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Kallen awoke on her bed, as she got up she brought her hand to her head and let out a pained moan.

"If I were you I wouldn't get up yet."

Kallen's eyes widened as she laid eyes on the masked man leaning on the wall near her wall.

"Who are you?" She threatened.

"Whatever you do do not leave this room until the day after tomorrow." The man stated and left through the door, Kallen heard a few whispers and a chuckle but couldn't decipher what was said.

Jeremiah Gottwald was trying his best to try and catch up with Lelouch but with his current duties and Clovis' murder still at hand he had no time to meet up with his master, he must ask for forgiveness for letting Valletta get ahead of him to the rendezvous point, which probably caused trouble for Lelouch.

He sighed, not knowing who to pick for the suspect, and Lord Kewell kept pestering him to catch the rotten boy and use him to further the plan. Jeremiah simply face-palmed.

Lelouch was getting ready for school until he heard a knock on the door and then a loud crash followed by a loud moan and then a soft whine. "Okay, seriously, just wait!" Lelouch opened the door to find a boy about his age with pitch dark hair with a hint of green, deep emerald green eyes inside an Ashford school uniform, what surprised him and infuriated him the most was that CC was half sprawled on the floor clinging to the guy's shirt, eyeing the Pizza box in the guys hands.

"CC!" Lelouch stated as his eyebrow twitched when he forced a smile at her trying his best not to explode in front of the new student.

"Wow, you were right, you really aren't welcome at this school aren't you, CC?"

The new student stated.

"Yes, yes, now give me that Pizza!" CC stated and pounced again towards the pizza, only to have it disappear from her grasp.

A loud grunt came as CC landed on Lelouch.

"Wow, ummm, I'll...uhhh... I'll meet you two in the living room I guess, make sure you use protection!" The student stated in a hurry and stalked off in a rather quick manner.

Lelouch opened his eyes to find CC strateling him, her face inches away from his own.

"I'm going to end up kill that guy even if it's the last thing that I do!" As both of them got up off of each other, and confirmed what they were going to do to 'that' guy.

I wonder what those two are doing right now... Heh from the look on their faces they seemed to love it, but then again why do I suddenly feel a malicious aura coming up behind me... Oh Shi-!

The new student jumped as Lelouch tried to hold him down only to have CC tackle him to the ground.

"Quick, Lelouch take his pizza and run!" CC cried out as the new student tried to get out of her death pin.

Without thinking Lelouch headed towards the pizza, but before he touched it the box disappeared within a blink of an eye. Lelouch looked to his right to see the student munching on a slice of pizza, rather satisfied.

"You know CC you're a little young to try and steal pizza from me."

Lelouch suppressed a chuckle, the student doesn't even know half of what is happening.

"Fine, we won't pester you any more but before we head to class, can I get your name?" Lelouch asks as CC tries to sneak her hand into the box.

The student mearly looked at CC and nods earning a smile from CC as she greedily takes a slice and starts eating the grease abomination.

"Don't worry Lelouch, you get to hear my soon enough." The new student arrogantly states sending a piercing glance at Lelouch. He aimed to grab another piece of pizza only to find his hand bumping into CC's hand.

It's mine.

The student gave in and backed his hand away from the treasured pizza slice and got up, fetched his school bag then headed out the door.

Lelouch brought his hand to his head as CC happily gobbled the slice of pizza, "C.C, why are you dressed in an Ashford uniform, and who exactly is that person, he seemed familiar but for once I can't pinpoint his features with anyone I've met."

Smacking her fingers clean, C.C simply followed suit like the student before, "Love, if you don't hurry you will be late for class!"

C.C smirked as she fixed up her shoes and headed for her first period.

Kallen moaned, frustrated by what the man said to her that morning, she had to rush her uniform on and out the door. What she didn't notice was a shady figure dressed fully in black trail her path.

"Gosh, I really hate the fact I am going to have to run to school, if someone who recognizes me sees me running this fast my cover will be blown and the resistant group may be endangered.

Sir, I have located Kouziki's younger sister, she appears to be half-brittanian, shall I capture her?

