The air was chilly, the sky was clouded, and the puffs of breath left the shivering male in a line of discomfort that he could not deny. The winter mornings were painfully cold. So could that any exposed skin would be threatened to shrivel up from the sheer frostbiting weather. Sasuke could swear on anything that if he were to cut off his nose right now, no trace of pain could be detectable from him. The dark-haired teen had many opportunities to have an alternative for reaching school on this dreaded morning and avoiding this circumstance, in all actuality. His best friend offered him a ride in his car after an awful snow storm struck their town the following evening, knowing that Sasuke had lived a great distance away; yet he respectfully declined to him and for many good reasons, really. For one, his best friend's driving was absolutely terrible and combining that along with icy roads wasn't a really a good idea; and the fact that he didn't really want to miss out on seeing his usual morning acquaintance this December morning.

It had been about a good four to five months since the start of their little "relationship".

He used to only take the bus in the morning if it was absolutely necessary, in cases of where his car would be in the shop, his friends couldn't give him a ride, or if he simply just woke up too late. Sasuke didn't think anything of it really, just a nuisance that he had to learn to deal with when necessary.

But that was until he showed up early one morning.

It was fall and the sun had barely worked it's way up in the sky, shades of orange, red, and yellow staining everything that the rays of the star could touch. His car was in the shop and he was slightly annoyed by it too for it had been in and out during the week, and getting your car fix ain't cheap. The Uchiha was walking toward the bench of the stop sign when he noticed that another person had already took his spot, waiting patiently for the same bus as he was. He had never seen her there before, probably because every time he did come in the mornings, he'd barely miss the bus taking off, squeezing in a millisecond to let their final passenger aboard before speeding off. Yet he couldn't help but feel a bit thrown off that another person actually had the same bus stop as him.

He studied her as he continued his way toward her, her and the stop sign starting to become closer and clearer for him to see. She had long dark hair that seemed purple under the rays of the sun, cascaded along her shoulders to her bust in soft curls. She had on a long chocolate-colored scarf, a third of her face covered by it, and another third covered by her thick bangs. A creamy uniform that didn't match his hugged her body as light caramel stockings covered her long, shapely legs, dark brown loafers covering her petite feet. Her hands were covered with leather gloves that matched that of the color of her footwear, laying softly on the base of her lap.

Sasuke noticed how beautifully pale her skin was, blemish free and radiated by the autumn rays. She contrasted beautifully with her surroundings.

The Uchiha normally detested girls, primarily because many would chase after him and such, and he never had found a woman more beautiful than his mother;

But this one...this one seemed...different.

After this feeling had planted itself in his mind and manifested itself, things were never truly the same.

Sasuke started showing up earlier a little more frequently than normal, his curiosity becoming drawn to this girl. When there were times where he had the choice to take the bus or an alternative, he would always choose just to take the bus. He started off just standing, letting the young lady have the bench to herself out of manners and hospitality, and both of them found comfort in it. Well, at least he did.

Yet he yearned for more interaction from her.

Of course, him being stubborn and arrogant, he had never initiated a conversation once nor had he even introduced himself in any kind of way. But then again, neither did she.

It was as if they shared those twenty minutes waiting for their ride in comfortable silence, both knowing that words would do nothing but ruin the atmosphere and possibly make things awkward between them.

It wasn't until finally, the time had arrived.

Rain had poured down hard near the middle of one unusual October morning, the strong drops of rain tapping hard onto the street pavement. The Uchiha decided that this one day, he would take his car to school. The weather was terrible and he was pretty sure that the bus would be late do to the delay the weather would be causing. He also was sure that she wouldn't be there either.

Yet he was wrong.

He drove by the bus stop out of his own curiosity, surprised to see a dark form under an umbrella, patiently waiting for the bus. He stopped like he normally would, since it was a stop sign, but he took more time than he should. He was debating whether or not to just pick her up and take her to her school and saving her from the rain, but at the same time they had never even shared a single word with one another, nonetheless know each other's name. But he knew that if he were to just leave her there, he wouldn't stop thinking about her throughout the whole day and how he didn't even bother to help her.

He flashed his hyper beam to garner her attention as he started to press the button that rolled down the windows of the passenger side. He put his car into park as he unbuckled his seat belt, learning over as far as he could to have his voice reach outside of the now open window.

"Hey!" Her head turned towards him as motioned her to come inside the car. Hopefully she recognized him and didn't think that he was some creep trying to pick her up.

