Forgetting Kevin's Birthday

Chapter 1

"Morning everyone" Joe Lucas said walking down to the kitchen and taking a seat across from Nick and Kevin who looked quite upset.

"What's up with Kevin?" Joe said to Nick who shrugged just as Kevin left the table leaving a part of his breakfast behind.

"Okay something is so wrong with Kevin, he hardly touched his breakfast and he's grumpy. Did one of his guitars break or something" Their dad Tom Lucas said trying and failing to be funny.

"Yeah dad that's so not it" Nick Lucas said pretneding to laugh rolling his eyes at his dad's back then he looked at Joe.

"So it's not a guitar, it's so not a girl cause Kevin's known to say, why do I need a girl when I've got my band so I can't think of anything else" Nick said just as Kevin walked past them dressed for school in his Horace Mantis Academy shirt and beige trousers.

As Kevin shut the door, Joe and Nick both heard girls screaming outside but didn't hear any clothes shreading which was different.

"Keep an eye on him today boys" Tom said and Joe and Nick hurried after Kevin.

Once at school, the guys walked to their lockers, well Joe and Nick walked whilst Kevin kind of mopped along.

"I can't stand this any longer" Joe said as he opened his locker bringing out his english lit and Biology textbooks before shoving them in his bag just as Kevin reached them.

"Hey Kevin so I just saw a lovely rabbit in the shape of a cloud with your name on it" Joe said but Kevin just shruuged. This was so unlike their brother. He would have been looking for it by now.

"Kevin, Macys coming and she's got a spere" Nick said pretending to duck down whilst Joe looked at him like he was stupid and Kevin took out his books.

"So, that'll be a lot more amusing to me today than anything else" Kevin said before moving away and Joe shut his locker over.

"Okay there is so something up with him, what did he mean about today, nothing is happening today except, oh no wait a minute..." Joe said digging through his bag for something then he brought it out, it was a panda pencil.

"That was close, I need it for my English lit test or else I'd be toast."

"Yeah, yeah sure" Nick said not really listening as he was too focused on working out why his older brother was in such a mess.

"Hey guys, where's Kevin, I've got something for him" Their friend and stylist Stella Malone said reaching them.

"Don't know he's been acting weird all day and he hardly touched his breakfast."

"Oh poor thing anyway tell him to come and see me later, I have a coolest outfit ever for him" Stella said walking away then Nick turned to Joe.

"Joe, I know you think this is weird but we have to go undercover and find out why Kevin is acting so weird and sane all of a sudden."

Joe laughed high fiving Nick "Really, oh yeah."

Nick shook his head and the two headed for the drama class as they were allowed anything from there as their teacher loved them.

Once they changed, they went outside and saw Kevin sitting in the open aired room so they walked in.

"Hello kind sir" Joe said putting on an accent and Nick shook his head at Joe's behavoiur.

"Joe I know it's you" Kevin said looking up and they saw he didn't have one of the goofy smiles on his face.

"Oh I'm not Joe, I Joe's twin brother Jim."

"Jim" I said whispering into Joe's ear "Thousands even millions of names in the world and you had to pick Jim."

Joe shrugged looking at me then we looked back and saw Kevin was gone.

"And I was so getting good at that" Joe said taking off the hat and fixing his hair.

"Yeah sure you were Jim, let's go."