No... Leave her be, after we take care of Kururugi and have have him in custody then we will strike.

Very well, Nightray on standby.

Kallen saw the school ahead and slowed to a fast walk, as she passed a corner a few Ashford boys and girls appeared behind her as they caught up with the rest of the bulk heading into school, from the corner of her eye she noticed a new student his hair in the sunlight gave off a midnight hue of green, behind him was another new student with lime-green hair, she clenched her fists as a pang of jealousy hit her.

"Kallen, if you don't hurry you'll be late to class, and you don't want to be late." Lelouch said as he walked passed Kallen.

"Yeah you too..." Kallen snapped back taking Lelouch by surprise.

Looks like Kallen is snapping, if this escalates, it may threaten the resistance as well as the school. She is, in fact, a Brittanian halfbreed that's probably the only allowed to wander like any Brittanian.

"C'mon let's get to class before Milly releases the hounds to catch stragglers."

(A/N: The hounds = Disciplinary)

"Welcome class and settle down! Today we have two transfer students from the mainland joining us today."

As if on cue, both the transfer student and CC entered Lelouch's first period.

The transfer student bowed as if swearing a fealty,

"Hello everyone, my name is Anson C. Raynes. Please take good care of me."

"Thank you, Anson, please take a seat behind Lelouch, next to _name_. And you, young lady, please introduce yourself,."

"Hello everyone, my name is~"


Milly bursting through the door causing everyone to jump but Anson and CC.

"If you excuse us Ms. Ashford please let our transfer student finish." The teacher sighs.

"Oh sorry..." Milly grimaces.

"If you could, please call me CC!"

"Okay, CC, please take a seat next to Lelouch, every girls eyes were upon the immortal witch now, and Lelouch desk-palmed, his only sanctuary from the witch's pizza addiction now lost.

CC sat down without sound as if not noticing Lelouch, confusing everyone in the class. Anson smirked, Now this will get very very interesting.

Milly, now out of patience, went up to Lelouch, however before she opened her mouth, Lelouch sighs, "Don't worry, I'll sign it during our next student body meeting."

Content, Milly sends a wink towards Shirley, and leaves the room and class begins.

Interesting, so this is what it is like to live a simple life, even with all the troubles of the world bothering them they find a way to move on, simply through observation everyone here has faced either a separation of a loved one, loss of parents, or suffer from being lonely, yet they still are able to laugh and smile with one another. This world, I see now, is definitely worth saving.

During passing period, Lelouch stood up from his seat sceptic about the transfer student.

"Anson, may I have a word with you and CC?" Lelouch spoke to CC and Anson.

"Umm, who might you be?" Anson questioned acting confused, his voice however served more as a warning than someone narrowing his eyes on a few eavesdroppers.

Lelouch caught Anson's dagger-like stare and noticed as well; the potential ears listening on their conversation.

"Ah... I am Lelouch Lamperouge, Vice President of the student council."

"Vice President? W-What, did we do something wrong?" C.C responded with innocence.

"No, because this is your first day of class, I, the vice president, am required to give you a tour around the school.

"Very well, we shall take your kind offer, when do we meet?" Anson responds.

"After this next class during that time it is club planning and activities until after lunch, most people who aren't in a club tend to go back to their dorms."

Nightray, come in Nightray...

This is Nightray, what are your orders alpha?

Kururugi has been apprehended begin plan B.

Roger, Nightray moving out.

During club meetings, Lelouch brought Anson and C.C around the campus, during this time Lelouch found out that the Anson really is the same Anson that brought them back in time, however despite being immortal and one with an endless amount of experience he looked overjoyed to be a part of the school. He tried out many clubs and excelled to the point it scared Lelouch, that people would find out that Anson wasn't really what you call human.

C.C was about the same she tried many sports and activities, and like Anson, she excelled at performing the sports earning attention from many people.

"Jealous Lelouch?" C.C teased, "Maybe you need to be trained physically."

Lelouch grunted and looked away about half the day was gone and Lelouch showed them a dorm in where Anson would sleep, fortunately he was able to convince the principle to allow another room be opened for the two.

