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Uniting Souls

About a week had passed since the defeat of Deathapocalymon. The Digidestined had returned home, and their Digimon decided to go with them. They wouldn't be able to go back for a while because of something Izzy described as a flaw in the space time continuum data flux. They didn't have a clue what that meant, but Gennai had told them the Digiworld would need to go through some repairs before it was stable once again.

So they all when home, much to the pleasure of their families. Izzy's mom wouldn't stop hugging him. He didn't really mind, he knew she was just really worried about him. He spent some of his time trying to communicate with the Digital World, but found it near impossible at the moment.

Mimi's parents had finally come over to Japan and she went to stay with them in a Hotel. Obviously they had some long and interesting conversations. Mimi had gone shopping with some of her old friends too. She was starting to prefer the New York style, but missed some of the cloths only found in Japan.

Jun had to practically pry Davis off her when he got back. Then they went right back to ignoring each other when they weren't fighting. It didn't take Davis long to get back into "Davis mode" as Yolei called it, it is best described as; wake up at two, eat, play video games, eat, play more video games, eat, nap, more video games, eat again, more video game, eat once more, and then fall asleep at three in the morning. Sometimes he would go out and play soccer.

Matt went to his Dad's and TK to his Mom's. The family got together briefly a few days ago, the usual talk took place; the how have you been, and the nice seeing you again. TK had gone to see Kari a few times, just to talk, and kiss when Tai had his back turned. As it turns out, Matt did break his arm. So he went to have a cast put on at the hospital, managed to get a date with a cute student nurse there too.

Life when back to usual for Cody. He continued to practice Kendo with his grandfather. All he knew was that he was thrilled this was over.

Joe re-commenced his studying to become a doctor, but he still managed to be apart of the many phone conversations that had been buzzing through the Digidestined's phones for the past week.

Ken when to go see his parents in the hospital. They were both okay, and told him not to worry. He still managed to beat himself up over the incident though. Yolei was actually glad to see her siblings for a change, but that got old quick. Ken and Yolei had managed to go out on their first date, it was on the quiet awkward side, but they had begun to relax by the end.

Tai and Sora actually didn't have much contact over the passed week. Tai had gone to see Sora play tennis once, like he always use to do. They talked briefly afterward but both had to go. The next day Sora called wanting to know if Tai wanted to go on a date, but he was busy with something. So they didn't see each other face to face, but talked a lot on the phone to make up for it.

They had agreed to announce their engagement to everyone at the party that had been planned for all of the chosen along with their Digimon and families. It was going to be at the Shore Boat, perhaps ironically right by the place Matt held his concert the Christmas Digimon invaded Earth.

"Come on Kids, we'll be late!" Mr. Kamiya slipped out the front door.

"Man, he gets cranky when he's hungry," Gatomon said while playing a video game with Agumon.

"Don't judge, hunger is one of the worst best things in the world," said Agumon while trying to get the upper hand on Gatomon's in game avatar.

Gatomon snorted, "What does that even mean?"

"Well, its bad because your hungry and empty, but good because you can eat and feel full again," Agumon said pointedly. Gatomon sighed and put down her controller

"I guess that makes sense."

Kari and Tai came out of their rooms at the same time. Kari was wearing a simple pink dress and Tai was wearing slacks and a T-shirt with an open blue dress shirt over it. The way he whore it seemed to say, I don't care what you think of how I look. They saw each other.

"You look nice," Tai professed honestly.

"You too," Kari returned the complement. "Ready to see Sora for the first time in almost a week?" There was comical backlash in her question.

"Yeah," Tai chuckled, "yeah." They stared at each other a little more before Kari took hold of Tai's arm and they walked out together, behind Agumon and Gatomon.

(The Shore Boat)

Matt and TK were talking with Patamon and Gabumon in the reserved room at the back of the restaurant. They were the first to arrive along with their parents, who had went to discuss food with the kitchen.

The room was large with multiple tables and one large curved window.

Patamon was on his back in TK's lap, drinking a Soda he snuck from home. Matt was flipping through the channels on the flat screen TV that was suspended from the ceiling, Gabumon lazily watched him.

Finally Izzy and his parents arrived. "Hey guys, what's up?" The two brothers and Digimon looked up, Patamon's empty soda can fell to the floor.

"Hi, Izzy," they all said happily, "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Izumi." The Izumi's sat down across from them.

"Hey Izzy, where's Tentomon?" Patamon asked.

"I don't know, he was right behind us a second ago…" As if on cue, Tentomon came running into the room.

"I, got, held up, by a, little boy, or maybe it was a girl, that thought I was a stuffed animal," Tentomon said, practically out of breath. They all laughed a little. Then the Kamiya's walked in, followed by an arguing cat and dinosaur. Kari skipped her way over to her boyfriend and sat down next to him. Patamon had to wiggle his way out of being squished. He landed at Gatomon's feet, they exchanged a sigh of understanding.

Much to the displeasure of TK and Kari, Tai when to sit on the opposite side of TK and put an arm around him.

Tai looked at TK, "Hi TK, how are you?," as he spoke in a way that was a little to friendly he put his hand on TK's shoulder and squeezed, perhaps a little to hard.

