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Warning: Porn With little Plot, double penetration, exploitation of clones, language

Sasuke sat in Naruto's living room couch, patiently waiting for him to return from Ichiraku's Ramen shop. Naruto was suppose to leave a few minutes after him so they could meet up and do what they normally did, but he just couldn't refuse the free bowl of miso ramen Ayame was offering their best customer, and here he was forty minutes later, still waiting. He expected that one bowl turned into fifty since Naruto was a bottomless pit, and also judging by how long he was waiting.

Sasuke was tempted to look around Naruto's apartment while he waited, but wandering wasn't his style. Besides, he wasn't sure what kind of crazy ass things he might find Naruto hiding or growing in a corner and he preferred not to find out.

The Uchiha Manor was ideal for what he wanted to do, but he couldn't go there because his family was there and it was bad enough Itachi didn't try to hide the bitches he would pick up in the red light district, which infuriated his mother.

Fortunately, he found somebody with a little more class and a little more finesse, even if said person had the mouth of a screaming banshee and an ass tight enough to rival a vice.

You see, Itachi preferred quantity; he was more of the quality type. ..Though he'd never tell Naruto anything remotely related to that. He doubted he would be able to understand with that thick skull of his anyways.

Naruto worked hard, but he was a slob. How did he come up with that conundrum? You see, Naruto could kick your ass three way from Sunday if he tried hard enough, thus he worked hard; but the dirty socks hanging from the bedroom door, the dirty clothes hamper overflowing with smelly orange laundry and the dishes in the sink with caked on food said something entirely different.

Now Sasuke was getting irritated. This was why he was always accused of being impatient. He didn't want to have enough time to sit and think, Naruto should have been back already so he could fuck away the day's frustrations. He'd been coming to Naruto's apartment regularly for the past three months, ever since he walked in on him working himself over while calling out his name.

That day, he came over to drop off a package he got from Iruka sensei and wasn't getting any answer after calling out to Naruto. He wasn't sure why curiosity got the better of him that day of all days, but it did and all he could remember was standing in Naruto's doorway with the package in his hands, watching Naruto with his package in his hands, stroking languidly while a clone knelt down between his open legs and probe him with a middle finger.

He was stunned…to say the least. Naruto looked so fuckable in the throws of ecstasy. He could see every tense muscle and every contour of Naruto's lean body. He could see the precum giving evidence to the fact that he was ready to ejaculate, that and the way he was pumping faster with his moans getting higher and the clone speeding up. His initial thought was to leave, but he was glued to the spot and realized a moment later he was hard.

The horse that broke the camel's back was when Naruto shouted his name with his release. His eyes widened; something only Naruto have ever been able to achieve on a regular basis.

Needless to say he did make his presence known, which startled Naruto. But he did have a huge problem that needed sorted out, and the only person who could sort it out was the person that caused it in the first place. Naruto protested at first but it was a fair barter; the blond caused him to rise to the occasion and in return he had to be the one to deal with it.

That night he fucked a willing Naruto until he begged him to stop.

He smirked when he looked over at the claw marks and scratches on the couch, on the dinner table, on the wall and other inconspicuous places. Naruto loved clawing at things when he was getting fucked; whenever he was over they had to replace bed sheets every time because Naruto would rip them to shreds.

Sasuke crossed his legs while tapping one set of fingers impatiently on the arm of the chair, Naruto was now one hour late.


Naruto waved to Sakura, Lee, Tenten, Chouji and Shikamaru while standing outside his apartment building, thanking them for walking him home and staying out with him. They left and he walked up to his apartment door with a wide grin on his face because he enjoyed spending time and eating ramen with his friends. It made him so happy.

It wasn't until he pushed his key inside his door that his smile faltered. He was supposed to meet Sasuke earlier. Shit.

When he entered and closed the door behind him he was greeted by a glaring Sasuke who had his chin in one hand with the fingers lightly drumming against the skin of his jaw. Double shit.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Teme, what the hell are you doing here so late? Couldn't you have just gone home?"

