Benjamin's Diary

Dear diary,

Everyone thinks I'm grumpy. Isn't that how donkeys are supposed to be? I'm only grumpy because this whole rebellion is ridiculous. We haven't gained freedom, all that's happened is that power has transferred from Jones to Napoleon. We got decent food when Jones was around, now we get plain food and those horrible, selfish, sneaky pigs get all the nice food. I'm glad that this diary is secret. I don't dare to imagine how Napoleon would punish me for this if he ever finds it. I have such a good hiding place for it, though, but I'm not going to write it here. It's too secret. But, back to matters on the farm.

I can't be bothered to give animals straight answers when they ask me questions, because they won't believe my answers. I just say 'have you ever seen a dead donkey?' No wonder they think I'm grumpy. Anyone would be grumpy if they helped collect a load of gorgeous, juicy apples gleaming bright red in the sunshine and then didn't get any. I like apples, but those thieving pigs ate them all themselves.

You know, I've been thinking. You know, if I could live in my dream world, there would be no pigs. None at all. Actually, come to think of it, there would be no animals. Only me. On my own. No thieving humans, pigs or any other animal except me. That's how I like it. There would be no farms, either. No stupid fields to plough, no harvest to bring in, no heavy machinery to drag and no windmills to build. And definitely no stupid, stinking pigs. I hate those pigs. Snowball was a slightly better ruler, but after Snowball chased him away things have gone from bad to worse. In my world there would only be me so no one would argue like Snowball and Napoleon always did. Plus there would be no stupid rebellions. I would have just one field of grass, a full manger of hay and an apple tree. Maybe a carrot patch as well. I am rather partial to carrots. I think that would be very niceā€¦

I hate the ways of humans, especially reading and writing. In my world I would never read or write. There's no point of it. Animals have never learnt their letters before now and we were fine then. Better off than we are now, anyway. Also, I would be a better leader than 'comrade' Napoleon. Donkeys live a long time. Have you ever seen a dead donkey? No, I didn't think so. Also, those sneaky pigs are living in the farm house. I remember that it was to be set aside as a museum even if nobody else does.

Well, I have to leave now, as there is yet more backbreaking work to be done to help build that pointless windmill. I may write again, or I may not.