"H-hi, Tai, I'm good, how are you?" He tried to smile as best he could, but Tai didn't return it. Instead Tai reached for TK's drink.

"Mined if I have a sip." It was more of a statement then a question.

"Well uh…" TK fell silent, as Tai's hand clamped down on his shoulder even harder. It hurt now. Tai took a generous portion of the liquid and then put it down. Matt and Izzy looked on amused. Kari however shot her brother an annoyed glare.

"Come on," Tai said as he pulled the younger boy to his feet, "lets go for a walk." TK looked desperately at Kari who returned the glance, hoping this wouldn't be the last time they saw each other. TK tried to catch Matt's eye, but he was to busy suppressing a laugh, he knew what Tai was up to and he really didn't mind.

Tai and TK strolled through the large restaurant, actually Tai strolled while he dragged TK along.

"So TK, you like my sister huh?"

"Yeah, I like her a lot," TK said as confidently as possible.

"So much so you feel the need to jerk off while thinking of her?" TK couldn't answer. What was he suppose to say to that?

"You haven't answered," Tai said getting impatient.

"Okay fine! Yes I've done that. Its not like you haven't while thinking about Sora… while she was dating Matt!"

Tai was ready for this comeback, "True, that is true. But Kari is my sister, do you know what kind of position that puts me in?" Tai glared at TK.

"I would never, ever think of doing anything, ever, without your sist-ugh!" Tai punched him in the stomach. Not as hard as he could, but enough to shut up TK.

"That's the problem. See, I know you would never do anything, but she might."

"Then how would that be my fault?" TK whined.

"It wouldn't, but I'd still blame you. Do you understand what I'm saying?" TK thought for a moment.

"Yes, I understand you completely."

"Great," Tai said as if he was glad this was finally over. He started to walk away but then turned back to TK and winked, "Lets keep this to ourselves, just like the time we kissed Catherine in France. He left TK standing by the front of the restaurant. He walked back and found Tai sitting with Matt, Izzy, Tentomon, Gabumon, and Agumon at another table in the room. He breathed out and sat back down next to Kari.

"So, what did you guys talk about?" Kari asked.

"Nothing, just that he'd beat me up if we did anything to… mature."

"He'd beat you up?" TK nodded. Kari looked thoughtful for a second, then lunged at him. "So that means I would get away scot-free!" TK struggled to get away. 'Why does Kari have to be so like Tai some times? I knew I would end up dieing pre-maturely!' TK thought to himself.

"You looked really cute yesterday in your basketball jersey," Kari whispered in his ear and kissed it softly. TK stopped struggling and blushed at the complement. "And don't worry, I don't plan to get you killed for a while.

Patamon turned to Gatomon under the table, "Do you think we will ever understand humans?"

"No, I really doubt we ever will."

The Tachikawa's walked in with Palmon. Mrs. Tachikawa immediately struck up a conversation with the women, while her husband talked to the men. That's when Matt and TK's parents walked into the room with what looked like a manager.

"So I guess that's everything except the, uh, Digimon," said the manager. Palmon looked up at him.

"Just bring us one of everything, and then keep them coming. Oh and don't worried about money Gabumon's partner Matt is rich," the plant said to the man. He looked down at her with his mouth open and then looked at Mr. Ishida.

"Yeah, just cook everything in massive quantities."

"I'll need something a little more specific then that."

"That's as specific as it gets, trust me." With that the manager just left shacking his head.

Davis walked in with Veemon in his arms followed by Jun and their parents. Davis went to go talk to TK and Kari while Jun went to Matt.

"Hey Matt," Jun addressed him with a smile.

"Oh, hi Jun," Matt became uneasy.

"I heard you and Sora broke up."

"*Sigh* listen Jun…"

"No, no! I'm not going to bother you again, so don't worry, I actually have a boyfriend. I just wanted to know if you were okay?"

"Oh… well, yeah. Thanks for asking. Actually I have a date tomorrow with a girl I met in the hospital," Matt referenced his cast.

"Ouch. Well okay! Cool, maybe we can double date sometime? See yah." She walked away.

"How the hell do you do that?" Izzy asked Matt.


"That!" Izzy pointed to Matt's cast.

"Get my arm broken?" Now Izzy was frustrated.

"NO! Stop being as dense as Tai! How do you just walk into a hospital of all places, and get a girl to go out with you?"

"Izzy, I'll be honest, I have no idea how I do that. Girls just walk up to me and start talking."

Izzy continued to probe Matt for information while Tai dismissed himself to go to the men's room.

Tai did his business, washed his hands, and then walked out. He was stopped by none other then Yuko Nagainata, the girl who had always flirted with him in school.

"Hi, there Tai!"

"Hi, Yuko, um, how are you?"

"Great, listen, are you doing anything tomorrow?"

"I don't think so, why?"

"Well, me and some friends are going to the movies want to come?"

"Thanks for the offer but, um, I might be, I don't really know, I'm kinda…"

Yuko laughed, "Relax Tai, I'm not that scary. Just give me a call kay?" Before Tai could answer, she kissed him, he quickly back away. He looked flabbergasted.

