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Chapter 1

"Too mushy, too clingy, too nauseating," Bella Swan thought as she observed the movement on the opposite side of the window. It was like being at a zoo, except instead of animals there were people. The brunette sat outside Esme's Café with her laptop opened in front of her on the green table top. Her bare feet rested on the chair across from her on a Saturday afternoon. Her toe nails were freshly painted a dark shade of purple to match the tank top she was wearing. The flip flops she had worn that day lay forgotten on the sidewalk under her.

It was only mid-June in Arizona and it felt as if she was living in the middle of a desert. She was not looking forward to August. In the four years she had been away, Bella had grown used to the cold and constantly wet weather that was typical of Forks, Washington. She had seemed to forgotten how living in Arizona during the summer could compare to booking a vacation in Hell.

"Too…. just ugh …," Bella shuttered as she watched a woman who looked to be in her early forties shoot seductive looks at a blonde haired man who looked to be around her own age, 23, in the booth next to hers. Not that she was opposed to a person dating someone with a huge age gap, because it really was none of her business. Bella's problem was what this forty year old woman was wearing.

When she decided to step out of her house wearing a skirt that hit her above mid thigh and that ran the risk of exposing everything, it became Bella's business. She now had run the risk of being scarred for life because this woman did not know how to dress appropriately for her age or body type. She was also wearing a t-shirt that looked like it could have belonged to a teenage girl it fit so tight across her breast. People should be afraid that everything would pop out of that shirt. And to top it all off she looked as if she had visited the tanning booth every week since she was sixteen, giving her skin a leathery look.

Bella ducked down behind her computer. She stared at the story she was in the middle of writing as it presented itself on her screen. The plot was to be a realistic example of two people who are considered to be in love. She did not want some sappy, cliché romance novel garbage. Bella wanted something that was real. A story that her fellow woman would find relatable because let's be honest a gal just isn't swept off her feet by some knight in shining armor- at least not any more. As much as we would all like to believe that there is a soul mate for everyone out there, the chances of you actually meeting that person are slim to none. Not the kind of glorious romance you read about in other novels today.

The door in front of the shop opened as the forty year old, teenage dressed woman walked out. Bella pulled her dad's old Seattle Mariners baseball cap down over her eyes. He had given it to her the summer she moved in with him four years ago. Her dad had said she could wear it to fit in with the kids at her college. Bella did not have the heart to tell him that an old hat would not have much of an effect on teenagers. Never the less she loved that hat and wore it whenever she had to write. She found it to be good luck. Well it usually was; except for right now. Bella took her glasses off and threw them on the table.

She glanced up when she heard the door opening again and saw the blonde haired guy with a napkin clenched in his hand and a smile plastered on his face. She watched him as he walked down the street after the older woman.

Oh what the picture of true love. Bella thought sarcastically as she closed her laptop. She stretched her legs as she slipped her flip flops back onto her feet. Then grabbing her laptop and empty cup headed into Esme's for a refill.

Walking up to the counter she was greeted with a friendly smile, "Would you like some more green tea? Angela just made some more."

Esme was the most kind-hearted woman that Bella had ever met. She had been like a second mother to her before she moved to Forks to live with her dad. And at some points of her childhood she felt like she was her mother. Bella knew that was not completely fair to Renee, her actual mother, because she had her moments, but Esme had always been there for her. She remembered meeting Esme when she was only five. This was when Bella first became friends with Alice, her truest and best of friends now.

Bella had been sitting on a chair outside of her kindergarten classroom waiting for her mother. It was now 1:30 pm. Forty-five minutes after the time her mother had promised she would be there. She kept kicking the chair next to hers with her brand new ballet shoes she wanted so badly to wear that day. Renee' had finally agreed because after school, at 2 pm, she had her first dance class. She remembered sitting all alone until she heard someone sit down next to her.

"I like your shoes," Alice, the girl with short black hair exclaimed. "Are you going to be a ballerina too?"

Bella nodded her head "Thanks."

"Where's your mommy," Alice asked curiously. "You do not want to be late for dancing."

"I don't know," young Bella had answered timidly.

