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Adam Shepard


War Hero

Paragade Senteniel

"Shepard, who would you like to accompany you on your shore excursion" Edi asked from the airlock as the airlock pressurized to match the outside atmosphere of the citadel.

"No one, I'm doing this one solo EDI" Shepard said. He wasn't wearing his N7 armor, but the Tuxedo Kasumi got him, which was perfect for this occasion. He was going to fulfill a promise he made before he died.

After about ten minutes of walking he reached his destination and knocked on the door. "Coming!" A voice called from behind it, "How may I…Shepard! Is that you?" the woman smiled at the man on her door step.

"Hello Emily, I'm here for the interview I promised you 2 years ago." Shepard smiled at the reporter.

"Really? You remembered it through death? Wow! Come in come in." Emily motioned him into her apartment. "This is so unexpected, I'll just get something to get this on record and I'll be right with you." Shepard sat down on one of her two couches and awaited Emily's return.

"Alright" Emily sighed blissfully as she returned to the room, in a different outfit than the business casual outfit she wore when Shepard arrived, and now fit. She was accompanied by one of the floating recording devices Shepard encountered in his "interviews" with the reporter from Westerlund News. "Once I get this set up we can get this show on the road" after a few moments of tinkering the light one the device came on and shone a dim light on Shepard.

"This is Emily Wong of Citadel News Net, and I am here to bring you an exclusive interview with the first Human Spectre Lieutenant Commander Shepard of the Systems Alliance."

"Actually, I'm currently working with the Organization known as Cerberus" Shepard corrected her, "I've been working with them ever since they led a project two years ago to resurrect me from the dead after the original Normandy was destroyed in a surprise attack by the collectors."

"Cerberus? The Terrorist group that endorses radical pro-human behavior? That's a shock commander" Emily seemed a bit taken aback by this revelation by Shepard gave her a calming smile.

"While I don't endorse or condone any of Cerberus's past actions, they were the only ones who were doing anything to combat the collector menace when the council and Alliance turned a blind eye to their attack on human settlements. I was told by the council when they reinstated my spectre status that if I remained in the terminus systems I could do as I pleased with their blessing. The soldiers placed under my command by Cerberus were former Alliance servicemen and women who believed in what I stand for as a human and a leader against threats to the safety of the Galactic community."

"That's also surprising. The council made no mention of your return to the Citadel and there were only rumors that you appeared in the factory district and in the 800 blocks of the Zakera ward." Emily looked over a data pad that she brought with her filled with possible questions. "You mentioned working for Cerberus. If you can tell me anything what was it like working for an avowed enemy of the Citadel council?"

"There's a lot actually. I was brought back under the assumption that the collectors had a vast army and a home world beyond the Omega-4 Relay. I was given dossiers on 11 of the most talented specialists in the galaxy and recruit them to build a team to take on the collectors. That team includes 2 of my crew from my mission to take down Saren, Garrus Vakarian and Tali'Zorah vas Normandy. It also comprised of an Asari Justicar named Samara, skilled assassin Thane Krios, salarian genius Mordin Solus, a tank bred Krogan named Urdnot Grunt, Mercenary veteran Zaeed Massani , a very talented tech expert Kasumi Goto, and the most powerful human Biotic besides me a woman named Jack. Cerberus loaned me two of their top operatives; former Alliance Marine Jacob Taylor who, along with the other operative Miranda Lawson, helped stop a batarian group from releasing a virus that was being used as a bio weapon that was intended to kill the citadel council."

"So you're saying Cerberus stopped an assassination attempt on the Councils lives? When exactly was this?" Emily was now visibly joyful at the new information she was receiving, and all at once without a lot of effort on her part.

"That's correct. Once I received word from Jacob that this was true and was able to verify it, I began to take Cerberus more seriously and it made the mission a lot easier." Shepard felt a great deal of relief retelling his story to someone who'd actually listen and take in what he was saying.

"Please continue, what did you and your team end up doing once they were assembled?" Emily now realized that she was basically just guiding a giant snowball that was rolling down hill at this point, but a very very good downhill.

Shepard told the tales of several missions that involved stopping merc activity, the mech virus that was plaguing the galaxy, the collectors ship and even the derelict reaper.