Matt had come around the corner and saw the whole thing. Tai noticed him.

"Matt! I, she, she kissed me I swear, I backed away!"

Matt seemed to have noticed this and was looking at Yuko critically, "I saw Tai, don't worry." Yuko seemed confused and hurt.

"I don't understand, what did I do?"

"I'm seeing someone Yuko!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, its just, I thought you were single and…" she trailed off and got red in the face. She quickly walked passed Matt and out of sight. Tai tried to say something to Matt but, Matt waved a hand to silence him.

"Don't worry I won't tell Sora, but you should. Secrets and relationships don't work together. Trust me she can take it, just tell her as soon as possible," with that Matt walked passed him into the men's room.

A little later on, Joe, Gomamon, and his family arrived. Followed by Cody, Armadillomon, his grandfather, and his Mother. Ken and Yolei arrived holding hands, along with their respective families and partners. Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji had since recovered in the hospital and were now on their feet. They all sat down. Tai was getting worried Sora wouldn't show up, but finally…

"Tai!" "Sora!" They ran to each other and Tai picked her up in his arms. Both of them had a look in their eyes… most call it love. They began to share a long passionate kiss, it seemed they forgot all their friends and family were watching.

Biyomon just ignored them and went to sit next to Palmon. Sora's Mom was getting a little impatient waiting for them to finish, she always was a little worried when ever a boy was practically eating her daughters face. She reminded herself though that this was Tai, he was a good man and had been Sora's friend for longer then she could remember. Plus Sora really seemed to be enjoying it.

The two finally split apart and Tai flashed his famous grin to Mrs. Takenouchi in a friendly but slightly nervous kind of way. She returned it. In fact, just like Tai's parents, she wondered what took them so long to give each other a chance.

Sora dragged Tai over to the window. "So, how are you Tai?"

"Nervous as hell," he answered honestly, "you?"

"I'm sure it will be… fine." There was something else in Sora's statement. Tai couldn't quite tell what it was, but it was there.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be? I think our parents will be a little shocked, but, they will just have to deal with it won't they?"

"That's my girl," Tai grinned. People where beginning to sit at the tables getting ready for the food to arrive. Tai decided he needed to act now. "Sora can we talk outside for a second?"

"Sure, Tai." He led her out to a large balcony that came with the reserved room, it looked out over the ocean. The air was warm and there was barley a breeze, it was nice. The sun was half way down, it's ominous glow hidden by the clouds. The sun set was nothing short of spectacular.

"It's beautiful," Sora said quietly.

"I know, she is," Tai replied. Sora thought it was weird for Tai to call the sun a she. Then again, he always was a little goofy that way. It was cute though, so she didn't mind. She noticed him staring at her out of the corner of her eye. She faced him and saw an expression on his face she had never seen before, on anyone.

His eyes were as soft as cotton, his facial features more relaxed then she thought possible for him. It was obviously a look of adoration. Only… was this much adoration possible for humans?

"Tai, stop staring, your making me blush…" her voice trailed out to nothing. She wanted to look away but she couldn't, those soft, creamy chocolate eyes were drawing her in.

Tai slowly stepped up to her and pulled her body into his. He drew her into a very soft kissed. She began to softly kiss back. This was different then any of their other kisses for some reason, it felt… unearthly. She could feel her knees giving out as she melted into him and into the kiss. She began to softly moan as all her muscles relaxed. Now she was literally not supporting any of her own weight, if Tai wasn't holding her up, she would fall face first onto the wooden plank floor of the balcony.

Tai pushed her away just enough to stare into her crimson eyes. They looked drunk with happiness and… well, perhaps unaware of everything they were seeing, her brain seemed to have switch off. She wasn't even really staring back at him.

"Sora?" Tai whispered. Her eyes looked into his, but she still whore the same unconscious express. Tai still figured she was listening though so he continued. "I have a gift for you."

"Really? What?"

"Well, first I have to tell you something. Matt said I should, so, here goes. You know Yuko? From school?" She nodded. "Well, she was here just a little while ago and, well, she kissed me."

Sora was a little surprised to here this and lost her dreamy expression. She didn't look mad though. "What did you do?" She didn't sound like she was accusing him, just curious.

"I didn't kiss her back Sor, I swear. You can ask Matt even, he saw. Once I knew what was happening I pushed her away."

Sora smiled sweetly and kissed him on the nose. "I believe you. I guess I should be use to it. It happened a few times while I was with Matt too. That's the problem with being cute I guess." She winked at him and he chuckled. "I knew she liked you, I've known for awhile… actually, Tai, I need to tell you something." Tai cocked his head to the side like a puppy. Sora took a breath.

"While I was dating Matt, I was always really conscious of girls that liked you, because… I was jealous."

"Really?" Tai seemed to be pleasantly surprised to hear that.

"Yeah. Yuko, Sani, Yumi, they all liked you for a little while, lucky for me your so dense you didn't notice."

"They all liked me!"


"Man I would have been all over Yumi!" Sora punched him playfully.

"Watch it, Mr." Tai laughed.

"What would you have done if I started dating one of them?" Sora looked down in shame.

"I don't know… found a way to get them to break up with you."

