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My name is Draco Malfoy and I'm a Veela. I've been one my entire life but it's really easy to blend in with the everyday wizard. Our skin is paler and has a slightly silver undertone and our hair is extremely blond but it's easy to blend in, until our seventeenth birthday, that is.

On our seventeenth birthday we come into our inheritance. Full powers and all the 'benefits'. Including a soul mate. A completely unwanted soul mate.

Just the thought of that ruined the day before my seventeenth birthday. Blaise, my best friend since we were both on training brooms, tried to cheer me up. He brought over his broom and we flew to France where he paid for a nice dinner. After eating we flew back home where we sat in my room and drank my parents' Firewhiskey.

The next morning Blaise was sprawled across the bed in the guest room. I cradled my head in my hands and walked down the hall to my own room. I opened my closet doors and stared at the robes my parents had given me the day before.

My parents were waiting for me in the Dining Room. Breakfast was waiting at the table and there was an extra place set for Blaise. My parents had never liked the fact that Blaise was my best friend but I suppose that they were letting me have my one last day with him before I came into my inheritance.

As it happens, Blaise is a Dark Veela and Veelas don't get along with Dark Veelas at all. My parents tried to tell me this when I befriended him at Wizarding DayCare but I had refused to listen to them. Ever since then we had been the best of friends. Our parents had never liked each other but we never cared. Deep down, though, we had known that our friendship had an expiration date.

"Where is Mr. Zabini?" My father asked. I rolled my eyes. I could never recall him actually saying Blaise's name.

"He's still asleep." I stood uncertainly by my chair at the large table. The thought of food made me sick to my stomach. "I'll go wake him."

Blaise rolled to the other side of the bed as I nudged his shoulder. "Five more minutes." He mumbled into the pillow.

"Come on Blaise. You know I don't know the Hangover Spell and I have a pounding headache."

My dark haired friend cracked an eye open and looked up at me. "Still friends?"

I sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Still friends. Until tonight anyway."

He put a hand on my shoulder and smiled softly. "Well then let's make the best of our last day together."

"That's what I plan on doing as soon as you get rid of this bloody headache." I grinned back at him but there was misery beating in my chest as I did so. Thinking of this as my last day with Blaise hurt deeply. He'd always been there for me and I'd always been there for him. To know that that was all ending tonight hurt worse than anything I had ever felt before.

It was around five o'clock that evening when Blaise finally had to leave. I walked him to the Floo where we stood awkwardly until he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight. "I'm going to miss you." He said when we both finally pulled away.

I wanted to tell him that I'd miss him too, but I knew it'd be a lie. I knew that as soon as I inherited all of the 'benefits' of being a Veela I wouldn't care about Blaise anymore. Instead I said, "I already miss you." I felt bad that he wouldn't feel the same repulsion towards me as I would towards him. It would make the pain so much greater for him than it was for me at that moment.

"Hey," Blaise punched me lightly in the shoulder, "maybe we'll be different."

I nodded but I could tell that he didn't believe it any more than I did.

"I'm so sorry Dragon." My mother tried to comfort me as I returned to the Dining Room for supper. I pushed her arms away and took my seat at the table.

Supper passed in silence and as soon as I had finished eating I rose. "If you'll excuse me I'm rather tired."

"Goodnight Dragon." My father hardly ever called me that. I nodded to him and allowed a small smile to grace my lips.

In my room I locked the door and buried my face into my feather pillows. Tears began to flow freely. I cried because I was losing Blaise, my best friend. I cried because tomorrow would officially be the start of my search for my soul mate. I cried because I didn't even get a say in any of this. But most of all I cried because I was scared, scared of the future.

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