Title: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R3, Aftermath
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Author: Darth Writer55
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Chapter 1: Prologue: Zero Requiem

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Prologue: Zero Requiem

Lelouch smiled as he rode his majestic float through a street of his new Empire, with Jeremiah in the float ahead of him along with the parallel execution trucks with all his old allies and friends were, strapped to the stake he, himself put them on.

Soon this will all end…with my death… as if on cue, Suzaku in the suit of Zero, His suit of Zero, ordered and given to him by his C.C as a return gift for the rebellion.

"What?" His Knightmare guards said aloud as they saw 'Zero' just as everyone gasps "Zero?"

"Zero." He hears Nunnally say.

"Zero? That's him? But Lelouch is over there!" Kallen exclaims.

Lelouch scrunches his face to show that he was utterly surprised.

At the school chapel C.C is kneeling in prayer, praying for her Warlock.

"Was that what Lelouch and Suzaku had to do? Kallen asks.

Just then 'Zero' rushes forward dodging the bullets shot by the Knightmares with ease.

As 'Zero' rushes past the Knightmare frames and their pilot; Jeremiah ordered them to ceasefire and stated "I'll deal with this interloper!" Rushing to face 'Zero' with his sword ready at hand-to-hand combat.

Zero leapt and used Jeremiah as a jump stand as Jeremiah falls on purpose with the thought, "Onward, Masked knight."

And with a leap in front of Nunnally he finishes and lands confronting Lelouch.

"Impudent fool!" Lelouch shouts as he pulls his personal pistol only to have 'Zero' swipe it away by quickly unsheathing his sword and plunges it through Lelouch's Heart.

"Suzaku, you have to kill me, you must promise." Lelouch states.

"Your actually going through with this, No matter what?" Suzaku replies.

"As planned, the hatred of the world is now focused directly on me, and the only thing left to do is to get rid of me and break the cycle of hatred." Lelouch states as he lifts Zero's mask. And says "The legend of Zero is not dead yet; it lives in the hearts of The Black Knights; Schneizel will serve Zero, also. With this the world will gather not with the exchange of force but through the exchange of open dialogue around one table. Mankind will be able to move forward into the future." Lelouch finishes.

Suzaku looks at the mysterious mask that is filled to the brim of hope, "And that… Is the ZERO REQUIEM.

Nunnally immediately froze in shock as she realized what 'Zero' was going to do to her beloved brother.

"Lelouch!" Kallen Shouts tears showing in her eyes.

"We realized this back in C's world we knew how humanity was longing for the future." Suzaku comments.

Ha ha. Hey, Suzaku, Geass is similar to a wish don't you think? Lelouch asks.

It's a request to someone to give you the power to achieve what you can't on your own. Lelouch answers himself.

"A wish? …No." Suzaku says doubtfully

-Yes, and I'm going to grant a wish called "GEASS" to the people everywhere, for the future of the entire world….

At this time Cornelia, barked orders to get to the lobby and get ready to free the prisoners, but she can't but help to feel a deep sadness to see her half younger brother about to be killed, regardless of what he has done.

"Lelouch the price you are about to pay for using Geass on people is a dear one…." C.C says aloud a lone tear escaping her eyes across her young never aging face.

The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to BE killed.

At this time, Ohgi shouted, "Zero!"

Tanzi turns away.

At the same time Tamaki shouts, "That's right, Zero, Kill him!"

Suzaku, you are going to be a hero now, the messiah who save the world from Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia the enemy… of the world, as Zero

Lelouch, not knowing the sharp pain as the sword pierces his flesh stumbles forward, already beginning to die.

The world was suddenly thrown in deep shock as the Legendary Zero stabbed the Demon Emperor … No one said or moved for the first time in the world, it was… Dead Silent.

"Lelouch…' Suzaku immediately regretting what he has just done to his best friend tears pouring from his eyes.

Lelouch leans onto 'Zero's' shoulder and tells him, "The punishment for what you've done will be this then, You will live on, Always wearing that mask, serving as a knight of Justice and truth."

Lelouch raises his hand with his own blood and put it on the side of Suzaku's mask and continues, "You will no longer live your life as Suzaku Kururugi, you shall sacrifice the ordinary pleasures of your life for the benefit of the world… for eternity."

"This Geass… I do solemnly accept." Suzaku replies and unsheathes his sword out of Lelouch's body.

Lelouch feeling the pain slowly stumbles to the edge, hoping to see his beloved sister, one last time. He falls and forward and flips onto his back sliding down leaving a trail of his shedding blood.

Without the strength to lift his head, he knew he was near his sister and smiled the most honest smile he had.

"Lelouch, are you-?" Nunnally asks Lelouch and immediately notice his smile. She gasps and reaches for his hand. And then she knew, everything that was in Lelouch's heart.

The world of C, and him giving Suzaku the mantle of Zero.

"You mean… Everything you've done… was-? Oh, big brother, I love you!" She cries.

"… Yes…I…I… destroyed the world…. And created… a new…" Lelouch says with his dying breath. He thanked C.C the most, "-, thank you, Thank you for my Geass, and I thank you…For your love." "C.C remember when I told you I'd promise you that you'd die smiling? Well, I'm sorry, I wish I was able to fulfill your true wish. To be loved." And now because—of—you – I … I ….die… smiling… Thank… You, and... I'm... Sorr- I felt my body go cold, I closed my eyes… and my soul left my body and I died.

"Please open your eyes big brother! PLEASE! BIG BROTHER!" Nunnally shouts.

Kallen and Kaguya were shocked into place.

Suzaku flourishes his sword immediately tossing Lelouch's blood on the floor like you would an offering.

Cornelia swallowed her sadness and shouted at the top of her lungs, "Lelouch the demon is dead, free his prisoners!" As everyone rushed forward she looked up at the sky and told Lelouch in a soft loving voice of a sisters', "Sorry little brother, I love you."

Everyone cheered and rushed forward.

"This isn't good everyone pull back now." Jeremiah said into the radio to his subordinates.

"Is that, who I think it is?" Tohdoh asks amazed knowing it was Suzaku.

-"It's Zero, It's him, It's Zero" Kallen interjected.

Nunnally cried and complained and asked Lelouch's body what she would do without him while everyone cheered.

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero

Jeremiah went up to Lelouch and Nunnally and took his body before the people tore it to shreds leaving a heartbroken Nunnally with 'Zero' watching him go.

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero

C.C has long since left the church to pack her thing to get ready for the next person she will have a contract with. She sighed to herself, she would never in her life be able to forget Lelouch's Credit Card, his Smell, and his sense of humor. She held onto the Cheese-Kun that Lelouch 'bought' for her, and took one last sniff of Lelouch's old Dorm room and left in the dress Lelouch got for her on Valentine's Day.

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero

She says one last thing to her lost warlock.

"Lelouch, I am forever your 'Witch' and… I…. I…. I Love you, Lelouch. She said destroying her cold frozen heart she wanted unfrozen with her true wish, to be loved truly. Her heart hardened without Lelouch either stopping her from leaving or simply following her. She felt like a shield being left by her knight of Peace and Justice. Goodbye, Lelouch… Thank You…

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, ZERO~



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