"That's cruel Sora."

"I know, I'm immature and selfish when it comes to you." Tai lifted her chin up.

"For what its worth, I wouldn't have dated any of them, because I would have been thinking about you." This just caused Sora to look at the ground again.

"I'm so sorry Tai," she said after a while, "I don't know why I fell for Matt. I don't know why I went out with him. It just all kind off happened. I should have-"

"Shhh, Sora, its okay," Tai pulled her chin up again, "You just needed a distraction. It was all my fault, if I had just come clean sooner-" Sora put a finger to his lips, silencing him.

"But Tai, that's the difference. I crumbled and went to fined someone else, and because of that… look what happened to you!" She said it loud enough that the sharp eared Digimon turned to have a look at what the commotion was all about. Sora was going to start crying, but Tai wasn't going to let that happen. He placed a kiss on both her eyes and held her tightly telling her not to cry. She didn't.

They stayed like that for about a minute until Tai spoke. "Sora? Am I good enough for you?" Sora was surprised to hear this and it scared her a little, was he doubting himself, was he doubting her love for him, was he doubting them.

"No! No, Tai. Your perfect for me. I love you, I always have. I don't care what anyone else thinks or says. I don't care, how good you are at soccer, or what kind of job you get in the future. I love you and that's that! I want to be with you forever, I want to marry you…"

Tai slowly smiled. "Just making sure. I have something that will cheer you up. Remember, the thing I said I had for you?" Sora nodded, glad that they had gotten all this behind them. The phone conversations they had had were mostly sweet junk.

Tai took something out of his pocket and began to shuffle it behind his back with both hands. He then made two fists in front off him.

"Pick a hand Takenouchi."

"I don't mind if I do Kamiya." Sora tapped Tai's right hand. He reviled it to be empty.

"Oh, so sorry Takenouchi, better luck next time." Tai pretended to start walking away, but Sora held him back.

"Hold it Kamiya. I want my gift," she demanded simply

"Sorry Sora, but you guessed wrong."

"Tai!" Sora whined. Tai smiled.

"Okay close your eyes." Sora did as she was told. "Now you have to promise you won't open them until I say its okay."

"Ok," Sora giggled. Tai took something out of his pocket. Sora felt Tai take her hand and slip something on one of her fingers.

"You can open them now," Tai said. Sora gazed at her hand and found a beautiful ring gracing her finger. It was simple yet elegant with a small white diamond on top.

"Tai its beautiful!" Sora exclaimed holding her finger with her other hand, watching it reflect the light, enhancing its features. Tai laughed and scratched the back of his head, betraying his nervous state.

"Yeah, well I said I would get you another one… plus I figured a beautiful girl like yourself deserves a beautiful ring. Not that looks matter." Sora just smiled at him and pulled him down for a kiss, "Thanks Tai. I'll try to hide it till we tell everyone. Is this what you had to do on that day I ask you to take me out?"

"Um, yeah! Yeah it was," Tai answered automatically.

They went back inside just in time for the food. Tai mouthed a 'thanks for the advise' to Matt while pointing at Sora. Matt just smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

The Kamiya's sat with the Takenouchi's, along with Agumon, Gatomon and Biyomon. The food was fantastic. Tai pretended to grab one of Agumon's dishes and Agumon nearly bit his hand off (he was pretending to).

"Just stay out of my way Tai," Agumon said in a mock serious tone. Tai laughed good naturedly.

Kari and TK exchanged glances from across the room any and every chance they got. Mrs. Takenouchi and Mrs. Kamiya talked up a storm. They discussed times they remembered when Tai and Sora would play together when they were little. Mrs. Kamiya also mentioned some of her latest ideas for recipes. Mr. Kamiya talked to Mr. Izumi who was seated at the table next to them. Tai, Sora and Biyomon would talk amongst themselves, while Gatomon, who was on Kari's lap, kept to herself.

The waitress and waitresses, who were not accustomed to Digimon table manners (or lack there off) had to look at them throwing food across the table and chewing with their mouths open.

Sora watched as Tai made history out off his noodles and moved on to a sushi platter. 'I wonder how hard he will be to cook for? Probably not that bad, since he'll eat just about anything. Plus I'm a decent cook… better then his mother anyways,' Sora thought to herself. She continued to watch him while his childish side came out. She would never admit it, but it was the side she liked best. He attempted to balance a spoon on his noise. Biyomon laughed hard, nearly falling out of her seat. Something different happened to Sora.

As she watched him, her mind wandered to other things not to be said in public. She forgot they were in a public place and just stared at him like she was in a trance, in a way, she was. She would have remained that way, had it not been for what began to happen in between her legs. She felt herself heat up inside and felt something slowly beginning to drench her panties. She stood up immediately once she new what it was. 'Oh my god, I'm wet,' she thought.

"Something wrong Sor?" Tai asked, ignorant of her predicament.

"Uh, um, no… I'm just going to, um, go to the bathroom. I'll be back soon." She went to the bathroom to clean herself up and mellow down. She didn't want anyone to know she had wet herself in the middle of a restaurant while thinking about Tai… yet. Because she had a plan. She just hopped it would work.

