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Contains smut, double penetration and language.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

Fuck it all to hell and back on a Harley Davidson. This was why he preferred Naruto a fucked out mess after their encounters; he always had some sort of retaliation plan if he was coherent enough to think. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed at the lecherous look Naruto and his clones were giving him from the couch.

And they were all naked. The only difference between Naruto and his clones was that the real one had bruises on his thighs, mussed up hair and hickeys on his neck. Fucking epic.

The corner of Sasuke's mouth curved slightly at the noticeable difference.

"Teme…what the hell are you smirking at?" Naruto asked him with narrowed eyes while pinning his hands beside him.

Sasuke looked Naruto straight in his own blue eyes. "Anything I do to your clones happens to you automatically once they disperse, doesn't it?"

It sounded rhetorical, but Naruto knew it was a statement.

"I'm not going to touch you Naruto, I'm going to fuck them so hard you won't be able to sit for a month."

Naruto's whiskers twitched before he smirked, "Bring it on!"

Sasuke felt when Naruto kissed him suddenly and harshly, leaving little room for him to breath properly. By the time they broke apart one of the clones grabbed his hands and handcuffed him, preventing him from being able to do any hand signs.

Who was it that said Naruto was an idiot? They've never had him in bed.

"Have your fun while you can Naruto, because when you're through it'll be my turn again," Sasuke taunted.

Naruto huffed, then stood.

"Bring him to the bed," the blond instructed and both of his clones grabbed one of Sasuke's arms and pulled him from his lying position to stand on his two feet.

Naruto walked ahead and Sasuke admired that firm ass before him. When they reached the bedroom he was unceremoniously flung on the dingy hard mattress of Naruto's bed and left there with the two clones standing on each side of him. He watched Naruto walk over to a drawer in a dresser close by and rummage around until he closed it again. When he turned around he had a few items in his hands, a small bottle of lube, a cock ring, a choker and a dildo.

Sasuke smirked, "I always knew you were kinky Naruto, I just hope you sanitized properly that piece of rubber you probably stuck up your ass too much times to count."

Naruto grinned while walking predatorily over to the brunet, "You know Sasuke, for somebody about to get fucked in every hole on your body you sure are cocky. Hold his legs."

Both clones each held a leg and pulled it back so his ass was exposed to Naruto's view.

Naruto put the items on the edge of the bed before crawling to a kneeling position between Sasuke's legs. He reached for the cock ring and placed it at the base of Sasuke's semi erect shaft to stem his ejaculation later. He then secured the black choker around his neck before reaching for the dildo and the lube, holding it up to his face so Sasuke can watch him pour the opaque liquid on to it.

Sasuke watched Naruto watch him, their eyes never leaving each other as Naruto taunted him with his preparations. His cock jolted awake when the hands used to put the cock ring in place brushed over his length, teasing in the way they barely brushed against him. Now with the dildo lubed and ready for his ass, he just watched and waited for Naruto do his thing.

"You see Sasuke, unlike you, I'll try not to tear your ass apart, so I'm going to prepare you first," Naruto grinned.

"Usuratonkachi," Sasuke answered in a bored voice.

That pissed Naruto off. "Teme…"

Then without warning, the blond shoved the lubed dildo up Sasuke's ass, smirking while he watched his face contort into both pain and pleasure while he grunted. But still, he should have been screaming, shouldn't he?

Sasuke, while breathing hard, took a look at Naruto and noticed the slightly confused look on his face. He grinned.

"I'm not a sissy ass prick who moans like bitch while getting fucked like you Naruto, I thought you'd know that by now."

Naruto glared while still holding the base of the dildo in his hand, feeling it go in to the hilt. It was nine damn inches and Sasuke should be crying, mewling, begging, moaning or something! Anything!


Naruto retaliated childishly, "Who the hell you calling a sissy ass prick, asshole!" Then he looked to one of his clones, "You, put his mouth to better use."

The clone grinned voraciously before letting go of Sasuke's leg and mounting his face like a horse.

The brunet tried to keep his mouth shut while glaring at the clone but said clone used his fingers to apply ample amount of pressure to his jaw line, causing him to unwillingly open his mouth before slipping his length inside.

Sasuke had to salivate all over the damn thing not to choke on it. The only reason he didn't bite was because he knew this was still a part of Naruto, and he would feel the hurt later if he did it.

He was in no mood to nurse a wounded dick; Naruto or otherwise.

While the clone face fucked him, Naruto was having a grand time shoving the dildo in and out of his ass and the other clone just kept jerking him off. The triple attack got him aroused beyond belief and he patiently waited on Naruto to find his prostate with the dildo. What the hell was taking him so long?

Naruto groaned at the lack of response from Sasuke. Other than his hard on there was no indication he was enjoying himself. He just laid there and took whatever they did to him.

"Teme, what the hell is wrong with you, don't you have any feelings?" Naruto asked, peeved.

The clone on Sasuke's face got up and he glared down at Naruto while licking his lips. He stretched out his cuffed hands to help with the circulation because the clone sat on it. "Like I said, Usuratonkachi."

Naruto was pissed and he glared at Sasuke while wrinkling his nose like a cats'. Without warning he threw Sasuke's legs up and proceeded to sink himself as far inside him as he could go, working his hips so he was positive he was hitting Sasuke's prostate.

Sasuke grunted while Naruto fucked him. He just didn't understand that that was the whole point. A dildo was too impersonal, and the way he's thrusting himself inside him and working his backside felt way better than the monotone movements of a piece of rubber.

Naruto could be so easy to manipulate at times.