Esme had walked out a minute later with boy who looked as big as a fifth grader at the time next to her. It turns out Esme was in for a parent-teachers meeting for Alice and her brother Emmett, who had been first grade. Apparently they had gotten into a fight during lunch because Emmett had taken Alice's pack of cookies.

"Mommy," Alice pulled on Esme's sleeve. "Can we take Bella with us to dance? I don't want her to be late!"

Esme crouched down to stand in front of us, "Alice I certainly would not mind taking Bella, sweetie, but, I do not want her mommy to get upset when she gets here and not find her. It would make her very sad. And Bella may not even want to go with us."

"Can you call her," Alice pleaded. "Tell her she is dancing with me! Please! I know Bella would love to come with us."

Esme turned to me, "Bella- that is such a pretty name. Would you like us to take you to dance class if we get a hold of your mom?"

Bella nodded. She had liked Esme. She was nice.

Esme ended up talking to the teacher; who called Renee' for her on the teacher's phone. She was still at work and completely lost track of time. She agreed to let Esme take me to class and thanked her for being a life saver.

That was only the beginning of her relationship with the Cullen family. By the time she was in the first grade she was having dinner over at their house six out of the seven days of the week and spending the night over there every weekend. When she was in sixth grade she had convinced her mom into letting her spend the night on school days as well. She could not argue with the fact that Esme and her husband, Carlisle enforced a bed time better than she had. Usually Renee' was not home until late.

Alice had become like a sister to her on top of being a best friend. They had been with each other through everything. They survived the awkward stages of middle school and freshman year of high school together. Bella and Alice were able to help each other where the other lacked. Alice was bubbly and social burst of energy. Bella was more quiet, shy, and a bookworm. Alice kept track of their social lives, while Bella took more control of their study times and homework. They balanced out quite nicely.

"That would be wonderful," Bella answered Esme. "Is Alice around?"

"Not yet," Esme said as she poured her tea. "She went with Emmett to pick their cousin up from the airport. Here you go dear." She handed me my cup back.

"Oh that's exciting. Where is he or she flying in from?"

"He is flying in from London. His mother is my sister. The one we used to fly over seas to see during the summer when Alice was younger. Do you remember?"

Bella smiled at the memory, "When I would try to climb into Alice's suitcase?"

"What about the summer Alice tried to dress you as Emmett while locking the real Emmett in his closet?" Esme let out a soft laugh.

"A month was a long time to be apart for us. We were usually attached at the hip when she was home."

Esme's face showed a hint of sadness, "I know. And we would have taken you with us if it was not for the fact that a month was a long time for you to not see your mom. "

Bella sighed. "I know. I do not know how she would have survived without me. I am just too awesome." She tried offering Esme money for her tea, but she wouldn't accept.

"That you are my dear," Esme smiled. "An amazing young woman. I am glad Alice found such a wonderful best friend. "

"Thanks," Bella said blushing. "Do you know when she will be back?"

"Within in the hour, did you want to wait for her at the house?"

Bella checked her watch. "No. I got to go. I will have to meet up with her tonight. Thanks for the tea Esme." She went around the counter and gave her a quick hug.

Bella stepped out of the café and back into the blistering Arizona heat. She grabbed her case and put away her laptop, slinging the bag over her shoulder. Dug in her denim shorts pocket for her car keys as she walked around the corner to the side street she parked where she had her baby, a black 2009 Ford F-150. Bella hoisted herself up and into the truck, placing her laptop on the passenger seat.

Bella remembered when Renee' and her current husband, Phil, offered to buy her a new car. Phil had just received a major inheritance from his father who had passed away this past winter and was feeling very generous. Personally she believed that he was just sucking up, but she would let it pass. It was one less thing she had to worry about when she had moved back to Arizona.

Everyone was shocked with the car Bella ended up choosing. Renee' asked why she did not choose a more feminine car. That only made Bella more proud of her choice. Alice more or less had the same reaction when she had pulled up to the Cullen house back in May. It had taken me a week after arriving in Arizona to pick out a car.