She went back and sat down. Tai asked if everything was alright and Sora said everything was fine as she flashed a cute face at him she new he loved.

Izzy stood up and said he had a speech to make and that Matt, Joe, Mimi, and Cody had helped him with it. It was basically about everything that had happened in the past month or so. There were small references to Tai's betrayal, so small in fact that most of the parents didn't catch it. Izzy had spoke in a way that would try to sidestep most of that stuff, this was to be fair to Tai. Tai just stayed silent and looked down. At the end everyone clapped.

"Should we tell them now?" Sora asked, whispering in Tai's ear.

Tai took a deep breath, "I guess… I'm nervous, what if are parents disown us or something?"

"I'm prepared for the consequences. Are you?"

"Yeah. Well, here goes." Tai stood up and picked up his glass, tapping it with his finger to get everyone's attention. "So, um, Sora and I *gulp* have something to tell you all." He looked at Sora for support. She smiled at him and patted his back. That was all the encouragement he needed.

"Sora and I are engaged." Sora held up her finger to show the ring. Then everything started happening.

Kari gasped, in surprised. Sora's mom did something similar and then smiled at Tai and her daughter. Agumon began to choke on the crab leg in his mouth. Biyomon just smiled at Tai, she already knew, Sora told her before they came here. Tai's parents both had completely shocked looks on their faces.

"I knew it," Gatomon smirked.

The other tables were mostly silent with a few gasps here and there. Mimi's gasped was the loudest and most dragged out. Davis's response took the cake thought.

He sprayed his soda all over Cody and asked, "To be Married?"

"No to be dance partners, what do you thing Davis?" Tai said sarcastically using all the courage he had left, he still hadn't glanced at the parents yet. Then Matt saved the day by standing up and clapping, much to the young couples relief. Then Mimi shrieked and flew over to Sora to congratulate her. Davis did the same thing to Tai… only he ended up tackling him to the ground. Yolei and Kari both joined Mimi in hugging Sora, who was glad that her friends approved.

Sora looked over at her mom wondering if she was going to end up having a huge fight with her, but, she smiled at her brightly. At least her mom approved, tai's parents smiled at her too but they both seemed more surprised and a little forced into this situation. Tai looked at his parents after he got out of Davis's headlock. They gave him a similar expression. Tai was more worried about Sora's mom though and she looked happy about it.

After a lot more chatter and commotion Tai and Sora went to talk with their parents.

"Mrs. Takenouchi," Tai addressed her while bowing, "I just want you to know, I love your daughter more then anything and will take care of her with all I am."

"I know you do Tai, I've known for a while," she replied. Tai, and even Sora seemed a little surprised so she explained. "You see, I've seen you two together for years, you get along so well. I saw how Sora began to look at you differently and she was always talking about you at home." Tai glanced at Sora and saw her blush.

"So do you trust me with your son?" Sora asked Tai's parents. They glanced at each other before answering.

"We do Sora," Mrs. Kamiya began, "were just a little surprised, that's all. If you two really love each other, then were fine with it." At least now Tai and Sora knew they wouldn't have to elope

The Party continued and soon they started to bring out deserts. Sora told Tai that she wanted to get desert else where, so they told there parents and their friends. Sora whispered something to Biyomon before they left and Tai said by to Agumon. As they began making their way to the restaurants front doors they noticed Gomamon pestering some random family at a table. He seemed out of it. Tai noticed a broken bottle of Saki on the floor and Gomamon was proceeding to eat the rest of the food on the table. Then Joe ran up to Gomamon and asked what the hell he was doing.

Gomamon just looked at him blankly, as if he was trying to recognize him and then said, "I'm a walrus-*hic*."

"I can't bring you anywhere!" Joe shouted angrily. He began to frantically apologize for his mischievous Digimon behavior to the family who's meal had been rudely interrupted. Tai and Sora had to suppress their laughter until they were out of the Shore Boat.

"Did you see that!" Tai laughed, holding his stomach.

"Yeah! The day Gomamon behaves is the end of the world!" Sora said, also laughing.

"So do you want to get ice cream somewhere or what?"

"Um, actually, can we just go to your place and talk or whatever?"

"Okay. Wait we can get ice cream first right?"

"Tai! You just ate like three dinners in- oh who am I kidding! You eat every chance you get like it's your last day on earth!"

"So… yes?" Tai asked hopefully.

"Tai, Tai, Tai. Tell you what, lets just go to your place and tomorrow I'll buy you breakfast wherever you want. Sound good?"

"Okay, fine… it better be an all you can eat buffet type place."

"Whatever you want sweetie," Sora said kissing his cheek.

They began to walk to the Kamiya apartment. Tai noticed they were walking right threw his most hated place on earth. The place Sora broke his heart. Perhaps he could turn it into a place that wasn't so bad. He couldn't change the past, to speak truthfully, he still hurt from that night of Matt's concert. Maybe, just maybe, he could rid himself of that thorn in his side. No more thinking, it was time to act.

"Hey Sora, keep walking, I need to tie my shoe."

"I'll just wait for you," she said while she came to a halt.

"No really, just go, I'll jog to catch up, I could use the exercise anyway."

