So, this story. It's a chapter fic. It's going to change between Oishi and Eiji every chapter. It will have porny things. Sounds great, right?

I obviously don't own the series.


Eiji was fast asleep, and obviously having a wonderful dream.

Oishi couldn't help but to watch him. It was mesmerizing, how innocent he looked in his sleep. The way his chest would rise and fall, the tiny movements he would make…Oishi couldn't look away.

They were 'just friends', of course. Oishi didn't know if he could ever tell Eiji how he really felt about him. He had a small suspicion that Eiji might return the feelings, but he would much rather live a life in secret, with him never finding out, than to be rejected and to lose Eiji's friendship.

Eiji shifted onto his side, some of his hair falling over his face. Oishi leaned forward to brush it away and froze the second his hand reached the red hair. His hand wasn't the only part of his body that was making contact with Eiji's body. Something was pressing against his thigh.

Oishi brushed the hair away from Eiji's face and leaned back, continuing to watch the younger boys sleeping face. He was pretty sure he knew what was going on underneath the covers, he still wanted to respect his friends privacy.

Until Eiji started mumbling his name.

This intrigued Oishi. He leaned forward again, almost jumping when he felt the poking on his thigh again, and whispered Eiji's name. Other than a small moan, he got no response. Oishi didn't know what to do. He didn't want to leave his friend in such a painful state, but he didn't want Eiji to find out he knew about his current situation either. But what if there was a way to…help? Oh, but that could wake Eiji up, and Eiji would be mad. Or embarrassed. Or both. And then he wouldn't want to talk to Oishi anymore. And… That just couldn't happen. Oishi would be lost.

He really needed to talk to someone about this. But who? Tezuka? Maybe. That had the potential to be weird, though. Or maybe he could start an online journal. That way he could password protect it, and not have to worry about his little sister finding it. She wasn't smart enough to check his history….right?

And then there was Inui. He probably already knew about Oishi's situation. In fact, Oishi was sure the information was stored in one of the notebooks already. But that would be weirder than talking to Tezuka. No. This was going to have to be something he kept to himself.

Eiji let out a small groan and Oishi's attention was instantly brought back to him.

The noises Eiji was making didn't sound pleasurable….and he knew from experience that unattended need was not a comfortable thing.

Maybe he could just help out a little….

Oishi slowly allowed his hand to slide underneath his blankets. He hesitated before making gentle contact with Eiji's manhood.

Eiji drew in a sharp breath, but in the end just snuggled up more against the pillow. Once Oishi was sure Eiji had not waken up, he pressed the palm of his hand a little harder against Eiji's boxer clad length and slowly began to move it.

Eiji let out another noise, this one sounding much more pleasurable than the last. Encouraged, Oishi continued.

He wasn't paying attention to how long he had been at the task, but Eiji was still asleep, so he hadn't stopped. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of checking to make sure Eiji was still fast asleep later, Oishi jerked his hand away when he felt Eiji jerk suddenly into his release.

Eiji remained in the spot he had been the entire time, and once Oishi was positive he showed no signs of moving, he allowed himself to lay back down next to Eiji.

If everything worked out well in the morning, we would wake up before Eiji, and hopefully be out of the room when he did wake, to prevent any awkward situations.

Not that it can get much more awkward than having just jerked your best friend off in his sleep.

It was going to be a fun morning.