Naruto didn't move from the door, and he watched, a feeling of anticipation and fear curling in his stomach when Sasuke stood and predatorily walked over to him. When they stood inches apart he found himself with his back against the door and both of Sasuke's hands planted firmly by his head. Those dark grey eyes slitted while glaring at him intensely and he swallowed a lump in his throat. Was Sasuke that mad at him for being late?

Naruto wanted to explain. "Look…"

"Shut up," Sasuke interjected, not allowing Naruto to finish. By this time he had a hand slowly and teasingly running down Naruto's neck, loving the feel of the soft skin under his fingers.

"Teme…" Naruto glared. He hated to admit to himself that he loved Sasuke's touch, he loved when he came over and would do things to him. It was way better than any of his wet dreams. He blushed when Sasuke swiftly pulled his orange t-shirt over his head and toss it to the side, leaving him open for his scrutiny. It wasn't long until that hand was running down his chest and circling a nipple before pinching and pulling on them.

Naruto bit his bottom lip and he could feel his body temperature rising rapidly.

Sasuke loved the way Naruto would bite his lips when he was horny, or the way he wrinkled his nose like a cat's in confusion or anticipation. His blue eyes held so much depth to them, never lying about his emotions and he could always tell if he was doing things right or not without asking. He doubted Naruto knew he was so easily readable or he would not keep asking him if he was psychic.

But, just like other times he made sure Naruto was completely aroused from the beginning. He watched those soulful blue eyes get more lust filled with every stroke and every touch of his fingers. When he raked his fingertips over a nipple Naruto would gasp, and then by the time he had his hands down his pants, fondling him intimately he would be panting and whimpering. He would squeeze his eyes shut and throw his head back in ecstasy at times, which all did well to strengthen Sasuke's raging libido.

"S…Sasuke…" Naruto moaned before using both his hands to grab Sasuke's wrists while his right hand stroked him. He opened his eyes to see Sasuke staring at him like always, as if fucking with his body was an experiment and he was a scientist. Those dark blue eyes would always look calm and collected with a trace of curiosity.

There was one thing Naruto knew for certain though, that Sasuke was just as talented with his hands as he was with his mouth, because when he kissed him he all but melted under the onslaught. Should a kiss be able to steal one's breath away? He didn't think so but Sasuke always managed to achieve it whenever their lips met.

Sasuke could tell exactly what flavor ramen Naruto had just from the taste of his mouth and judging from the strong taste of peppers, he knew Naruto had suicide ramen; the blond's weekly challenge of a Tabasco and scotch bonnet pepper filled ramen that often left him in tears.

Naruto's manhood was hard and throbbing in his hand and when he gripped the head, squeezed his hand and pulled it forward, Naruto's hips thrusted frontward for more friction.

"Dobe, you're leaking precum all over my fingers," Sasuke muttered teasingly to the panting Naruto.

Through the haze in is mind Naruto heard what Sasuke had said and decided to retaliate. "T…Teme, What the hell's your hand doing down there in the first place?"

Right after he spoke Naruto bit his lip and closed his eyes when Sasuke jerked harshly against the sensitive flesh of his sex in response. He couldn't help the lustful whimper he emitted at the feel. He almost lost his mind when Sasuke stuck his tongue out and started lapping at both his nipples, tracing the hardened nubs with his hot, wet tongue.

Sasuke loved the way he could turn Naruto into a boneless mess so easily. He currently had both hands on his shoulders, holding on for support while he sucked, grazed and pulled on his nipples. He wanted to do things to Naruto so badly, all the things he knew he loved and then some. He pulled the panting teen over to the couch and pushed him down on his back before pulling off his pants, exposing his hardened, precum dripping length.

Naruto opened his legs so Sasuke could do what he wanted, and he gazed down at the other teen as he grabbed his cock before bringing his face down to it, causing him to anticipate one of Sasuke's powerful blowjobs.