"Tai, your already in perfect condition, I doubt a ten second jog will help much."

"It can't hurt, just go I'll catch up," Tai said, his tone was kind, but he was beginning to think this wasn't going to work.

Sora just shrugged, "Oookay," she didn't want an argument right now, she didn't want anything to go wrong. Sora turned and began to walk away, oblivious to there location and its meaning. Not that she didn't know or remember, it just wasn't on her mind.

Tai waited until she was just far enough away, then ran towards her. "Sora! Wait up!"

Sora stopped and turned to wait, but she thought it was weird. Didn't he just ask her to keep going? Tai stopped just short of Sora and looked into her eyes, his face lacked his usual cocky, playful grin. Instead it was completely serious.

"Sora, are you going to the concert with anyone?"

"Tai I-" Pain filled Sora's face as she realized what he was doing. He never flinched, just waited for any answer. Their eyes locked together like two steel rods welded together. Sora thought carefully before answering.


"Do you want to go with me?"

"Always," Sora said. She then threw her arms around his neck. Tai put his arms around her waist and they drew each other into a tight embrace. They remained quiet for some time, enjoying the close proximity of their bodies until Tai spoke.

"I'm so sorry Sora, I had to. I guess I just never really got over that night."

"Neither did I," Sora's voice was barley above a whisper and shaky. They remained in their loving embrace.

"Can we go to your apartment now?"


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By the time they got to Tai's apartment building it had started to lightly rain. Its rate and amount of drops seemed to be increasing so they had to get inside quick. Of course, this is what most people would think they should do.

Sora loved the rain. It was one of her favorite things. So they slowly strolled into the apartments lobby doors, Sora tilled her face to the sky, thoroughly enjoying the cool specks of H2O that trickled down her features. Tai watched her, she continued to amuse him, even now at the age of 18.

They took the elevator up to his floor and walked to Tai's front door. Tai opened it with his key and held it open for Sora. She stepped into the familiar apartment that was practically a second home to her. She had been here a thousand times for a number of different reason ranging from a sleep over to just picking something up. The last time she was alone with Tai here was 4 years ago. So much had changed since then.

"You want something to drink?" Tai offered, going over to the fridge to forage.

"No thanks," she said as she put her coat on the couch.

"Suit yourself," Tai pulled out a bottled water and downed it in one chug. "So, you want to watch TV or something?"

Sora shook her head, "No, lets just go to your room," she took hold of his hand and led him down the hall. She opened his door and pulled him inside, shutting it behind him.

Tai's room was messy. Actually that is the understatement of the year. His room looked like it was hit with a 155mm shell. His cloths, school books, soccer equipment, and other paraphernalia were scattered across the waste land of his carpet floor. His bed had the same sad story to it. The walls were covered with soccer posters and flags. Sora still had a problem with one in particular.

"Tai, I don't know how many times I have to go over with this with you…"

"Here we go," Tai said, knowing what was coming.

"Liverpool is so much more awesome then Man U. I've tried to steer you in the right direction since we were kids, but you still won't listen."

"Sora, you are the smartest girl I've ever met, but I'm afraid you will never be able to recognize the truth that Man U is the greatest soccer club on earth."

"I guess I'll have to write something in your vows saying you will promise to like Liverpool more to make your wife happy."

"I'll just forget to say that part then," Tai said as he stuck his nose up I the air defiantly. They both laughed.

Sora looked around the room she knew so well. She was searching for one thing in particular. She found it on his computer desk, right where it had always been. She went over to pick it up.

"I see you still have it," Sora said.

"Of course I do Sora, why wouldn't I?" Tai said, almost insulted. The object to which they referred to was a picture frame. Inside it was a picture of them hugging in their soccer jerseys at the field they played at as kids. An orange and white soccer ball lay at their feet. It was Tai's birthday party that day. He had just turned seven, Sora was still six. It was their favorite picture of them together as kids.

"You always use to say the soccer ball matched my hair," said Sora.

"It did, and still does… sort of," Tai replied.

"We were so young back then." Sora seemed distant. Tai wasn't quite as insensitive to feelings as he use to be and he could read Sora well. Something was bugging her. The question was, what?

Silence replaced conversation. Tai began to feel uncomfortable and his hands started to sweat. Tai hadn't been completely and utterly alone with Sora in his apartment for a long time. The last time he had, he hadn't thought of her as a beautiful women, but more of a friend. Just the thought of being alone with her was enough to make him go crazy. What ifs stated to race threw his mind, but he quickly dismissed them as unrealistic and inappropriate. The question is, what is unrealistic and inappropriate?

Sora was still staring at the picture, more specifically the young boy with a cocky smile and a big brown mop for hair complete with goggles. That boy was now a man, and standing behind her across the room. She wanted to see that same smile on the real Tai, so she turned around.

Tai quickly looked at her and tried to smile but found he couldn't. Sora studied Tai closely. He was a man indeed. His tan athletic body was something most women could only dream of. However she saw how he looked so nervous, so confused, so… scared of something. She could tell he sensed something. This was certainly not her Tai. Not the brave, confident, and courageous Tai she came to love. She would fix this.