Naruto watched Sasuke's face as he closed his eyes and threw his head back, writhing under him as he tried his best to please him. Damn if Sasuke's ass wasn't tight and hot, milking him in ways only he could. He saw out the corner of his eyes that his clones were jacking off to the sight of the both of them and he decided to give them a taste, especially since he would be the one feeling it anyways. He pulled out and gestured to one of the clones.

"Fuck him."

Naruto moved away, his cock dripping and covered in precum, only to be replaced a moment later by one of his clones.

Sasuke didn't mind, and just like the real Naruto, the clone was relentless, fucking him like his life depended on it.

He almost moaned. Almost.

A few minutes later, it was the other clone's turn and Naruto had made him suck him off while his clones fucked him, the bastard.

After another few minutes, Naruto pushed a panting Sasuke on to his side before lying down on the bed.

Sasuke hated the way the three reminded him of the cat that ate the canary with the lecherous looks on their faces. He knew that whatever they had planned for him would not be good. After Naruto rolled him over and lie down beside him, he was pulled back until he was lying on top of Naruto on his back.

What the hell was Naruto planning to do?

"Dobe…." Sasuke started in an alarmed voice. Naruto was suddenly inside him while one of the clones held his legs up and the other knelt between them. What the fuck?

"Naruto…stop!" Sasuke panted when the clone started to try and penetrate him at the same time. He was now in a state of drunken ecstasy. He was a masochist, a fucking closeted masochist and here was Naruto, giving him exactly what he wanted; Pain.

The clone made eye contact with his other two counterparts while lining the head of his shaft up with Sasuke's already penetrated backside. This was going to be fun…double penetration fun.

"Teme, shut up and take it like a man," Naruto grinned. He felt the head of the clone's shaft slowly but surely making progress. He watched as Sasuke threw his head back and groaned, panting harder than he did at any of their training.

"See Sasuke? I'm not an Usuratonkachi," Naruto breathed, proud of himself for finally getting such a reaction out of the brunet. His clone was about half way in and the grip was even tighter, not to mention the feel of another cock rubbing against his felt euphoric. He felt Sasuke spasm before he arched his back and looked down at his swelling cock head.

Sasuke couldn't explain it, but the pain was causing a wave of carnal, violent stimulation in his body that made him want to cum, he wanted to release oh so badly but the fucking cock ring hurt; It hurt like hell.

"N… Naruto," Sasuke pleaded, "It hurts!"

The clone on top realized how flushed all of Sasuke's body was with his eyes closed tightly and a slight tremor to his frame. He realized what the problem was when Sasuke reached his bound hands out towards his erection, which seemed so red and swollen against the tight base where the cock ring was.

"Naruto," the clone called out, drawing attention to Sasuke's dripping sex.

"Take it off," Naruto instructed and the third clone was the one to quickly release Sasuke from his southward confines.

It was still hurting even if the pressure wasn't there anymore, but the need to ejaculate was so bad Sasuke couldn't help it. He threw his handcuffed hands around the clone's neck and pulled him down so they were chest to chest, forcing him to slide the rest of the way inside him in one fluid movement. He could feel the sting of the tear, the widening of a passage never meant to take anything so big inside it and he came, came with a scream so piercing he collapsed boneless with ribbons of semen leaving his rigid body.

Naruto and his clone came with a cry and a moan respectively when Sasuke's ass muscles clenched them tightly, constricting around their swollen shafts. They both emptied themselves in tandem inside the semi-conscious brunette, who could do nothing more than lie there with his eyes closed and his breathing erratic and his frame shaking. The clone pulled out first, then Naruto after.

Naruto gently rolled Sasuke on to his side and took the handcuffs off before getting off the bed, realizing his wrists were bruised. The two clones stood beside him while they gazed down at a fucked out Sasuke with hair that made morning bed head look like the best fashion style ever.

"We should do that again," one of the clones commented matter of factly.

"Hai, we should," the other two answered simultaneously.

The clones dispersed into an air of thinly veiled smoke and Naruto went to the bathroom to fetch a small basin with some water and a towel. By the time he came back to the bedroom Sasuke was on his back with the choker still around his neck while he gazed sleepily at Naruto.

Naruto placed the basin by the bedside and knelt beside Sasuke before proceeding to wipe him down. When he came to Sasuke's sore backside, the brunette grunted, the only indication that he was probably more hurt than he was willing to let on.

But that wouldn't stop him from leaving; nothing ever stopped Sasuke from leaving after they had sex and it made him a little sad. Sure they never agreed that this was anything more than a form of stress therapy, but Naruto wanted more. He wanted Sasuke to stay, he wanted Sasuke to want to stay.

But who was he kidding.

After the initial clean up, Naruto went and fetched Sasuke's clothes from the living room, he knew he would want them as soon as possible so he could leave.

Unbeknownst to Naruto, his emotions were so clearly written on his face that Sasuke could practically feel what he was feeling. He was wearing his heart on his sleeve and had no idea.

Naruto wanted him to stay.

Should he?

Did he want his relationship with Naruto to go beyond the mutual agreement they had going? He never planned for any of this to happen, but he knew all along that Naruto had feelings for him. He was never sure what he was feeling for the blond though, other than a lascivious attraction.

But Sasuke wasn't afraid of risks, that was what being an Uchiha was about. You won't know what would happen unless you do it.

Naruto used both hands to hold Sasuke's clothes out to him.

"Here you are," Naruto said.

Sasuke gingerly sat up in the bed and took the offered clothes.

Naruto turned around to go out to the living room, but Sasuke stopped him.

"Naruto, wait…"

Naruto turned back around to look at the brunet, his whiskers twitching in confusion.

He looked to the side before asking, "Do you have any ramen? I'm hungry."

Naruto smiled brightly, "I have lots of ramen! Wait right there."

Sasuke smiled slightly in return. Maybe staying wouldn't be such a bad idea after all.


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