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The hole in my chest ripples, then burns at the edges. My heart is slowly being beaten to a pulp. I know I should look away, but I can't. I am paralyzed. I hear the little pop my mouth makes when it drops. A whooshing noise reaches my ears and I realize that it's me. A sharp intake of breath.

I can feel the different emotions flash across my face. Anger. Disgust. Grief. Surprise. Desire. Pain. Yup. That's me. Miss multiple personalities.

My attempt at levity was quickly squelched by my next thought.

No… No… This isn't happening. Not again. NO! But it was. And there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I try to move but all I can do is think What did I do to deserve this again? What did I do… My body sags and I search for words, but nothing can describe this.


All I can think is Get away from me! I want to scream it to the heavens, but my brain is still processing what just happened. What I just saw.

I straighten after what seems like hours of thinking the same things over and over again. What did I do… Get away… Not again…

My eye twitches once and I am gone. I run as fast as my feet can carry me away from this place. I never want to be here again. I don't even want to think of it.

I shoot off the front porch and straight into the woods. Now, running at top speed for me of course involves a lot of tripping. Even if I'm not streaking through the woods. It started to become routine. Run. Trip. Get up. Repeat.

Tears were starting to bite my eyes, but I quickly blink to send them flying on their way. Not here, not yet. There's a time and place for this and it's not sprinting through the woods at midnight.

I can faintly here my name being called in the distance. Great, now I'm covered in bruises and I'm hallucinating. It can't be real now.

"Bella… Bella… BELLA! The line!" I want to answer, but all I will get are lies. Even if I am having delusions. Or worse, I'm not going crazy and what happened is the truth. I cringe at that thought and try to focus on not tripping. This did not happen.

I don't how long I kept running, but the only reason I stopped was because I was starting to dry heave and my eyes were so blurry with tears I could hardly see. I just couldn't do it anymore. Couldn't move. Couldn't think. Couldn't breath. The pain was too great.

So I did what anyone would've done in my situation.

I threw myself on the ground and curled into a ball bringing my knees all the way up to my chest. At first, I was only whimpering with silent tears carving paths on my cheeks. Sooner or later though, and it was most likely sooner, sobs racked my body and I felt like throwing up.

When the tears had carved their trails and I finally grew still, I looked at where I was. It came at me like a ton of bricks. I knew what I was going to do. I would…

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