Sasuke stroked languidly while watching Naruto thrust his hip up in anticipation. His face was so close to Naruto's length he knew he could feel his breath on it, but he wouldn't be making it so easy.

Naruto whimpered piteously when he realized Sasuke wasn't going to make this easy.

The bastard.

Sasuke barely stuck his tongue out and began teasing Naruto with unfulfilled promises of oral attention and kisses along his inner thighs. "Tell me what you want."

Naruto felt like hitting Sasuke over the head with something. "You know what I want, Teme…."

Sasuke began circling Naruto's ass with a finger while he stroked him, causing the blonde to writhe under him. "I can't know what you want unless you tell me."

Naruto bit his lip before thrusting his hips up once again towards Sasuke's mouth. Did he need to spell it out word by word?

"Say it," Sasuke instructed.

Yes he did.

Irritation was mixed with ecstasy when Naruto glared at Sasuke. "Asshole! I need my dick in your mouth right about now."

Sasuke happily obliged. He took Naruto to the back of his throat, going down on him while he widened his legs to give him more access. Luckily he didn't have a gag reflex or he probably would be throwing up with the way Naruto was trying to fuck his face off. There were short, smooth and blonde pubic hair that barely tickled his nose every time he went down and he sucked on the engorged flesh while going back up to the head.

Naruto could barely contain his ecstasy and he cried out and moaned in pleasure while gripping a patch of that gravity defying raven hair, trying to get Sasuke to go as fast of possible….

…But the ass was taking his own sweet time.

Sasuke loved to tease and frustrate Naruto, he was so cute when he was angry. He slowly dragged his tongue over the shaft before opening his mouth and slowly going down to the base; all the while resisting the pull Naruto had on his hair.

Naruto, fed up of Sasuke's slow pace, wrapped both legs around his neck and held him there before interlocking his ankles.

Sasuke allowed Naruto's cock to slip out of his mouth before held his legs in an effort to pry them off.

"Teme, suck me off properly or get the fuck out of my apartment," Naruto chided. He grunted when Sasuke easily managed to free himself from his cock hold….er, his foot hold.

Sasuke, none perturbed, stood and gazed down at a very fuckable Naruto while removing his clothes. "You're going to pay for that, Dobe."

Naruto, feeling the thrill down to his core at the sight of Sasuke stripping before him, only lay with his length throbbing, his breathing erratic and his mouth partly open while he gripped the couch with both hands. Why the fuck was Sasuke so damn sexy? Each layer of clothing that was removed only exposed to his hungry eyes Sasuke's pale, hard body and the sinew of his arms and legs. He was salivating by the time that rock hard cock came into view and he really wanted to taste it.

It was a second after he kicked his underwear to the side that Sasuke felt Naruto grab his arm and pull him roughly towards him, wasting no time before gripping both his ass cheeks while he deep throated him from the couch. He drew in a breath at the sight of those thin lips wrapped around his sex, sucking as if the owner was starved or something. He had one hand gripping Naruto's shoulder in a bid to steady himself because Naruto threatened to push him to the floor with his force.

"Naruto…Na…sto….p," Sasuke grunted. Naruto was way too eager and his rough pace was bringing him closer to the edge of climax, but he couldn't come first, now could he? He had to avoid coming before Naruto at all cost. He remembered what happened the last time that happened and ever since then he preferred Naruto too fucked out to be able to do anything.

Naruto gasped when Sasuke grabbed him by a patch of blonde hair and roughly push him so his back hit the couch. The grip on his hair only tightened as Sasuke brought his face closer to his, causing him to look into those deep dark grey eyes.

"Didn't I tell you to stop," Sasuke seethed, his eyes almost narrowing into slits.

Naruto smirked, "Teme, that's how you suck di….."

The rest of Naruto's words were cut off when Sasuke roughly brought their lips together and kissed him, pushing his head back into the couch with the force. All he could do was wrap a hand around that slim waist while Sasuke used a leg to nudge his own apart. He moaned into the kiss when Sasuke began rubbing his hard on against his, sending salacious jolts of pleasure through his body.

