"Is this some kind of joke?" Teenagers upon the scene started to stare at the fuming raven-haired teen as he too stared— well, more like glared at the list that was currently tacked on the wall.

A wave of anger, embarrassment, disappointment, and shame had taken over his face as he squinted at the number beside his name.


Glaring more intensely now, he shifted his eyes to the name above his, claiming the number one ranking in the class.


The raven-haired boy now moved his head closer to name as he tried to process it in his mind. "...Hyuuga, Hinata." At the name, images instantaneously popped in his mind as he pictured the small, frail girl that always sat in the front of the room, her head switching back and forth between Kakashi and her notes. Suddenly, a subconscious twitch started to develop in Sasuke's right eye as he felt a new, small form beside him, pushing the side of his leather jacket more into his skin. The contact of bodies brushing instantly made him uncomfortable, as he now shifted his glare to the person touching him, not moving anything but his head.

Coal eyes made contact with an indigo hue that fell off the person's head as their small, skinny finger brushing over the list now— almost coming in contact with Sasuke's.

A small squeak of surprise left the lips of the girl as she brought both hands to her mouth, cupping it in disbelief.

Her long hair was like a curtain that covered her face, making it impossible for Sasuke to see the person's face.

But, judging by their reaction and the fact that their finger drifted over the same spot as Sasuke's, he had no doubt who this was.

A small spec of hatred was now noted in his eyes as he removed his finger from the sheet, facing the other way for her sake.

'How the FUCK did she get a higher score than me?'

A display of distress was now visible, as Sasuke leaned his left forearm on the wall, leaning his head against it as his free hand cupped his mouth.

'She beat me by one point. ONE, FUCKING, POINT.'

Before anymore thoughts could be processed, a light tap on the shoulder disrupted the eighteen year-old boy as he shifted to the source, meeting opal. Her eyes were red, but not with sadness, but of joy. Sasuke also noticed that her cheeks were slightly pink, as her nose was a rosy color. With his eyebrows raised, the raven-haired boy now was staring in wonder at the petite girl.

'Why the hell is she so happy?' A small voice could now be heard as the light-eyed girl looked at the taller boy in concern.

"N-Ne, Uchiha-san, are you a-alright?"

In his mind, Sasuke imagined himself rolling in eyes, but of course he wouldn't do it in person.

"Congratulations." He managed to break out. It was a bitter, monotone, celebratory term that seemed rotten after coming out of the mouth of the boy. Regardless, Hinata gave a small smile as she nodded and bowed, leaving Sasuke slightly annoyed.

"T-Thank you Uchiha-san."

Sasuke gave a small nod as he started to see fresh tears seeping out those same eyes that held such joy. He felt slightly panicky as his own eyes widened, shifting his weight to center to find his natural balance.


A light laugh escaped from Hinata as she motioned her hand to the person in front of her that she was, indeed, alright. A handkerchief was pulled from the pocket of her grey cardigan as it was now in her hand, patting down the edges of her eyes. A light sniffle followed the escapade as well, Sasuke a little more confused now.

"I-I'm sorry Uchiha-san, it's just that I'm so happy." Sasuke's shoulders shrugged, signaling to himself that it was pretty apparent that he knew she was happy. Sasuke's ears were now peered up to listen as the girl moved her eyes to look at his, catching him slightly off guard.

"I became number one at something." Hinata's was now staring down at the handkerchief in her smooth hands, another small smile on her face. "Hopefully my father will be proud."

Sasuke bit his tongue as he heard this, and had a small pang of regret from ever saying anything bad about Hinata. Nonetheless, being an Uchiha, and him being Sasuke, his pride was still more important. Well, at the moment that is.

He cleared his throat as he now took the palm of his hand, and placed it lightly on her right shoulder, which caught her by surprise.

Sasuke bit his lip as he managed to mutter 'Sorry', a light blush on his face. Hinata was surprised that Sasuke would ever do that, knowing that his reputation as a 'cold-stoned guy' would oddly proved to be true...at times. Still startled at the apology, Hinata noticed Sasuke preparing himself for another word.

"Congratulations." It was said with a little more sincerity now, but that was enough to send a bomb of red on the cute cheeks of the girl in front of the Uchiha, who's cheeks were also red as well.

Quickly, he left the stunned blushing girl as he now covered his own face, forbidding anyone to see him at this state.

'Fuck you, 99's.'