Anson didn't have anything to unpack and C.C simply went to her usual place, Lelouch's bed in nothing more than a dress shirt.

Anson grabbed in his usual armoured visage and stepped through a time space rupture saying he will be back in a while leaving Lelouch and C.C alone.

"C.C, tell me, why exactly are you guys able to walk freely like this?" Lelouch queried as he collected C.C forgotten uniform and hung it up.

C.C sat up, then stated, "Well, after Shinjuku, I was able to meet up with Anson and he asked me where you went. Then we took a trip into the residential office and signed up, Anson was able to manipulate some people to create false visa's for our identities, listing them under reasonable years so it would look like we were normal people in society, well normal people under the law and protection any ways, we decided to use Anson's last name as mine could attract unwanted attention from V.V. also, doing so should have caused a time paradox to happen, what, we do not know but after we got our Visa's Anson looked troubled as if something that happened before didn't will happen now."

"This is all too confusing to understand right now but right now I must return as Zero, tomorrow is the day." Lelouch responded.

"You'll soon understand you always find a way to..." C.C. told him just as she leaned forward to kiss him her hand slipped and hit the TV remote.

"This just in, the pure-breds have successfully captured two terrorists that were responsible for the assassination of his highness Clovis! On the left, we have Kururugi Suzaku, the son of Japan's previous prime minister Genbu Kururugi, and on the right the sister of the infamous terrorist Nagato Kouzuki, Kallen Kouzuki, these two have been found guilty of many government offences in which this included espionage, Assassination of the royal family as well as 1st degree murder;by the order of Lord Kewell they will be put to death tomorrow night at the execution grounds. Glory to Britannia for catching these wanted terrorists, Glory to our glorious empire! All hail Britannia!"

"Shit, I was too late they got to Kallen before I could, normally people would listen to warnings but in this modern world everyone does what they want without thinking about the consequences." Anson cursed as he found Kallen's school bag and cell phone, he quickly pocketed the phone and hid the school bag in her room, finally he placed a Geass ward around the entire sector causing people to believe Kallen Kouzuki was not Kallen Stadfeldt, weakened by the spell he began to walk slowly back towards Lelouch's dorm.

Lelouch swore when he saw Kallen and Suzaku together being dragged by Brittanian soldiers, Suzaku, who trying to plea innocence received a silencing blow to the face.

When he felt a nauseating wave hit him and stumbled and everyone was simply commenting on the captives not making any comparison to Kallen.

"Hey, I gotta go do something, you guys finish up, thanks, bye!" Lelouch quickly rushed out the door, he had to get Zero's costume made. Suzaku and Kallen were caught one day ahead, something went wrong with the time, everything is happening too fast, it won't be long until the execution that means I will have even less time to save them the suit took about 2 days to complete that leaves me with an afternoon to convince the resistance, wait, Kallen, she must have a cellular device Ohgi will contact her from, right, locate the cellphone, Ohgi should call, then I will go and convince them to help me build the royal transport.

As Lelouch turned the corner he ran into Anson, who was panting slightly,

"Lelouch, I have the Zero outfit ready, the very exact one, I have also dealt with the tailor he has no memory of it any more." Anson stated trying to calm his breathing.

"How did you convince him to do it?" Lelouch asked.

"Well, Let's just say Geass comes in handy when in a time of great need." Anson stated, "However trying to keep 500,000 people oblivious that Kallen was Kallen... That's beginning to take its toll on me, and I wont be able to last very long without breaking a ward in which could possibly reveal my location to my enemies as well as bring attentions to the angels in Heaven."

"What do you mean ward?"

"That story, will have to wait, however the exhaustion of my ward will cause a time paradox that could possibly change our entire timeline and enter a totally new divergence in time, this is the reason the knowledge of time travel is kept a secret at all times, you hold the book of Geass, you are a chalice for greatness as well as a target for evil, be very careful Lelouch, I may not be able to protect you forever."

Anson handed Lelouch Zero's suitcase then exited the room.

"Well, Lelouch the fate of the world rests upon your shoulders once again..." CC mused.

"Yes... Yes it is..." Lelouch agreed as he hid the suitcase and crawled in to bed next to CC.

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