Charlie, her dad had asked why Bella did not just take the Beast, her ancient truck that he bought her in Seattle. She had to explain that it would not survive a drive down to Phoenix. He was also opposed to the idea of her driving that distance by herself even though she was soon to be 23 years old. He was a little overprotected being the police chief of Forks. He couldn't help it.

Bella drove down the familiar streets of her small hometown right outside of Phoenix, Queen River, to her apartment. She remembered how difficult it was for her to pick out one that truly felt like home. She had been living with Phil and Renee' when she first arrived back in town. The job she was offered required her to start right away. It was the reason she returned to Arizona.

Bella parked her car in her assigned spot in the apartment lot next to the building. She liked the idea of having a set place for her car to go. She also liked that there were exactly ten steps to the second floor where she lived and in apartment 210. Bella was not OCD or anything, but her life had always been out of order or out of her control. It was nice to have some over her own life now that she was living on her own. She found that every time she had lived with someone else whether it was Renee', Charlie, her roommate in college, or Jacob- her ex boyfriend, it just never really worked out.

Bella threw her keys into the bowl on the table by the door and placed her shoes in a neat row under it. She remembered when her father would kick his shoes off wherever was convenient at the time and was always asking Bella where he had left his keys.

Hmm I have time to take a quick shower, email the article to the editor, and meet up with Phil and Renee' for a late lunch.

Renee' had called this morning and asked if she could meet them for a late lunch. There was someone they wanted her to meet. It may have been another dog they wanted her to "meet", but they told her to dress nice. She could sense another set-up.

After taking a quick shower Bella stared into her closet to find something to wear.

First impressions are important so I do not want to look like a total slob, but I don't want anything sexy. Don't want to send this guy the wrong vibes.

She decided on a pink blouse with a white tank top underneath and a dark denim skirt.

Casual but cute. She observed herself in the mirror. Next was to throw her curly hair into a high ponytail. After applying a soft amount of blush to her cheeks and mascara to her lashes she sat down in front of her computer. Before sending her article to the editor she found herself rereading it thoroughly 3 times, correcting any punctuation or spelling error she may have made. It was on finding sensible shoes for every occasion. Just world changing. She loved shoes, but she'd rather right about something that was a tad more biting.

Bella checked her watch, 2:30. She was meeting Renee' and Phil at 3. Deciding it was time to go she slid on her pair of black flats and grabbed her purse and locked up the apartment. On the way to her car, Bella noticed a Furniture R US truck outside. Someone must be getting new furniture. She thought as she watched two men carrying a leather couch into the building. It must have been one of her richer neighbors.

Fifteen minutes later she pulled up outside of the town's diner. It was not the fanciest place, but it was the nicest place one could eat-out at in town. She was surprised that Phil had not suggested they drive into the city to eat.

With ten minutes to spare Bella pulled out a book from her glove compartment. Pride and Prejudice, though she has read it a hundred times, she can't help but love it. It was filled with the romance and courtship that always left her wishing she lived in the Victorian age. She leaned against the door with her legs tucked neatly underneath her and read.

She was so caught up in the book that it shocked her when twenty minutes later someone knocked at her window. Renee.

"Are you coming in dear," she shouted through the closed window.

Bella grabbed her purse and keys out of the ignition. Locking the car as she followed Renee' into the diner. She slipped the book into her purse since she forgot to put it back in the glove compartment.

"Honestly Bella," Renee' said shaking her head. "You couldn't have at least dressed up a little better. I mean you look nice, but you look as if you're heading to the mall."

"I'm sorry. How was I supposed to dress- in a little black dress and heels?"

"Well that would have been nice, but too late for that now. Fix your hair dear."

O this is going to be a long meal.

"It's just the diner. Calm down."

"Keep it up Bella. With an attitude like that you're never going to get married."

"Whoa way to be subtle," she grumbled at her mother. "Besides I am not sure if I even want to get married. Ever."

"Oh stop being so dramatic Isabella. For goodness sakes," she stopped to look at her daughter. "Is it really so wrong for a mother to look after her only daughter-child at that."

Bella sighed, "No mother. I'm sorry."

"Just give this boy a chance. Please?"

"Yes mother," Bella very aware of the familiarity of this conversation- also very aware that this guy probably does not even stand a chance.

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