Sasuke didn't ease up from his onslaught and while he had Naruto under him with his legs spread like a whore, he gripped his precum leaking length and rubbed it against Naruto's entrance, having no intention of preparing him further.

Naruto felt the head trying to force its way inside him, burning muscle and flesh on its journey to lodge itself inside his ass so the owner could enjoy himself. He tried pushing against Sasuke to get him to ease up, to take it slower but he wouldn't budge, and neither would he relent.

Sasuke's kiss swallowed all of Naruto's cries, pleas, whimpers and screams. He knew it would hurt like hell to have a cock shoved up your ass so suddenly, but Naruto deserved it. Heck, he needed it like a junkie on crack.

Sasuke broke their kiss, but he started thrusting roughly inside him in that instance and whatever complaints Naruto had were replaced by moans of ecstasy and cries for harder when his prostate was hit. He started raking at the couch with his fingers while Sasuke fucked him to within an inch of his sanity.

Naruto had his head thrown back, his eyes closed and his mouth partly opened while he sunk himself deeper and deeper into that tight asshole that was Naruto's. Naruto gripped him like a vice, which always caused him to want to cum quickly the first time and in a bid to buy time, grabbed the blond's length and started pumping.

"S…Sasuke! Shit…harder," Naruto screamed at the assault. Why was Sasuke so damn good, Why couldn't he ever resist, why was he so helpless?

Sasuke kept thrusting in and out of Naruto for another few minutes, periodically kissing him until he decided he wanted to change positions. After wrapping both arms around Naruto's back, he hefted him off the couch while they were still joined until he was lying on his back with Naruto on top of him, panting and blushing.

Naruto moaned when he had to sit on Sasuke's pelvis, allowing gravity to make him take him to the hilt.

Sasuke placed both hands on Naruto's thighs, loving the way he looked so sexy with his length saluting proudly.

"Naruto…" Sasuke started. He watched Naruto's eyes until they focused on him.

"W…what?" Naruto answered.

"Fuck yourself on me."

That was the instruction before Sasuke folded his arms across his chest, having no intention of helping Naruto with his task.

"I really hate you," Naruto muttered lowly before planting both palms flat against Sasuke's stomach. He would be needing some form of leverage if he was to move on that cock like a yo-yo.

With the first thrust of his hips, Naruto got a slap on the ass for moving too slow.

"I don't have all fucking day Naruto, so move your ass," Sasuke clipped. He could see that Naruto needed help and he gripped his thighs hard enough to leave bruises before thrusting up into him as fast as he could go, feeling his release tightening in his stomach.

Naruto screamed Sasuke's name like a mantra when he started jerking him off while he fucked him. He could feel it, right there at the edge of his consciousness waiting to release while Sasuke aimed for his prostate.

Their cadence got higher near the end and there was an explosion of dark colors behind their eye lids as they both shut their eyes and ejaculated in tandem.

Sasuke filled Naruto while the blond released ribbons of cum on his stomach. His ass muscles clenched him while he came and he moaned with his own release, hitting a level of euphoria only Naruto was able to bring forth.

Naruto collapsed on Sasuke's stomach, breathing hard while he came down from his high and tried to catch his breath. He had his head on Sasuke's chest and he listened to his elevated heart rate, allowing it to help sooth his own racing heart.

Naruto swallowed before speaking. "Sasuke…?"

"Nh," Sasuke acknowledged.

Naruto gingerly raised himself up, feeling Sasuke's semi erect shaft slipping out of his wet, aching asshole. He looked his lover in the eyes and sighed.

Sasuke raised one eyebrow in question, wondering what was on Naruto's mind.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

By the time Sasuke realized what had happened, Naruto had already performed the intricate hand signs and two identical clones stood overlooking him.

Naruto and his clones stood smirking down at him. This was not good.

He was so fucked. Literally.


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