Brother Swap

Summary: Yamato is the older brother who has everything. Takeru is the younger brother that has almost everything. When one night they had a huge fight, they were caught in an accident that changed their lives...literally...

Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama

Pairings: Taito (or Yamachi), Daikeru…some Taikeru and Yamasuke ^^;

Rating: T for now…possible changing to M in later chapters

Warnings: Yaoi…not really that strong but still, possible swearing and really corny plots and jokes ^^;

A/N: This chapter is gonna be a bit short but don't worry, I'm working on Chapter Nine now. Oh and the information on body swapping that Miyako and Iori are mentioning was found on Wikipedia, so yeah I don't own that...which reminds me...


Now that's over with, enjoy the story~!

Swap 08: Run like the Wind

The four boys got out of Izzy's car, ran up to Ken's apartment and rushed in to see Miyako fiddling with some weird books and papers and Iori sitting on the couch reading a heavy black book.

"What the heck is all this?" Takeru asked, as he tried to to dodge the mess on the floor.

"And how did you get into my apartment?" Ken asked, as the new arrivals sat down.

"I have your spare keys…and don't worry your parents are out of town when I came in, the note they wrote is in the kitchen table..."

Ken walked in the kitchen as Matt leaned over the purple haired girl curiously, "So watcha got there, Specks?"

The girl looked up at him with a blank look, "Do you give everyone nicknames?"

Matt laughed, "'Course I do, like I usually like to call Iori; Cody"

"Why Cody?" The boy in question asked, raising his eyebrows at him.

"You just look like a Cody to me,"

"As much I'd like to laugh at that…" Takeru interrupted with a serious gaze, "What have you found out Miya-chan?"

The glass eyed girl snatched the book Iori was reading, flipped through the pages and showed it to Izzy, Matt and Tk.

"Check it out on this page," She pointed to the book, "It says here: A body swap is a storytelling device seen in a variety of fiction, most often in television shows and movies, in which two people (or beings) exchange minds and end up in each other's bodies. Alternatively, their minds may stay where they are as their bodies adjust. The two people usually keep their voices in cartoons, for purposes of knowing who is who"

"We know that," Matt rolled his eyes, "And it seem too real to be fiction anymore…"

"Right, but it also says: There are three distinct types of body swapping. Switches can be caused by magic items such as amulets, heartfelt wishes, or just strange quirks of the universe. The switches typically reverse after the subjects have expanded their world views, gained a new appreciation for each other's troubles by literally "walking in another's shoes" and/or caused sufficient amounts of farce."

Izzy sank to the couch in mild shock, "Prodigous…it's so far fetched…"

"So am right?" Matt slammed his fist on the palm of his other hand, "I'm changing TK's life around and then after that we go back to normal ne?"

"Hey!" Takeru smacked his brother on the head, "No one is changing my life except me,"

"Hold on a sec," Miyako flipped through more pages until she smiled, "Ah here it is: Switches accomplished by technology, exempting gadgets advanced sufficiently to appear as magic, are the fare of mad scientists. Body-swapping devices are characterized by highly experimental status, straps, helmets with complicated cables that run to a central system and a tendency to direly malfunction before their effects can be reversed. Those without such means may resort to brain transplants. Such experiments can have overtones of horror; evil mad scientists seldom use willing test subjects."

Both Matt and Takeru paled at that, "SAY WHAT!"

"Of course!" It was Izzy's turn to slam his fist on his other hand with a grin, "Head traumas…the cause of the body swap was because of the accident right?" He watch the brothers nod their heads, "What else does it say Miyako-chan?"

"It says here: While swapping bodies remains fictional as of 2010, scientific research points to the possibility of head transplants, a brain transplant or mind transfers somewhere in the future…so it's possible you two really did swap bodies,"

Iori then pulled out another book, "I've done some research of my own, and I'm sure Yolie here told you that this happened ten years ago right?"

Izzy nodded, "What happened?"

"Well according to a newspaper article, twin boys were in a science experiment program on body switching, and it was successful for only a week,"

"What happened then?"

Iori gulped nervously, "They both died by the end of the week…"

"A week?" Takeru yelped, "I don't wanna die in the end of the week!"

"What else?" Matt asked, ignoring Takeru running around the room in panic.

