Title: My Sweet Revenge

Genre: Romantic/Drama/Hurt/Comfort

Chapter Fifteen: Yua Fujiwara

-Sweet Revenge-

Hotaru looked at her seriously, "Don't what me! Sumire told me that you love that guy." She shouted at Mikan, who was currently covering her ears to protect them from Hotaru's sermon.

"W-wait Hotaru! Just listen to me." She pleaded. At last, she finally shut her mouth and lets her talk. But what she doesn't know is why is she mad that Mikan loved that guy? Could it be, because Yua and Natsume are secretly going out?

"I do love him. You can't blame me right?" Mikan let out a big sigh, tapping her finger on the table.

"Mikan…. Can't you see that Yua and Natsume are secretly going out?" She tried to convince her; Mikan in return, looked hurt and shattered.

"How did you know Hotaru? What evidence do you have?" She was expecting for an answer. She really really wanted to know if they are going out. Knowing Hotaru, as a genius, she would reveal any dirty little secret every human has.

But of course, geniuses are also persons. They aren't perfect like God. Oh yeah, speaking of God, Mikan prayed everyday that Natsume would like her back and live happily ever after. Of course, she believes in happily ever after. She is too childish to believe that princes and princesses are real.

Back to Hotaru.

She was still waiting patiently for her answer. "Can't you see dummy? They are so close to each other. Are you blind? Or you really want to get hurt?" She said, sipping her tea pretending to be cool.

"That doesn't mean that they are going out!" She defended herself, she was half-shouting. While Hotaru's amethyst eyes widen by her actions. She never shouted at her, nor competes with her. But now, she finally knows how much she loves Natsume.

"Fine. Don't come crying to me like a baby when you got hurt." Hotaru stand up, leaving the exhausted Mikan behind.

"No Hotaru, I'm sure. He won't disappoint me." She whispered to herself.

-Sweet Revenge-

"Let's go to the mall!" Shouted a jolly Koko. They are planning on what they will do this boring Saturday. Not all of them agreed, so they decided to think of a new one.

"How about an amusement park?" A young guy with dirty-blonde hair, wearing pair of glasses – Raises his hands hoping that they will agree to him. He was dying to ride Wheel of Fate and Jungle Log Jam. Oh, thrilling rides eh?

"I wanted to go there!" Ruka nodded his head in agreement. All of them nodded their heads except for Natsume and Hotaru, and oh, also Mikan?

Koko glances at Mikan; he was a hundred percent worried about her.

"Mikan," He paused and Mikan looked at Koko.

"You seem quiet…. Normally, you would jump up and down if you knew we will be going to an amusement park or somethin'. Is something bothering you?" Koko asked her with a glint of concern in his voice. Mikan just frown at him, but then after a minute, she smiled at him weakly.

"Of course Koko. I'm alright. I just feel sick." She reasoned out.

-Sweet Revenge-

"Mikan, this is Yua. My childhood friend." Natsume then looked at Yua who was smiling cheerfully at Mikan.

Mikan, in return smiled back at her, and sticks out her right hand. "It's nice to meet you Fujiwara-san." Mikan greeted her in a polite way. Though, jealousy's slowly enveloping her heart, she tried her best to look presentable so that Natsume will be proud of her.

"Ah, It's nice to meet you too Sakura-san. I'm actually Natsume-kun's ex-girlfriend when we were juniors." She proudly said to Mikan. She slowly took her hand and shakes it.

Mikan frowned at the statement which made Yua curious because of her unwanted expression.

"Uhm, did I say something wrong Sakura-chan?" Mikan shook her head, pulling her hand back. She didn't want to tell her she loves Natsume. She's too scared to get rejected.

"No Fujiwara-san. So, are you coming with us?" She tried to change the topic, while Yua notice this; she played along and tried to forget what happened a while ago.

"Yeah, I'm coming. Would you mind?" She smiled once again, and glances at Natsume. In return, Natsume just looked at her confusingly.

"The more the merrier right?" They both laugh harmoniously, while Natsume stared at Mikan secretly without them knowing. He doesn't know why he's always stealing a glance at Mikan. Weird isn't?

-Sweet Revenge-

"Wooohoo! We're all here!" They all shouted in unison once they entered the big gates of the amusement park. All of them shared the same aura.

"So, let's go in pairs." Hotaru suggested to them, while they just look at each other with a confuse expression plastered on their faces.

