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Bella's POV

"That's. Enough." He growled out, voice low.

I glanced up from my dark wash jeans splattered with tear spots to gaze out the window. Much time had passed as I retold my story. The beautiful jumble of twilight had come and gone leaving only the moonlight to shine in through the massive glass. "Excuse me?" I asked, still glaring at the forest beyond the window.

"I said that's enough," rumbled Edward, "No more!"

A pregnant silence followed. Nothing distinct could be heard save the barely audible whooshes of vampires running about the house. I guess we have an audience. I sighed aloud. Now everyone hates me or thinks I've got the brain power of a chinchilla. Great.

I whipped my head to face Edward as a loud crack filled the room. He was standing up, entire body tensed, destroyed stereo system at his feet. "What was that for?" I asked. Silence.

The room was weaved in navy shadows, limiting my vision to silhouettes only. This included Edward's face. Shrouded in darkness, there was no way to determine what he was feeling, if anything at all. "Edward?" Silence. "Hello?"

Another low growl pierced the quiet and I twitched in surprise. The whole room shook, like a small earthquake had passed through, and a few CDs took a nosedive from the many shelves that decorated the bleached walls.

When he spoke, my skin crawled with goose bumps, "Why? Why Bella, would you ever even contemplate… disposing of yourself? And in such a manner? After I…" he trailed off then began again. "Driving a car into a lake? That's a little drastic, even for you, Bella.

Rage twisted through my muscles, and venom laced my words as I erupted, "Because you left me with no other choice!" I had been angry, depressed, hurt, and ashamed, but this finally crossed the line. No one, under any circumstances, blames me for choosing what's best for me.

I jackknifed up, vertigo swarming my head, and stomped over to the window. No familiar patter of rain, knocked against the window, no flash of lightning lit the room. It was one of those rare nights in Forks where not a cloud donned the sky, no rain leaked from above. The silence of the night was overbearing. Not even the crickets dare break the stillness. So I chose to disrupt it instead. "You left me alone," I spoke, voice shaking. "You deserve to hear the rest of this." Except that's the whole story.

Wind rushed past my ears and directly behind me, in the reflection of the glass, stood Edward. His eyes were the size of sand dollars and black as coal, but held passionate fire. His small pointed fangs were bared and poked tiny holes into his sculpted lips. His long, pale, piano fingers were coiled into fists and his entire body was tensed. Even more eerie was the way he sparkled in the moonlight. It wasn't like how he sparkled in the sun. In the moon, his skin was brighter, but not in individual dots like glitter. It was more like he was one large piece of light that rippled every which way. It was like looking at an underwater spotlight.

Not once had I ever been afraid of Edward. I'd known him first as the aloof guy at school who wouldn't acknowledge anyone save his "family." Only later had I known him as the big, bad vampire that could rip my head off if he hugged me too tight. Because of the order in which we met, I still thought of him as 'that guy at school' and not the guy who could kill me. Right now, however, I wasn't sure how I felt about him. All I knew is that upon seeing his imposing stature, I began to violently shake so hard my bandages fell to cover my eyes.

"Bella, you don't understand-"

"Oh, I think I do," I said, tearing the bandage completely off my head to reveal gnarled, matted hair.

"NO!" He gripped my shoulders and spun me to face him. Our foreheads were nearly touching. "You can't possibly comprehend the magnitude of what my family and I have all been through! And if you would listen to what I have to say, you would know why I had to leave and that I'm the only reason you're still standing here!"

Up until that moment, I had been indiscreetly staring at the floor imagining what would happen if I took a chainsaw to his feet. But my head had moved of its own accord to face the shining vampire above. We locked eyes. With that one gaze, I knew it was all over. I couldn't hold back the thoughts any longer. No matter how hard I tried to suppress them, I couldn't deny it anymore. I still had deep, powerful feelings for the man standing before me, currently leaning in closer and closer towards my pale face.

I had proof to back it up, too. Torturing Edward with the story of my supposed death had brought me short-lived euphoria, but it quickly dried up and left a feeling of horror. Not only had I noticeably torn him up by retelling the story, but I had also shredded my own heart to pieces. And not just because the PTSD was acting up again either. His eyes burned into mine with unconcealed longing and subtle despair. His face implored me to give him a second (third?) chance, but even if I was brave enough to admit to myself that I might possibly still have feelings for Edward, I would never act on them. I just couldn't-wouldn't-let myself get hurt again.

I watched as his face drew ever nearer to my exhausted one. I knew it was wrong. I knew I shouldn't let myself get into another huge life-destroying mess (again), but … but… and then it clicked.

"Wait, what did you say?"

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