Just a quick one-shot inspired by season 3, then I'll leave you alone XD Cuz Sinedd and Mei's relationship needed a little fleshing out. This is sorta like what one of my feature length fics that is coming soon is going to be like, except more edgy. Hope you enjoy this one-shot!

He'd always been first, no matter what the public had wanted to had been him not D'jok who was always going to be the most important guy in her life and it was going to stay that way.

She'd been slowly distancing herself away from D'jok over the past few years and she felt bad...which was weird as it wasn't really Mei's 'thing' to feel bad for other people, she was strong and so expected others to be strong too.

This demeanour was of course well hidden when her relationship with the Snowkid's star striker started.

She had felt something for D'jok but always in the background there'd been Sinedd and their -it couldn't be called a relationship it felt too unhealthy to be that- obsession with one another.

They argued a lot; her and Sinedd- sometimes going to extreme lengths to upset the other:

He by fouling her, and she by kissing D'jok in the final.

Mei wasn't quite sure when the 'thing' (as she aptly called it) had evolved into love (at least for her it had evolved) but, it had.

And when it had all gotten too much for Mei, she had run back to him with all the anger, sorrow and confusion that only he could understand.

They'd both been waiting for the push- the thing that would set 'it' into motion and it was D'jok who presented the opportunity.

He had angered Mei so much that she had gained the smog.

Sinedd relished this as his rival was effectively giving her to him.

But it wasn't the same as it would have been a few years back because Sinedd loved her now and he loved being allowed to love her. He loved being able to show it; to the cameras, to the teams, to D'jok and mainly also to her.

Mei found it quite funny and a little sorrowful that Sinedd had only found the guts now to tell her he loved her (in that soft voice put aside only for her) because he'd always been the first for her...whether he knew it or not...and he always would be.

There you go- Cuz I'm a crazy SineddXMei fangirl XD Umm as I mentioned before my next major fic will be a Mei-Tia friendship but after that I've got a SineddXMei full length story that I've already started working on. The Mei-Tia one will be out some time (not sure when) after season 3 as it's integral to the story that I know what happens. The SineddXMei one will be out sometime after the Mei-Tia one is finished. Don't worry I have titles for them! XD Hope you enjoyed this fic :D xxx