"What do you mean Imai-san?" Ruka asked.

"I don't want to go with too much crowd." Hotaru reasoned out, they all agreed at Hotaru's suggestion.

"Hotaru and Ruka," Koko was only teasing, but he didn't know that she would agree to that.

"Sumire and Koko." Hotaru shot back, wanting a revenge to Koko. Ruka then pushed Sumire close to Koko, as they bump each other.

"Hey watch it!" Sumire shouted in embarrassment.

"Natsume and Mikan." Natsume didn't respond, nor Mikan.

"No." Sumire and Hotaru disagreed in unison.

"Why not?" Koko asked.

"Can't you see? They don't like being paired up.'' Sumire rolled her eyes.

"Uhm, Then, I'll pair with Sakura-chan." Yua grab Mikan's arms, and smiled.

"Natsume won't ride the rides anyway. So let him be. Let's go Sakura-chan!" Yua drag Mikan away from them. Mikan was still dumbfounded of what happened.

-Sweet Revenge

"So, where do you want to ride first Sakura-chan?" Yua asked in a cheerful manner.

"Why did you do that?" Mikan asked her blankly.

"Hmm, I just wanted to talk to you about something." She looked around the amusement park and spotted her favorite ride.

Wheel of Fate.

"How about we ride the Ferris Wheel?" Mikan looked at her in disbelief.

"You ride the Ferris wheel?" Mikan then started to creep out. Never in her life had she ridden a Ferris wheel. She's too scared of heights.

"Of course! Let's go now!" Yua once again drag Mikan, who was once again dumb founded because of Yua's childishness.

-Sweet Revenge-

Mikan wrap her arms around her legs. "Don't look down, don't look down." Mikan shut her eyes close; they were currently riding a Ferris wheel.

Yua laughed after seeing Mikan's action. "Sakura-chan, it's alright. Riding a Ferris wheel won't kill you." Yua then gave her a reassuring smile. But that didn't help at all. Mikan's legs trembled when the Ferris wheel stop.

"Is it over?" She whispered. But she heard no reply. She peeked her head on the window to see that they are on top.

"AHHHHH! DAMN IT SO HIGH!" Mikan's tummy started to growl. Like she was going to puke.

"Sakura-chan don't like rides like this eh?" Yua whispered.

"Eh?" Muttered a scared Mikan.

"When I was second year high school…" She paused and looked away. "Do you want me to continue?"

Mikan nodded.

"I was scared of riding the Ferris wheel too." She chuckled at the memory.

"Really?" Mikan asked curiously. She was now getting excited about her story.

"Well, Natsume told me 'Don't be scared, you won't fall silly.' That sentence keeps on ringing in my head." Her smile never left her angelic face.

"When I was with Natsume, for the first time, I felt love and care." Mikan kept quiet, slightly surprise.

"And then?"

"I broke up with him." Yua looked at her, like she was having no regrets.

"Why? She asked again. How could she broke up with him?

"I can't answer that." Mikan sighed disappointedly. "But one thing for sure. Right now I only love him as a friend. I know, and it's quite obvious that you love him." Yua chuckled, and Mikan's face lit up.

"Then, will you help me confess to him?" Mikan puppy dog eyes to her.

"Of course." Yua high-five with her. And they both laugh like crazy children.

-Sweet Revenge-

"Oh, so your good friends now eh?" Koko smirked playfully.

"Yeah, she's a really fun companion. Trust me." Mikan winked, knowing Mikan, she can easily be-friends with different kind of person.

"Oi baka." Hotaru started, and a vein popped on Mikan's forehead.

"Take a look at this." She flashed her pictures riding in the Ferris wheel a while ago. It was truly embarrassing. Now they all saw how weak Mikan is.

"H-Hotaru! Give me that!" Mikan tried to grab the pictures, but Hotaru run as fast as she could.

"HOTARU!" Mikan shouted, and runs after her.

All of them, including Natsume, sweat-dropped. "Tch tch, poor Mikan."

-Sweet Revenge-

"I'm glad that you two are friends already." Natsume complimented.

"Of course, she's really fun and jolly. I like her." Yua sip on her tea cup, with her legs crossed.

"So, are we going to visit Aoi-chan?" Yua whispered, sticking her eyes on the floor.

"Yes, we'll visit her tomorrow." Natsume answered.

-Sweet Revenge-