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Draco's POV

Five Years Later

I watched my husband and daughter napping together on the couch. Her little hands were curled around Harry's robes, and his large hand was on her back, holding her in place. Before entering the living room, I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture to add to my scrapbook.

The flash woke Harry up. He sat up groggily, cradling Cassie on his hip. "How long have I been sleeping?" He asked.

"Two hours."

"I'm sorry." Harry said as he stood. "I didn't mean to fall asleep."

I laughed. "It's okay. You've been working hard to get this party put together." I gently lifted Cassie from his arms. "You should go get dressed. People will be arriving soon."

As soon as Harry was upstairs, I cast an Anti-Wrinkling Charm on Cassie's pale yellow dress. Harry came down dressed in his dark green robes and the three of us went out to the yard. The invitations we sent out would act as Portkeys and bring our guests to the backyard.

Suddenly there were three flashes of blue light. Blaise and Luna appeared at one end of the table with their twins Orion and Selene. A few yards away stood Ron and his wife, Katy, and their son Hugo. On the other end of the table were Ginny, Neville, their son Frank and their newborn daughter Emily.

The children all went to play with the toys that we had brought out of the playroom while the adults mingled. I watched fondly as Harry conversed with Ginny, glad that the two of them were still good friends. Neville and Blaise were talking while Neville held a napping Emily.

When it was time to light the candles on the cake, I shepherded the children to the table. Harry lit the candles with his wand. Everyone sang, and before Cassie blew out the candles, I hugged her and whispered, "Happy birthday Cassiopeia Carina Malfoy."

Harry cut the cake and soon the kids were chasing each other around the yard. "I thought you said that you made a sugar-free cake."

"On our daughter's second birthday? Now why would I do that?" Harry grinned.

I laughed and kissed him softly. "You're dealing with her later then."

The party ended at around dark. Emily was beginning to get fussy, so Neville and Ginny were the first to gather their energetic child and leave. Blaise and Luna were next. Selene went to her parents peacefully, but Orion threw a fit. Blaise would have none of that, and forcefully picked his son up and Apparated home. Luna stuck around and said goodbye for the both of them before leaving as well. Ron and Katy were the last to leave. They said goodbye and then went to get Hugo from where he was playing with Cassie.

"I don't wanna leave!" He yelled as Ron tried to pick him up.

"It's already well past your bedtime, young man, so say goodbye to Cassie."

"You can't make me." Hugo yelled, crossing his small arms over his chest.

Ron looked to Katy for help. "Hugo, sweetie, if we don't leave, you'll never be able to come back here."

Hugo's blue eyes widened. "Never?"

"Never." Katy said seriously.

"Okay. Bye Cassie." He said and let his mother pick him up.

Everyone was gone and now Harry and I were faced with a grumpy toddler and a messy yard. "I'll clean this up in the morning." Harry said. I nodded and walked into the house with them. Harry carried our already sleeping daughter up to her room. When I was sure that he couldn't hear me, I called Dobby.

"What can Dobby be doing for Master Harry's Veela?"

"Could you clean up the yard for us?" Dobby nodded enthusiastically. "Wonderful, thank you. I'll leave a few Galleons on the table for you."

The house elf popped out to the backyard and I watched him for a minute before joining my family upstairs.

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