Despite seriously risking running late to practice, Eiji and Oishi walked at a slow, comfortable pace. The only issue Oishi had with it was that it was entirely too quiet. His mind was racing, thinking about the events of the night. He wanted to bring it up, but he didn't know how.

Eiji too, Oishi noticed, seemed to be lost in his own world of thought. Feeling a blush creep up onto his cheeks, Oishi diverted his gaze downward towards his shoes. He was thinking of what all of it meant, when he felt a hand slide into his own. Oishi stopped.

"Stop worrying." Eiji spoke, continuing to walk ahead of Oishi, dragging him forward.

"Worrying?" Oishi asked. He wasn't actually trying to deny his thoughts, but he really didn't know what else to say.

"Hoi, Oishi!" Eiji replied, stopping in his tracks this time. He turned and faced Oishi, taking Oishi's other hand in his free one, and pulling both of them together between them. "It can be our secret."

Oishi blinked. He really really had no idea what to say. So he let Eiji continue.

"Last night.." Eiji broke their eye contact. "It was really fun."

He nodded dumbly. He didn't trust himself to speak. He was fairly sure he would make a fool of himself.

"Oishi, I like you."

He watched as Eiji shyly looked back up at him and their eyes met. This was something Oishi knew how to answer. He had known the answer to this for a while now, and was pleased he finally had a chance to let Eiji know.

"I like you too." He spoke.

A large grin broke out on the red heads face, and Eiji brought himself up to Oishi's height by standing on his toes a little, and pressed their lips together.

They were definitely going to be late for practice this morning, and Oishi found that he really didn't care.