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Ten Years Later




"Why doesn't Amelia like you?" Marianne Cooper was helping her father clean the apartment. At five, she was just as inquisitive and insightful as her parents, with Sheldon's big blue eyes and Layla's willowy stature. She also had her mother's temper, and Sheldon knew not to lie to either of them.

Layla's mother refused to let any of her grandchildren call her Grandma, so Isabelle, Gregory, Sara and Marianne called her by her first name.

Sheldon sighed and looked up from where he was drying the dishes. "Well, Amelia doesn't like me because she doesn't think an academic is good enough for her daughter."

"But Papa is an academic," she replied.

"Exactly. I'm afraid your mother's parents don't like each other, either."

"Oh. But Mum married you anyway?" Marianne asked.

"Yes she did," Layla replied, coming into the kitchen carrying a basket of freshly cleaned sheets. "You see Mar, your daddy was just so sweet, and I couldn't help myself." She winked and kissed her husband's cheek.

Sheldon blushed. "Not in front of Marianne."

Layla rolled her eyes. "Also, your Grandma Mary wouldn't let us procreate until we got married."

"Because Grandma Mary is a Christian who doesn't think that people should have children out of wedlock," Marianne surmised, nodding. "She's a weird one."

"Marianne Iris Cooper, don't judge your grandmother for having her beliefs. She adores you, you know." Layla raised a brow at her daughter.

Marianne eyed her father for the final judgement. Sheldon nodded, giving his only child a 'listen to your mother' glare. The little girl sighed, and nodded her head. She may have been young, but she had her parents' intelligence, and therefore knew not to push the subject.

"Daddy, can you be Green Lantern for Halloween this year?" Marianne struck up a new subject.

"I'm going to be Spock, like I am every year." Sheldon replied.

"Because Aunt Penny said I could dress up and go to her Halloween Party."

"Absolutely not."

"Oh, Sheldon, relax; we're taking her trick or treating anyway, and she just wants to see everyone before I put her to bed." wheedled. For someone who approached the idea of 'progeny' so logically, he certainly was over protective of their little girl. Then again, she shouldn't have been surprised; Sheldon didn't adjust well to change.

"We are not taking Marianne trick or treating," Sheldon disputed. "The odds of getting a tainted piece of candy are significantly increased if the candy is given by a stranger. Besides, can you imagine the germs? No!"

"I already told her little friend Emma's parents we would come with them around their block." Layla said. "It's perfectly safe." She assured. "And we should all match this year; even though I enjoy being the Nurse Chapel to your Mr Spock, they never had babies." She winked at her daughter, who giggled. "Your daughter came up with a secondary plan all by herself."

"Really?" Sheldon asked dubiously. "I would be willing to hear this alternate proposal; only for the purpose of intellectual conversation."

Marianne straightened into the 'lecture' pose she inherited from Sheldon. "Well, you could be Green Lantern, making Mum Hawk Girl and I could be Rex," she ignored her father's offended sound, "I know that's not the way the original comic series goes, but it works for us. Or, you can be the Flash, Mum is still Hawk Girl, and I get to be Kendra West."

"Kendra West doesn't have any powers." Sheldon protested.

"Well… then why don't you be Spider Man, Mum can be Mary Jane Watson, and I can be May Parker, the Spider Girl from the comic series." Marianne turned to her mother, who gave her a high five.

"That is an acceptable compromise, but I still refuse to change my original plans."

"Don't worry, dear, we'll wear him down." Layla whispered to her daughter.

"Yes!" the little girl squealed, wrapping her arms around her father's waist, then skipping over to the door. "I'm going to tell Aunt Penny!"

Sheldon sighed as he helped his wife fold a fitted sheet. "Must you always undermine my authority? I'm her father."

"Sheldon, Marianne is a little girl. She might be a brilliant little girl, but she likes the same things her friends of average intelligence do. She wants to go trick or treating, and go to birthday parties, and one day perhaps she may want to bring a boy home to meet you. She just wants to impress you; so I would advise you just... let her."

"She does impress me." Sheldon replied. "Now I know how my mother and father felt when they were raising me. It's astonishing."

"Yes it is." She stepped closer under the guise of bringing her edges of the sheet to his, and kissed him. "I know her activeness makes you a little uncomfortable, but compared to normal kids, she's positively calm. Just let her be herself, just like your parents did with you."

"How is it, with the disparity in our IQs, you could possibly know so much more than me?" he asked no one in particular, sounding positively amazed.

I have the mothering instinct." Layla smiled. "Aren't you glad you had a baby with me?"

"Who else would I have had babies with?" he asked in confusion. "You were the only woman who came anywhere close to meeting my requirements, and could stand my many... quirks."

"Oh, your requirements?" Layla laughed, tossing the sheet into the basket and grabbing a pillowcase. "What about my requirements?"

"We never talked about your requirements."

"No, we didn't. That's because I don't have very many. But you fill all of them, Sheldon, I promise." She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered some interesting things in his ear, in French. He only understood every few words, but her message got across.

"Layla!" he yelped, jumping back and banging his body against the refrigerator. "That's hardly appropriate! It's twelve o'clock on a Saturday afternoon!"

"Oh, we all know Marianne will be over with Penny for at least an hour, playing dress up or whatever the two of them do over there." She smiled as he wrapped one arm around her waist. "Come on."

Protesting all the way, Sheldon allowed himself to be led back into the bedroom, where miraculously, his complaints ceased.

Okay, so I know I didn't explain where Leonard went, but just go with me. I always imagined him moving upstairs into that 'Alisha's' apartment, because she would obviously have moved out. I'm also a big fan of him and Awesome Dr Stephanie giving it another try. So I hope you enjoyed this. The History Paradox is not the end of my foray into Sheldon fan fiction; Shenny is the next pairing, and then maybe a little story arc about that lounge singer idea I had. Meanwhile, please enjoy this play list of songs that fit this fanfic.

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The History Paradox Song List: This is my musical muse: the songs I used to get my literary juices flowing. All of them have some kind of reference to a character trait of either Sheldon or Layla, or one of their romantic situations. I hope you enjoy them!

Weak in the Knees by Serena Ryder

Strangers like Me by Phil Collins.

Because I'm Awesome by The Dollyrots

The Way I Loved You by Taylor Swift

Accidentally in Love by The Counting Crows

On the Verge by Collin Raye

Count Me In by Deena Carter