobi.

"Morning Tobi" Kakuzu said.

"Morning Kakuzu-san" Tobi replied. Kakuzu easily pull Tobi hand away. Then Tobi grab Kakuzu's right again.

"Kakuzu-san come on you have Yoga today" Tobi said holding Kakuzu's hand.

"Eating now Yoga later"

Kakuzu pull the glove hand away again then try to put the food into his mouth.

Tobi grab his hand again then putting the hand down with a fight. "Tobi let go of my hand or I'll bite I'm that hungry enough to do it" Kakuzu growl.
"Kakuzu-san you can eat later" Tobi said. Kakuzu had an angry twist on his head, so he put Tobi's hand near his mouth. "Ok ok you have a pickle Kakuzu-san" Tobi said. Kakuzu smile as he ate his ''breakfast.'' Then Tobi drag Kakuzu into the training room for the hellish exercises. He also forgot to switch out of his nightgown.

[Flashback over]

'All I had was that damn pickle goddammit I'm starving' Kakuzu thought as he put the other hand on his growling belly. Kakuzu looked up and he saw a the most delicious looking rice ball in Hidan's right hand. He felt something wet on his skin and it triangle down his cheek. Then realize that he was drooling with terrible hunger.

"I thought you might be hungry so made this for you just before I came in here" Hidan giggle. Kakuzu was too lazy to feed himself then thought Hidan would nice enough to help.

"What wrong I thought you would staving" Hidan giggle.
"I am starving but all that exercise made me too tied and I can't really move around so much since I have soooo weight inside my belly" Kakuzu said smiling. "Or is it that your too lazy to feed yourself and the baby" Hidan snicker. Kakuzu just open mouth a little and point to it that was Hidan for a yes. Hidan look around and saw no one he sign as he broke a piece for Kakuzu to eat. Kakuzu's smile as he got hand-feed this made him feel very speical.

To him it was best moment since him and Hidan haven't spend time with each other. So they spend much time together as possible and make every minute count.

"I Hate having doing something away from you but that asshole, Pein, wont allow me near you some gay reason" Hidan said being sad still giving Kakuzu food. He gave the last piece of rice-ball to his beloved.
"It ok Hidan" Kakuzu said to his Hidan. Kakuzu smile as he lick Hidan's index finger then suck on it a little feeling a little horny himself.

"Hay Hidan" Kakuzu said.
"What" was his response.
"Let be a little naughty and do it right here, right now" Kakuzu said with evil stars in his eyes.
"T-Tobi will coming back any fucking second w-we shouldn't" Hidan stuttered.

Kakuzu got annoyed then used his threads to lift Hidan off the ground and place on the other side of the couch. "Aw but Hidan I'm still a little hungry" Kakuzu said as Hidan's claps his hands upwards and his downwards entangling the finger with each other. Then he pull Hidan down on the couch. Hidan push him and Kakuzu back up,
"Then get something to eat" Hidan said but got push down again.
"No, I think the only thing that going to be in my stomach with that rice-ball is going to be someones hot milk" Kakuzu replied.
"M-milk" Hidan's eyes widen a bit. Then Kakuzu kiss down Hidan bear chest then to his stomach letting his tongue circle inside Hidan's belly-button. Then the waistband of Hidan's pants "Let get rid of this these troublesome pants" Kakuzu said. As soon as he said that Kakuzu unbuttoned Hidan pant in record time. He throw them onto the ground along with his headband. Kakuzu started to attack by kiss Hidan's dick then lick it up and down.

"Ooh Jashin-sama yes" Hidan said. Kakuzu close his eyes missing doing this. Kakuzu nibble on the shaft near Hidan's balls. Then he stroke Hidan harden dick with his warm tongue an suck at it hard tasting Hidan's pre-cum. He evilly smile as he let go.
"Now, let have some fun Hidan" Kakuzu said coldly getting on Hidan's hips. Hidan smile as he started to remove the dark green silk nightgown but as soon as it reach Kakuzu's lower area Kakuzu stop him by grabbing his hand.

"What wrong Kaku" Hidan said sliding his other hand up and in the nightgown and was about to touch the seven month pregnant belly until Kakuzu use his other hand to stop.
"Don't, it bad" Kakuzu blushed then looking away. He didn't want Hidan to see what under the gown but he had some stretch marks.
"What bad" Hidan said as he smile as he free his hands from Kakuzu's grip and left up the troublesome nightgown throwing it to the ground he saw what Kakuzu fear.
"Stretch marks really" Hidan said. Kakuzu was about to get up but Hidan stop him by putting his right hand on Kakuzu's large waist kissing his belly in the process.
"It ok, I knew that you might react like this" Hidan smile then kiss Kakuzu's stomach again and felt a tiny hand. "Besides it looks like this hurts like hell so I think it look fucking cute" Hidan said blushing. "Cute" Kakuzu said raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah I said it looks cute dammit" Hidan smile.
"You are turely different Hidan but that who you are" Kakuzu said.