Tai became even more uneasy when he saw Sora looking at him in a way she hadn't before. She looked like a hungry predator that had just found her next meal. She began to walk towards him so slowly that Tai could hardly stand it. She spoke just as slowly.

"Fifteen years Tai. We've known each other fifteen years. I guess we've both changed a lot since then. I became more girly and started to play tennis and I'm even a little interested in the fashion industry. You have defiantly become more mature in… (she looks him up and down) every way. But we are still the same people at heart I think. The one thing that has remained constant in my life is you. My parents got divorced, I found out there are multiple worlds, Biyomon is only around sometimes, I quite soccer for tennis, and ended my tomboy faze. But you've always been there, you've always supported me… even at your own expense. I love you."

She was standing directly in front of him now. Tai's mind was racing trying to find something to say, but Sora moved first. She pushed him back up against the wall, her hand hitting the light switch. The room became darker, but they could still see each other thanks to the ominous glow of the moon and street lights from outside. She looked up at him with lust filled eyes.

"You look hot with your hair short like this goggle boy." Sora then began to kiss Tai's neck. Tai felt his mind begin to shut down as Sora began her assault that he knew he could do nothing to repel. He didn't want to. He felt his throat begin to close up and he could hardly breath, his arms hung hopelessly at his side.

After a minute or so the auburn haired girl looked up and uttered three words that made time stop.

"I want you."

Tai couldn't even responded, he just looked back down at her trying to figure out what to do.

"Do you want me?" Sora asked hopefully.

The answer seemed clear, but Tai's voice box was off line at this point. So he did the next best thing, he nodded slowly. Sora smiled. Finally he was hers. She led him to his bed and motioned for him to sit down. Then the games began.

They started to slowly kiss but it quickly escalated to a full on make out session. There hands roamed each others ready bodies eagerly. Sora helped Tai lift his shirt over his head. Her lips were on his muscular chest immediately. Tai enjoyed the sensation immensely.

He gathered the will to speak, "What happened to the sweet, polite, innocent, little girl I grew up with?"

"She fell in love," Sora answered. "Plus her best friend was a bad influence."

"Bad influence? You're the one that started this."

"Your wrong Tai. You made me do this." Before Tai could respond Sora pushed him on his back and straddled him.

"Oh my God," Tai whispered as all his darkest fantasies slowly started to come true right before his eyes.

Sora began to kiss his lips again as she worked on his pants. She finally pulled them off of him, leaving him in only his boxers. Sora felt Tai's arousal against her thigh and blushed deeply, they hadn't even done anything and already she was out of her mind. She grabbed Tai's hand and moved it into her pants so that Tai could feel her panties.

"Do you feel how wet you make me Tai?" He didn't really respond, what was left of his brain was trying to process where his hand was. Sora figured he heard and continued. "In the restaurant, I was just like this Tai. You make me like this! Do you realize that?"

"I do now." Tai said. Sora pulled his hand out of her panties and rolled to her side pulling him on top of her. She began to stroke his cheek lovingly.

"I want you to give yourself to me Tai, and I want you to take my virginity. Make love to me Tai."

Tai thought those were the most beautiful words he had ever heard. He responded by letting his carnal side completely take over and he kissed her wildly. Sora very much enjoyed this side of him and she trusted him completely. She let him do away with her shirt. Tai then looked at her face, then her braw, then back at her face, silently asking if it was okay to continue. Sora just smiled at him.

Tai used a trembling hand to reach behind her and relieve her of her entrapment. His breath left him as the piece of clothing was removed. She was gorgeous. In his opinion no other woman on the face of the Earth came close. Her perky breasts were just the right size and shape in his opinion. She gazed up at his face reading his reaction, she liked what she saw.

Tai took one breast in his hand and began to massage it while he took her other in his mouth. Sora threw her head back in ecstasy and moaned softly. Tai felt her nipple harden under his tongue and immediately felt himself grow harder. Tai then repeated the process to her other breast.

"Yes, Tai… yes, oh," Sora urged him on.

When he was finished he took off her pants, leaving her only in her panties, which by now where absolutely drenched.

"Sora, are you sure about this? We can stop if you want to."

"I'm sure, but only if you are," Sora told him.

Tai smiled and began to kiss his way down her stomach, stopping only to lick her belly button, causing her to giggle. He then took her panties in his hands and with one final glance at her took them off. When she was completely exposed to him he understood what perfection was. He marveled at her body.

"Sora… your… your… perfect." Sora new she was pretty darn cute, but she would never call herself perfect. She was glad Tai thought so. She instinctually spread her legs apart.

"Oh, that's adorable," Tai said, all of a sudden beaming as he took in all her secrets that lay in between her legs.

"What?" Sora asked curiously.

"I always wondered where your birth mark was," Tai said smirking like a little kid that had just successfully cheated on a test or stolen his friends fruit roll-up. Sora's face turned scarlet red and she put her head down on the pillow. She couldn't think of a time she had been this heavily praised in all her life.

On the inside of her upper thigh, only a couple inches form her pussy, was a brown birth mark the size of a quarter. Tai gave it a kiss and placed a few more along both her thighs. This only made Sora even more wet and her entrance was now glistening with moisture.

