The History Paradox


Author's Notes: Hi! It's been a while, and I've been watching a lot of "The Big Bang Theory", and I think we need one more Sheldon/OC fic to add to the pile. So here we go. I've put this under romance because it contains it, but this is NOT that fluffy. I know, so unlike me :D

"HOWARD! Come on! It's Klingon boggle night!" Raj called, walking into the engineering lab. His rant was cut short when he saw Wolowitz standing at a bank of computers with a woman. Sheldon and Leonard followed him in, stopping in equal awe and horror at a beautiful woman being alone with Howard.

She was tall, but not overly; taller than Leonard, but that wasn't saying much. She was brunette, with wavy hair contained in a massive ponytail. The mystery woman didn't notice them, instead pushing her oversized black glasses, too old to be called fashionable, up on her nose and peering closer to a computer monitor.

"No, Mr. Wolowitz, that's not right either," she shook her head. "Jackson's troops had to have gone around the ridge there," she pointed on a screen with the end of her pen, "so he could have intercepted enemy forces. Run it again if you please?"

"Hi Howard," Leonard said slowly. "Are you ready to go?"

"Huh?" Wolowitz asked, turning. "Can you give me a minute?" He said with a meaningful look to the mystery woman. He hit some keys on the master keyboard and a battle simulation ran across the screen.

"That's the one." The woman smiled in satisfaction. "Burn that to a disc for me, would you, Mr. Wolowitz?"

"Certainly," Howard said, looking her up and down from neck to tush while she was occupied with her files and book bag. "Oh, Professor Layla Nicholas, this is Dr. Leonard Hoffsteader, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and Raj Kuthrapali."

"A pleasure." She smiled politely and turned back to her research. "Thank you very much, Mr. Wolowitz." She smiled again. Sheldon couldn't help but stare at her perfect teeth and un-adorned lips. In fact, her entire face appeared devoid of makeup, and she was wearing a large men's t-shirt with a black vest and dark blue jeans. Her feet clunked around in black motorcycle boots that reached to mid thigh. Layla shrugged a satchel not unlike Indiana Jones' over her head and took a DVD from Howard. "Thank you Mr. Wolowitz."

"I told you, call me Howard." Wolowitz cajoled in his 'look at me and find me cute' voice. Leonard rolled his eyes.

"Have a good night Mr. Wolowitz." Layla nodded, turning for the door. "Oh, and enjoy Klingon boggle. I enjoy combining two sets of scrabble tiles on one board, if you feel like a change." She left quickly. No one spoke until the sound of her footsteps faded.

"That is the hottest thing I have ever seen in this lab." Raj observed.

"Hey, what about my special friend Melissa?" Howard asked, clearly offended.

"Like I said, hottest thing."

"Who is she? What is she professor of?" Leonard asked.

"She's a history prof at UCLA," Howard said. "She called a few days ago and Gabelhauser gave her this number. She wanted simulations done on several battles as visual aids for her classes. But they had to be precise, or she wasn't interested."

"How did you make them precise?" Sheldon inquired dubiously.

"Used the battle sequence software from World of War Craft and changed the specifics of the code so we could manipulate where the infantry entered and exited."

"A history professor was interested in that?" Sheldon said in mild surprise. In his experience, those involved with history or any other medium that involved interpretation were more than likely to use their imaginations than he.

"Interesting," Leonard nodded. "And she speaks Klingon."

"A hot girl who hates you— and likes Star Trek?" Raj asked Howard, his eyes widening as his mind considered all the possibilities.