Kakuzu moved his body a bit more to remove Hidan's boxers then his own. His face flushed with embarrassment. Kakuzu slowly impale himself onto Hidan's dick. He groan as Hidan moan into a pant. Then Tobi finally came in with a big enough chair for Kakuzu to the next exercise.

"OK, Kakuzu-san Tobi got the chair" then Tobi looked to the couch then saw Kakuzu blushing hard and droplets of tears coming out of his eye. "What are you doing Kakuzu-san~" Tobi asked. Kakuzu head looked over as he saw Tobi in the doorway.
"Tobi g-go away" Kakuzu pant. Kakuzu looked down to Hidan shaking his head then he sat up.

"Hidan san what are you doing in here" Tobi said. Hidan push his hips into Kakuzu's and his dick twitch with the heat.
"Having sex" Hidan moan. "Having hot, sticky fucking sex" Hidan said. Kakuzu got lift up by his waist and sat down. Hidan moan as Kakuzu dug his black painted nails into Hidan's skin. They ignore him and continue.

"You doing it wrong Hidan-san" Tobi said. Making them jump and Kakuzu spill his seed on the couch and Hidan. Kakuzu tried to push himself off of Hidan's dick but Hidan push him down one last thrust then cumming inside Kakuzu. They moan loud and together. Then Kakuzu finally push himself of Hidan's love stick grabbed his close then almost ran out the room. Hidan just aw as he got his close a ran off right after Kakuzu shutting the door.

"What the hell just happen" Deidara asked. He just walked in then was rubbing the sleepers out of his baby blue eyes.
"I don't know senpai" Tobi relpied as he was shocked.

Then the rest of the Akatsuki came then saw a puddle of white. Most of the asking what happen while the rest just got gloves and push the couch outside then burning it.
"Cum" Kisame said. The other nodded then walked out as if nothing ever happen.

[with the immortals]

Inside their room Hidan saw Kakuzu under the bed covers with his head under them too which means he was a shame of himself. This started up when Kakuzu notice the big belly so when ever he like this Hidan would help him though it. From the look of it he was curl into a ball. He smiled as he locked the door then slowly walk to the large 'bump' in the blankets. "Kaku" Hidan said. Then all of sudden the 'bump' move a bit and the grey blanket move to show Kakuzu's forehead to his teary eyes. "Babe what wrong" Hidan asked getting worry. He was getting more worry as he saw a outline of Kakuzu's right hand move downward to his belly.

"Nothing Hidan it just I don't know I'm just so sad; damn my girly hormores" Kakuzu said finally.

Hidan smile sliding into the right side of the bed cuddling with his Kakuzu. Hidan felt a little happy as Kakuzu slowly turn his body to his other side he then grab one of Hidan's hand then put it on his bear stomach. He felt something stretch the skin. He looked down a little hand was sticking out. Hidan giggle as he tap the his son's hand.

"Five fingers, right Honey" Hidan giggled more. Kakuzu didn't respond in fact he fall asleep.
"Kuzu" Hidan said then hear a deep snore. "Fucker must be sleepy after having hot sex with the hot man like me" Hidan smile then fell asleep himself curling up with Kakuzu's bear body.

About eight hours later the Zombie twins woke up by someone or something banging on their door. Hidan got up from the bed as Kakuzu sat up. Then all of sudden the door was bust down by Deidara's bomb.

"Finally un you two woke up now come all of us are going somewhere" He said throw random close at them. Kakuzu worn a dark blue button up shirt. Hidan worn a red shirt with three undone buttons to show is Jashin necklace. Both wore a pair of dark blue jeans. Deidara push both of them out the room and to the whole Akatsuki member that was outside.
"What the hell is going on" Hidan announce.
"Dancing hm" Deidara said. Hidan turn to looked a Kakuzu and he did the same.
"Why" Kakuzu asked.

Tobi just push Kakuzu on the clay bird as Kisame did the same to Hidan. The Akatsuki came up to a dancing area. There was a sign saying with poor hand writtting on it 'Akatsuki members only' the time was on it eight to eleven. It was around eight and the night was being a very slow night especially for a Saturday night. Kakuzu basically sat out because he wasn't the type that like to dance but sadly he know how to dance and was very good at it and his feet would swell from dancing. The night was basically about music, dancing and love. When a loud and up beat song the baby would kick hard. Then when a slow song came on he would felt his son little move for a small amount of time.

Kakuzu was kind a felt left out when he saw the other couples ether dancing or laughting, seeing them enjoy each other company. He felt bad as he saw Hidan smiling sadly. Every time he would try to come over other members as in Pein or Sasori push him away from him. When that happens Kakuzu will get angry or very confused.

Then just as the party was about to end a slow song came on. Hidan evilily smile 'No one is going to keep me the fuck away from my fucker' Hidan thought. Just then sneak over to his beloved Kakuzu.

