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(Some where in Odiba Japan…)

"Cody, TK, wait up!"

"Oh, hey there Davis," said TK, who had Patamon sitting on this hat.

Cody seemed annoyed, "What took you so long Davis? We have been waiting for 20 minutes. Do you want to be late for Tai's game?

Veemon spoke up in his partners defense, "Hey! Were not that late, besides Davis told me it's fashionable to be a little late."

"No it's not silly," Patamon Giggled.

Davis shoved Veemon, "When did I ever say anything like that!"

"Last week, but your skulls is so thick memories must not get in!" Veemon retorted.

"Cody, are we go 'in?" Armadillomon asked from the end of the block. Cody nodded to him.

TK, Cody, and Patamon started to follow Armadillomon to the soccer field where Tai's game was. TK stopped and turned to the two idiots…

"Um, guys, it would probably do you both some good to stop fighting and come with us to the game."

"Right!" they said in unison.

"Matt isn't this cute on me?"

"Sure is babe," Matt smiled and tugged playfully at his girlfriends new scarf. "Maybe you will go into fashion one day."

"Maybe," said Sora. "Come on we don't want to be late to Tai's game."

She put the Scarf on the Couch then they exited her apartment and headed off.

"Sorry, so sorry, oh excuse me sir," Izzy Izumi said as he navigated his way around people in the noisy subway towards the boarding platform.

"Hey! Watch where your- Izzy?"

"Joe… that you?"

"Yeah it's me, how have you been Izzy, long time no see."

"Your tell 'in me. Where are you headed."

"I'm just going off to one of my college classes, how about you."

"I'm headed home, I just picked up Zabia Corporations latest hard drive for my computer, you know to be able to communicate with the Digital World more easily." He held up the package he was carrying.

"Sounds cool, speaking of communication have you heard from Mimi lately?"

"Yeah she just sent me an E-mail, it sounds like she's doing well."

"That's good to hear. Is Tentomon at your house?"

"Yeah, speaking of which, is Gomamon still in the Digital World?"

"Yes and as a matter of fact, I was just going to visit him after school today."

"Oh… so your not going to Tai's game then?"

"Fraid not… speaking of Tai, is he still into Sora like you told me he was."

"I don't know Joe, none of us do, it's a topic nobody brings up anymore, as if they are all trying to avoid it."

"I'm sure Tai will move on eventually."

"Hope so. Anyway see you around Joe."

"Bye Izzy, nice talking to you."

"You two are the closest siblings I've ever met Kari," Yolei said to her.

"Yes, it was very kind of you to make a sign for him Kari," ken exclaimed.

"An absolutely splendid idea I agree," Hawkmon Chimed in.

"I'm sure he will love it Kari," Biyomon said happily, "And because it came from you, it makes it all the more special."

Biyomon and Gabumon had spent the first half of the day at the Kamiya's so Matt and Sora could go on their Date.

"Thanks you guys, I think he'll like it too," Kari smiled.

"Ken, as soon as we get to the field can we find some shade, this heat is burning me up," Wormmon said drearily.

"You don't like it Wormmon?" Asked Gabumon.


"I love it, it's drying off my fur coat fast."

Gatomon got bored staring at a lamppost and responded to Gabumon's comment. "Well it's not my fault you chose to come into the bathroom while I was taking a catnap by the sink. Otherwise you wouldn't have gotten wet.

"Who takes naps in the bathroom?" Yolei asked sincerely.

"I do, that's who!" Gatomon said annoyed. "It's the only place a cat can get some prrrivacy. And the only reason I'm going to this game is so I can play with the spare soccer balls."

"Your Funny Gatomon," Kari told her Digimon, "Come on everyone lets go."

"Great. I can't wait to see if all the rumors about Tai's skill are true, because he may be on my team for the Japanese North South Cup," Ken said, more to himself then anyone else.

Tai was sitting in the bleachers putting on his cleats and prepping to go down to the field with his team mates to warm up. As long as he didn't play horribly in this game, he just new he would be accepted into the Japanese North South Cup. It was something to look forward to, as now a days he was always feeling a little bit down.

He noticed he was getting stares from the other people in the bleachers, particularly from girls. This was something he and the other digidestined had gotten use to, because thanks to a number of circumstances and events, most recently the attack of Armageddemon a year ago, they were know through out all Japan. The world at large was now aware of them, and to a lesser extent the other digidestined around the planet.

He was only attracting some of the attention, the rest was being directed at the orange dinosaur sitting beside him chomping on a huge sandwich no human could finish in one sitting.

"I think your gunna do great Tai. Just remember what I told you, stay calm, focused, and be ready for anything."

"Thanks Agumon, I keep it in mind."

He glanced at a couple of girls around his age that giggled and quickly looked away when he looked at them. They were all really cute but he didn't seem to notice.

As he got up he put his blue head band on that he had worn for so long and thought to himself…

'Got to look good out their in front of- Tai stop- just stop doing this to yourself… concentrate on the game.'

He sighed and went down to the field.

"Good luck Tai, cut them up!" 'I hope he does well… he needs this…' Agumon thought.

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