"I had EDI record data of the reaper before we let it fall into the brown dwarf and the Geth platform I found, named Legion, has become a valuable part of my crew and I returned the favor by rewriting the Heretic geth that were controlled by Saren to see Legion's factions way of things, making them peaceful and not a threat to organic life. "you're welcome council" Shepard made a funny face towards the camera, making Emily laugh.

"so, you went around recruiting specialists for a team, what did your team end up finding once you travelled through the Omega-4 relay?" Emily asked, anticipating more good content for this ground breaking interview.

"Well we encountered the ship that was responsible for the destruction of the SR-1 and avenged the old girl, but the resulting explosion grounded the current Normandy so we split into two teams and fought our way into the heart of the base. Once we got there the collectors had us pinned so I had to take two squad mates with me while the rest defended the door, I must say Miranda did a wonderful job leading the second teams the entire way through while I got to the heart of the base. EDI felt a large energy signature and we also found out why the collectors were abducting human colonists…I hope you're ready for the answer" Shepard's tone was grim and his face turned solemn, "…they liquefied the captured colonists and used them as matter to create a human reaper."

"Oh my god" Emily was visibly shaken as images of the horrific process filled her mind. "you fought a fully functional reaper with regular arms and defeated it?"

"It wasn't fully functional yet, after I destroyed the injection tubes it mounted some resistance but after exploiting the weak points it was destroyed. I used a timed radiation pulse to kill the remaining collectors and spare the technology. I've forwarded the coordinates to the Alliance and Cerberus but I've received no word from the Alliance as to what they'll do with the evidence I've given them, same goes for the council." Shepard took a few deep breathes to calm himself down. "My team and I have been on leave for about two weeks now and I decided to pay you a visit since I promised you an interview when my mission was done. And here we are."

"My goodness Shepard, you've been to hell and back and seemed to have come out mostly unscathed, how did you manage to keep it together through all of this?"

"It wasn't easy, but with enough people counting on you and backing you anything is possible. I wouldn't be here today without the dedication and sacrifice my team showed when our backs were against the wall and an entire civilization counted on us, but we're not done yet" Shepard rose to his feet, the floating camera rising up to his level and closed on his face. "The reapers are coming, and it will take every organic being in this galaxy to defeat them, we need to set aside out differences, join together, and fight for the lives of our children and grandchildren so that they can live in a galaxy that won't be on the verge of destruction."

"My goodness Shepard, you've uncovered what so many would shy away from, you truly are the one man who can lead this Galaxy. With this story, your message will be heard throughout the galaxy and you can stop the reapers." Emily tinkered with the camera again and stopped recording and set of the file for distribution. "I don't know how I can thank you. It seem almost selfish for me to say this but, this will do wonders for my career"

"Anything I can do to help someone who wants to report the truth Emily." Shepard recovered from his intense mood and smiled warmly at the journalist.

"If you have time, I could get us some coffee, unless you've got someone waiting back on the ship for you…"

"Actually I don't have anyone. I've been so wrapped up in finding Saren and stopping the collectors that I haven't really had time for anything else." Shepard laughed sheepishly, " I'd enjoy sharing coffee with you Emily"

Emily made the two some coffee and shared stories of how her career took off because of how Shepard helped her with Fist's OSD and planting bugs in C-Sec control tower, along with other stories of how she'd have to jump through hoops to get stories when she was just starting up.

"Oh my, it's that late already" Shepard yawned big as he looked at the clock on the wall, showing 11 pm Citadel time.

"Time flies when conversation's good." Emily laughed, placing her mug on the coffee table. "I really appreciate you keeping your promise from 2 years ago. You can trust that I'll make sure your story is heard and heard how you want it to be."

"That's why I came to you Emily, you're trust worthy, hardworking and you know how to show a soldier a good time."

"The pleasure is all mine"

"It doesn't have to be you know." Shepard could read the look on her face, it'd been obvious since mid-way through the interview and Shepard was picking up her tells through the night.

"I thought you'd never ask Commander" Emily leaned in close, but slow enough for Shepard to close the gap between their lips. After about a minute shirts were rising over heads, skirts and pants were falling and 45 steamy minutes later Shepard and Emily laid on her couch, snuggled up after their "in depth" interview.