Ok so this is my second story though I haven't finished the first one yet I thought of this idea and decided to write it. Ok so I hope you like it and . . . don't forget there will be FAX! (Maybe Niggy)

It's called Never Forgotten

Summary: During one fight the flock are separated and are captured and taken to separate Itex buildings. Each flock member is made to think the rest are dead. They all escape and start anew but one fateful day 5 years later they all meet on a talk show. . .

Ok here is some background info for ya

Nudge= Monique Sampson, 19 really 17

Gazzy= Zac Lawrence, 14

Max= Samantha, Sam Martinez, 22 really 20

Fang= Nick Smith, 22 really 20

Iggy= Jeff Baker, 22 really 20,

Angel= Daisy Langston, 12

Here it is

Chapter 1: Past

Sam Martinez POV

I'm Maximum Ride but since that day I'm now known as Sam, Sam Martinez. I have wings and I grew up in a cage. My family consisted of 7 people Fang, Gazzy, Angel, Nudge, Iggy, my half sister Ella and my mom. Fang, Gazzy, Nudge, Iggy, Angel and I are the flock. In a fight 5 years ago I was separated from them and captured and they all were killed.

I escaped the clutches of Itex and I went back to my mom and sister and entered into a depression, I barely ever ate sleep or drank anything I would just stare at the wall or cry. I haven't been able to face her properly since I left with the flock before they died 5 years ago. The flock were like her children and I feel responsible for their death especially because I was the leader. I know she doesn't blame me but I still feel guilty.

After about half a year I decided that Fang and the flock would want me to move on with my life. I forged some documents since I was never officially born and made myself 2 years older than I really am.

I finished off what was left of high school and went to teachers college. I am now a teacher. I teach 6-7 year olds at Sunsdale Junior School in Arizona where I still live near my mom.

I generally stay away from people except in necessity like parent teacher interviews and during lunch at school but I'm close to a few people. My best, well closest friend apart from Ella is another teacher Baily Feird. She's a 24 year old and she knows that I am really 20 and that I have a different past and never mentions it. We are really good friends us and two others Mandy Lawson and Paige Milldam and we all flat together. They all know about Fang and that all the really important people in my life died and that I had been in a depression at one stage and I still am unable to get over the event but they're all really supportive and if I ever need to talk or need a shoulder to cry on they're there for me.

Nick Smith POV

My name is Nick Smith I'm 22 and I'm a famous website designer. I'm such a liar, my name is Fang but since I lost everyone I ever cared about I changed my name to Nick. I am an experiment, a test tube baby, I grew up in a cage and I used to be on the run with my family. All this happened because I have wings. My family consisted of 5 people none related to me by blood, my little sisters, Nudge and Angel, my little brother Gazzy, my only slightly younger brother Iggy and my soul mate Maximum Ride. When we were together we were always on the run, hunted by wolf hybrids called erasers. One fight we were all separated and I was captured I found out later that the rest of my family were killed and that I was the only one alive.

I escaped my captors but I was broken. I had lost my one true love, Max, my Max and the rest of my family. I couldn't bring myself to go to Dr. M, Max's mom; I couldn't tell her that her daughter was dead so I just avoided Arizona. I decided to carry on my life so to pay for living costs I got a job at a fight club. I then got an apartment with a flat mate his name was George or something. One day I saw a newspaper with the heading 'Did the bird-kids flown the coop?' with pictures of all of us alive and happy and the hole in my chest was ripped open again and I lost control. That night I tried to commit suicide but my flatmate walked in on me and called 911 and I was taken to the hospital where sadly I survived.

Since the police got involved I was sent to a councillor and I was adopted by the smith family and I lied to say I was 17. I lived with them while I completed school. I then got an apartment with my friend, John, from high school and went to college getting a degree in electronics and began working at the fight club again.

I am now living in a different apartment but still living with John. John's knowledge of my past is nearly complete, he knows about Max, about me loving her and her dying along with my family. He knows about the wings and is the closest person to me; in fact he is the only person close to me.

I now work for an expansive company as a website designer, I'm quite famous for my work and I've won a few awards.

Monique Sampson POV

My name is now Monique Sampson, it used to be something else but that is unimportant. You see I'm different. Everyone says that but I mean it I have a very interesting past and a couple of extra limbs.

Something happened 5 years ago and I was then left alone. I was in love with this guy but I never told him and now I will never get the chance to. You see my whole family was killed.

I had a depressed stage but I took this happening as an opportunity to start again, be normal and have a normal life. I deliberately let myself be caught shoplifting one time so the police would take me and give me a family. I lied about my age and I was adopted by the Lison family and I stayed with them throughout high school though I never thought as them as my parents I will always think of her as my mom.

I finished high school and began a career as a talk show host with my favourite teacher as my manager and I changed my name to Monique Sampson.

I now have my own show, the Monique Sampson show where I am the host. It is very popular and there is a long line of celebrities waiting to get onto the show. I now live in a large fancy house in Beverly Hills alone with no one to share my success with.

Jeff Baker POV

I'm Iggy but to the outside world my name is Jeff Baker. I am one of the infamous bird-kids, part of the flock but there is no longer a flock, everyone but me is dead.

I didn't even get to say goodbye because I was separated from them. I lost my best friend and bomb-making partner, my big sis, my, just, big bro, my little sister and the girl I never got to tell that I loved her.

Yes my life sucked.

When everyone else died I got captured by Itex. I escaped about a month later using my bomb-making talent. When I was free I was lost, I was alone and blind not knowing where I was.

I made it to a town and decide to stay there. Here I skipped a couple of years and finished up high school. I then went to college to get a degree in chemistry and on to teaching college.

My flatmate Dave and I are good friends but he doesn't know much about my past.

I am now a blind high school chemistry teacher who's loved by my students living with my flatmate Dave and gets to do what I love everyday just sadly not with the people I love and the people who understand me.

Daisy Langston POV

My name is Daisy Langston. It has been since the flock was destroyed. Yes I was in the flock, I was and am Angel. I have wings and I can fly.

I was 7 when we fought the last fight the flock would ever fight together. We were all separated and the rest of the flock was killed off, I was the only one left alive and they captured me.

I was kept in a cage for another few months of my life before I managed to escape. The escape was easy enough but what does a 7 year old do who's all alone with the rest of her family including her older brother dead.

I handed myself to the police saying I had no family and I was put up to adoption. The adoption centre found out about my unusual ability with animals and I was adopted by the Langston's, a circus family.

I am still homeschooled by them and we are travelling around the country and are quite famous with me as the main event. Our next stop is Hollywood.

Zac Lawrence POV

I'm known as Zac now but I used to be Gazzy, one of the pyro bird-kids of the infamous flock.

Examine 'used' because 5 years the flock was destroyed they were all killed, my sister, Max, all of them and I was the only one to make it out alive but I was captured instead of killed, kept in a cage and experimented on daily.

I made it out about half a year later and stopped in a small town for food. I realised that I liked this town and decided to stay for a while until I knew what to do with my life.

About 6 months later I was caught by the police for stealing and they thought I was a runaway and put me in foster care.

I was adopted by the Lawrence's and I am still with them. It's been four years but I will never think of them as my parents, they didn't raise me, Max and Fang did. We have now moved to Hollywood and I go to high school with my step sister Harriet.

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