"But from what I've read in another book, In 1973 a group of scientists from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland Ohio, led by Dr. Robert White, a neurosurgeon inspired by the work of Vladimir Demikhov, transplanted the head of one monkey onto another monkey's body. The animal was still able to smell, taste, hear, and see. The animal survived for eight days after the operation, even at times attempting to bite some of the staff. Dr. White successfully repeated the operation on a monkey in 2001,"

"…Are you saying we should swap BRAINS?" Matt shouted, waving his arms around madly.

"It would be a challenge, not to mention expensive to do a brain transplant…" Izzy mused, but stopped when both the Ishida boys glared dangerously at him.

"There's more!" Miyako moved near Iori as she read the book a loud, "In 2002, other head transplants were also conducted in Japan involving rats. Unlike the head transplants performed by Dr. White, however, these head transplants involved grafting one rat's head onto the body of another rat that kept its head. Thus the rat ended up with two heads."

"WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" TK screamed and ran around the room again, "I DON'T WANNA HAVE MATT'S HEAD ON MY BODY!"

Matt sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, "So now what?"

Ken walked in the room, "I could contact a scientist to help us out…"

"You'd do that?" Matt asked, making Takeru pause and fall on the sofa, "I mean, it could be difficult…"

"I'm a super genius remember?" Ken smirked and dialed on the telephone, "Leave everything to me,"

~Six days later~

Matt's eye twitched in annoyance, as he saw himself in bed, snoring away and drool coming down his chin.

It's already been days and Ken was having more difficulty finding someone to help them, but it's either the scientist couldn't figure it out or they just thought he was plain crazy. So far, Matt was enjoying been a teenager again, but was pissed off because Takeru wasn't even trying. The band was unbelievable pissed when Takeru played the chords wrong in every song and stunk at singing everytime.

Worst of all, Taichi was ignoring the both of them.

And, Joe and Sora's wedding were in 2 weeks time.

Matt decided to leave everything aside first and took a deep breath and….

"HEY WAKEY WAKEY SLEEPY HEAD!" The older blond yelled, watching his fall to the ground with a loud thud, along with a 'Owie' from Takeru.

The other blond sat up, and yawned, "Mo~rning bro…" Takeru greeted, as he ran his fingers through his hair, but only halfway since it seems his fingers were stuck in them.

"Geez Teeks, you're supposed to wash MY hair before you go to bed!" Matt scolded, as he watched in horror Takeru finally pulling his fingers out, but some hair fell out in the process.

"Oops~!" Takeru mused as he stood up, "My bad, must've forgotten…"

"Why you little-" Matt's anger and smirked evilly, and Takeru glared at him suspiciously.


"Oh nothing~!" Matt sang out as he walked out the room, but not before he shouted, "Since today is a Friday, I suppose I can get my little revenge…"

Takeru wondered what Yamato was talking about, until it hit him….Today was a no uniform day.


He ran after his brother, who was laughing like a mad scientist and was chased around the house.

Two hours later

"I hate you!"

"I know you do~!"

Standing near the school gates with his brother, Matt smirked as eyes stared at him in surprise. He still kept his hair gelled back like he did when he was 17, but today his hair had bright gold highlights.

(Matt always complained on his dirty blond TK's hair was and quoted, "No wonder this boy wears a hat all the time")

Since today was non-uniform day, Matt decided to wear loose dark jeans hung loosely around his waist so it showed his grey boxers a bit with holes ripped on the knees, a blue muscle shirt show it showed some of his now manly chest (Besides Takeru's bad diet, Matt decided that this kid needed to be in shape again…once again saying that he was so lanky and thin, and decided to work out….day….), black leather jacket over it, two wristbands on each arm, a pair of cool shades to cover his eyes and black/grey skater shoes.

All in all, Matt made his brother look like a hot stud.

"This is embarrassing…" Takeru moaned in shame as he watch his brother walking to the school, but not before he winked at a couple of cheerleaders and made a gun posture with his hand.

"I see your brother is doing well," A cold voice came from behind him.

Takeru turned around and was shocked to see Taichi standing behind him.

"H-Hey Tai…how's it going?"

"Oh you know, just peachy…" Tai spoke sarcastically.

The blond sighed as he was about to run his hand through his hair, but decided against it, "So um…you dropped Hikari off?"

Tai raised an eyebrow at him, "Like always…Hey! How about we go somewhere today?"

Blinking in surprise, Takeru asked in confusion, "Um...where though?"

"I know this awesome bar just nearby here," Tai said, then looked at him with a serious glare, "…Unless you're underage…"

Takeru gaped at him, feeling a little bit scared, "W-w-What?"

"Oh nothing," Tai smiled as he turned around and started walking, "…Takeru…"

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