She looked both ways before looking at him through the window and then down at her lap, ignoring his call.

Sasuke called for her again a little more loudly, when he started to see the headlights of a different car behind him. He waited again as his mind silently traveled else where.

'What the hell am I doing?' As he was lost in thought, he was suddenly focused for a moment as he heard drops of rain hit his car. He started to hear one individual collection of them carefully now and started to count;

'One, Two, Three, Four...' and it continued on. It was until he got the to the ninety-ninth raindrop out of the pattern he focused on that a loud horn sprang into his ears from behind him. Breaking from his ridiculous trance, Sasuke tried his best in the situation as his mind came up with it's own words and phrases for him that he hoped would help him out.

"It's me, the boy from the bus stop!" The girl's head finally perked up quickly as she started staring at him now, unsure of what to do next.

A small segment of five horn-beeps was could be heard now, the car behind them showing signs of agitation and anger. The teen boy played his moves logically as best he could.

"I'll give you a ride to school! It's raining too hard for you to wait for the bus!" The girl was still having a hard time comprehending that the boy who was calling her was the same boy that came to the same bench as her in the morning.

The quiet, attractive, tall one.

Clouded thoughts and suspicion continued to flood her mind as she refused to get up.


Something in the gears of Sasuke's brain made him do something totally out of character; whether it be the mix of the bad weather, the angry driver behind him, or fact that adrenaline pumped through his veins, no one knows.

Quickly, he pressed the automatic button to bring up the window of the passenger-side as he stepped out of his warm, running car in only a dark blue thermal with it's sleeves pushed up halfway, jeans, and a pair of sneakers. The car behind him honked its horn one more time before swerving around him and the car, just barely missing him, speeding off into the distance. The Uchiha could care less as he made his way through the rain to the girl, hovering over her to confirm it was indeed him.

"It's me."

It took her a second to register him to be directly in front of her now as she looked up at his soaked state, his bangs clinging onto his beautifully crafted face, clothes wet and all. Her expression was one of both surprise and concern as she finally nodded, standing up and reaching for the plastic raincoat she had been sitting on. Sasuke gave a small faint smile as he guided her to his car, opening the door for her and letting her in before hurrying to his side of the vehicle and driving off.

That rainy day in Sasuke's car, the conversation between them was held to a minimum; but the complexity of their situations, their small talks, and their small exchange of laughs and smiles in that ride made all the difference.

She had explained to him that her school was far and that she used his bus in the morning to get to another bus station and then to be taken to school. It was quite a long drive to drop her off and he did indeed arrive late to school that morning, yet he felt no anger or regret for doing what he did. He knew that he would never have that opportunity again, so he took it.

From that day on out, Sasuke and his newly found friend, Hinata, had become friends.

They had been talking casually about their life in the mornings. Some days they'd take the bus together, other days Sasuke would offer her a ride. Either way, neither of them felt bothered by the presence of the other; if anything, it was greatly enjoyed.

Before, they'd rarely pass time with each other outside of their little morning rendezvous, but they both felt like it would happen when they both feel comfortable for letting it happen. Just having each other's company seemed to be good enough for the both of them. Time and time again they started to feel themselves open up to one another as the comfort that each of them felt whilst being with the other became more and more apparent. And slowly, their friendship started to evolve in ways that neither of them could explain. Their first meeting was so unplanned and bizarre that no one expected it reaching as far as it did.

But it did.

A relieved sigh left the boy's lips as he saw a small form running toward him, puffs of air shooting out of her mouth as she ran. Sasuke couldn't help but laugh to himself at how exceptionally cute she looked at that moment.

When she finally made it to him, she gave him an apologetic look and bowed quickly, raising her head up shortly after.

"Gomen! I woke up late this morning!" The boy gave a small smile as he moved a piece of the panting girl's disheveled hair away from her face, moving it to its rightful place. A flush of red came upon Hinata's cheeks as it combined to the already pink tint due to the cold, a beautiful hue radiating off of her milky skin.

Sasuke's smile widened a bit as she inched closer to him, the warmth garnered from her running starting to heat the both of them up now.

"I-I'm sorry to keep you waiting..." The dark-tressed teen glanced up at the taller form as he continued staring at her, a smirk suddenly shaping onto his lips.

"You should compensate by warming me up.." Hinata's blush grew deeper as she felt the strong arms of Sasuke bringing her closer to him, their bodies combining into the perfect fit.

In the beautiful moments that they shared together, the two of them both realized that this young love could develop into something


much more.

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