Chapter 7

As Joe, Nick, Stella and Macy all stood at Joe and Nick's lockers the next day, they began to talk amongst themselfs about what Kevin would say.

"I really hope he says he forgives us or else me and Joe will find it awkward cause we live with him" Nick said and Joe nodded just as they saw Kevin walk up.

Soon enough he reached them and Joe opened his locker bringing out a handmade card which had a picture of Kevin's favouirte thing, an otter playing the trumpet and below it, it said "Sorry for making you blow your top."

Joe handed the card over then waited whilst Kevin read it then he looked up.

"Okay thanks Joe and I decided that since it's Joe's birthday tomorrow and I was a big massive jerk to you guys cause of the fact that you forgot my birthday, I thought to myself that I should make it up to you guys so Nick, Stella, Macy could you come with me please and Joe stay there."

Kevin walked away with Nick, Stella and Macy then he whispered something so Joe couldn't hear them and they all nodded then Nick walked back up to Joe.

"So is Kevin alright with us now?" Joe said and Nick nodded just as the lights went out and Joe screamed cause he was quite scared of the dark before the lights finally came back up and someone was standing infront of him with a blindfold on and Joe saw it was Kevin.

"Kevin" Joe said but Kevin didn't say anything until a second later.

"Wrong answer you will spend an eternity in the firehouse."

Joe shook Kevin who finally doubled over in laughter and Joe was stuck.

"Who says payback is awesome is wrong, it's amazing and priceless."

Joe hugged his brother thankfull he was happy and not mad about forgetting his birhtday.

He'd just have to remember next year.

The End.