"I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky
and I swear like the shadow that's by your side

Kakuzu looked down as little kick was giving he put his ring hand on his stomach just then he saw a feminine hand he looked up to Hidan smile. He shook his head no.

"Come dance with me fucker it not that bad and besides it the last damn song of the night" Hidan said. Kakuzu knew he was going to lose this so he sign and gave up he slowly got up. Then they walked towards the dance floor. Hidan put his arms around Kakuzu's neck while Kakuzu put his hands on Hidan thin waist. They push together as best as they. The ukes that was dacing saw then just smile at the love two showed (yes even Itachi.)

I see the questions in your eyes
I know what's weighing on your mind
You can be sure I know my part
Cause I stand beside you through the years

They talked while they slowly dance with Hidan's head on Kakuzu's chest and their feet in perfect rhythm.

"So K-Kakuzu I want to ask you something, something very important" Hidan said.

"What" was his response.

"W-Well I was thinking" Hidan said.

"Well that shocking" Kakuzu laugh. Hidan pout but sign.

"Hidan just tell me what you want" Kakuzu was getting annoyed with this game. Hidan took in a deep breath.

You'll only cry those happy tears
And though I make mistakes
I'll never break your heart

"Fine, let get marry in my village of Yugakure" Hidan said.

Kakuzu smile for a moment then step on Hidan's foot. Just as Hidan was about yell Kakuzu covering his mouth with his mouth.

"We are marry you moron" He said as they part.

"Not in Jashin's eyes we aren't" his response was.

"What do mean not in Jashin's eyes " Kakuzu snapped back.

"Bastard I mean is that we are merry to the fucking Akatsuki but not to Jashin's eyes we aren't" Hidan said he put his head on Kakuzu right shoulder. He hear Kakuzu sign.

And I swear by the moon
And the stars in the sky I'll be there

"OK Hidan, What do I have to do to be your husband" Kakuzu said as they went back to dancing.

"Wife, and you have convert" Hidan said as he got a very angry look from Kakuzu.

"Husband Hidan because I can dominate that sexy ass of yours in a heartbeat" Kakuzu whisper in a calming voice then grabbed Hidan's ass in a greedy way.

"Whatever Kakuzu" Hidan blushed

"Now let go of my ass" Hidan whisper.

"Nah, I like the feel of someones nice round globes" his repiled was.

Hidan blushed hard but put his face more into Kakuzu's chest.

I swear like the shadow that's by your side I'll be there
For better or worse
Till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
And I swear

"Anyway all you have to do is to travel to fucking Yugakure get approve by my fucking family" Hidan said with some anger.

"Then if you get approve you have to ware a red kimono just like my mom worn when she was pregnant with my younger twins sisters" he continue then Kakuzu look with some anger.

"So your telling me that if I go with you do to this then I have to ware the dress" He said.

"Wait until I'm done fucker" Hidan pout.

"Fine; fine Hidan what else is there" Kakuzu said.

"Then when that said and done you have to drink one and half sake" Hidan was interrupted by Kakuzu looking worry.

"What wrong Kakuzu" Hidan looked into Kakuzu green and red eyes.

I'll give you every thing I can
I'll build your dreams with these two hands
We'll hang some memories on the wall
And when (and when) just the two of us are there
You won't have to ask if I still care
Cause as the time turns the page
My love won't age at all

"I can't drink Sake" Kakuzu said.
"Why not" was his response.
"Because you jackass it going to harm the baby, geez your a baka" Kakuzu snapped.

And I swear (I swear) by the moon
And the stars in the sky I'll be there (I'll be there)
I swear (and I swear) like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there (I'll be there)
For better or worse
Till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
And I swear

"Fine we'll give something that holy so it wont harm our little baby boy" Hidan report.

"Anyway, once that done we must have marriage sex of the night, in morning we leave to another village or in our case back home" Hidan finish.

And I swear (I swear) by the moon
And the stars in the sky I'll be there (I'll be there)
I swear (and I swear) like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there (I'll be there)

"Ok but how far is the trip" Kakuzu asked. "The trip to was two to Yugakure is about two shitty weeks" Hidan said.

For better or worse (better or worse)
Till death do us part I'll love you

Then the two stop dance and sneak off to another area. In this area it had blood color roses surrounding a large gazebo. They walk towards the large The wood was a dark red look like it as just painted on. Kakuzu sat on the stone step it wasn't to comfortable but it was something better then that hard seat. Hidan bend down on knees.
"So I will ask you this again will you marry me the Jashist way Kaku my darling" he said putting his both hands on Kakuzu's shoulders.

"Fuck you Hidan I'm the man so the question is will you marry me" Kakuzu snicker. Hidan flushed and nodded.

With every single beat of my heart
I swear I swear I swear"

Kakuzu smile then kiss Hidan with hot passion, "Let go for it, Hidan, Let go to Yugakure to wedd" he said.

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Song: I swear

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