So, this is a poem I wrote about how the Doctor feels about Amy, so its Amy/11 Eleven, so I hope you enjoy! 3

"He Pretended"

He pretended not to notice, how his hand brushed against her breast while reaching for his sonic screwdriver.

He pretended that his two hearts didn't break each time she kissed Rory.

He pretended to fly the Tardis while he was secretly sneaking peeks at her.

He pretended to be amazed by the wonders of the universe, when in reality he was amazed by her.

He pretended not to be jealous of her beautiful ginger hair.

He pretended he didn't notice how his hearts ached every time she's away exploring the rooms of the Tardis.

He pretended to see her as the same little girl who waited in her garden all those years ago.

He pretended not to listen in on her and Rory's private conversations.

He pretended he didn't peek in her room, just to see she was okay.

He pretended that she didn't have long curvy legs.

He pretended not to notice the smell of perfume

He pretended not to giggle inwardly when she huffed about her name being Amy instead of Amelia

He pretended he thought of her ONLY as a companion.

He pretended to not want to kiss her whenever she made it safely back to the Tardis.

But most importantly

He pretended NOT to love her.

By: hopefulromantic85