Tai looked at her slit and bent down to grab both of her thighs in his strong arms. He kissed her vaginal entrance softly causing Soar to twitch with longing. She made fists around the bed sheets, giving Tai a sign he was doing a good job. He continued to slowly kiss it, until he was driven to insanity by the taste. Sora directed his mouth to her clitoris and as he licked it she softly touched her breast.

Suddenly Tai felt Sora push him off of her. He worried for a second if he had done something wrong. Not so because Sora took his boxers in her hands and pulled them off of him. Tai felt immediately self consciences, would Sora approve? Apparently yes, because she quickly placed a kiss on the tip of his erection. He felt himself about to burst and pushed her away. Now it was her turn to be worried.

"Do you not want me to…" she trailed off worrying she had offended him.

"Its, not that. I just felt like I was going to cum. Please don't stop, just… go easy." Sora sighed in relief. She bent back down and kissed him again, only this time Tai was prepared for it.

Tai felt all his muscles tense. He laid his forehead on Sora's shoulder and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He sat there receiving the pleasure as the reality of the situation set in. Here he was, in his room, while his life long best friend turned lover and fiancée Sora Takenouchi explored his body.

At this point the 'wait a minute' kicked in for both of them, and both their sexual organs and more importantly their hearts said, don't stop.

Tai finally had to stop Sora from kissing his enlarged penis, and pulled her up to look him in the eye. "That's all I can take Sor, any more and I would exploded in your face."

Sora reluctantly stopped and met his eye level, "I wouldn't mined," she said quietly. Tai smiled, not really sure what to say or where to go from here. Sora kissed him and then whispered in his ear, "I want you inside me Tai."

Tai had to put his head on her shoulder again when he heard that. He put his arms around Sora and drew her chest to his. Sora gasped and closed her eyes as her breast pressed into Tai's chest, she had thought about it for a long time.

"I want to be inside you to Sora. So badly. Um, but, you see… I don't have any, you know, for if, you know, you were to… not that I care-well no, I, I mean, well…"

Sora silenced him by putting a finger to his lips. She then took his head in her hands and shook her head. Then she kissed him lovingly.

"You don't care?" She shook her head again and felt back in Tai's arms, making herself dead weight, she tugged at him wanting him to lay down on top of her. He complied with her whishes.

Sora put her legs up in the air and grabbed onto Tai's neck. "Tai… my Tai… just hold me and kiss me when you do it okay?"

Tai could only smile, "Okay." He positioned himself as best he could over her and enveloped her in his arms. Sora had never felt this level of comfort and security before, she liked it, she loved it.

"Sora… are you sure? I want you to know if you feel uncomfortable don't hesitate to let me know."

"I'm sure."

"Promise you'll let me know?"


Tai kissed her nose lovingly. Sora stroked his tan chest with her hands.

"So sexy," she whispers to him. He blushes almost as much as she did.

He slowly begins to kiss her. Each touch of their lips is fire. Tai feels the head of his shaft rub against Sora's wet opening and he has to try hard not to come. After all, this is his first time. Sora wiggles beneath him in her completely vulnerable state, wanting more.

"Please Tai," Sora whispers under their barely touching lips, "please please please." Tai kisses her again. Whether it was intentional or not, he didn't know, but he slips into her all the way.

"OH!" Sora bites Tai's shoulder and digs her nails in to his back and neck.

'Dear God', Tai thinks as he is swallowed by Sora and her warm, wet, tight tunnel.

Sora begins to moan in pain and starts to cry. She had no idea it would be this bad. Sure she had learned in heath class it might hurt, but this was almost to much. Tai pulls her as close as possible to comfort her.

"Are you hurt Sor? Should I pull out?"

"No don't. Just hold me please *sob* and say nice things." Tai does as commanded and begins to whisper sweet, loving, fluff into her ear.

"Shhh, Sora. Its okay, it won't last forever. I'm here for you." Tai hated the fact that he was hurting her and had to listen to her cry, which were his two least favorite things in the universe. At the same time his eye were wide as he tried to describe how she felt.

"Sora you feel… amazing."

"I'm glad at least one of us likes it. Not that I hate it," she quickly recovered. "Just give me another minute, its starting to feel better."

In the mean time Tai told her she was beautiful and that he loved her with all his heart. Then Tai started to pump into her. She began to moan, this time in pleasure as she felt herself contracting around him.

"Yes, Tai, yes, yes… mm, yes." Tai looked down at Sora's fatigued face cover in sweat, her cheeks flushed. Yet she still looked cute as ever and had a smile of happiness on her face. They continued to share sweet kisses as Tai moved in her.

"I love you Sora-ughhhhhh." Tai felt his climax coming as Sora's fluids coated him, there was no stopping it this time and he didn't want to. He began to chant her name over and over as his eyes filled with lust and love, staring into Sora's eyes full of trust, love, and yes, lust.

"Sora!" Tai felt himself come undone as he claimed Sora as his own. He came into her pussy harder then he thought possible. Her eyes grew wide as she felt him squirting into her. He collapsed on top of her without bothering to pull out, completely exhausted from the love making.

They laid there basking in the after glow. Tai moved to Sora side not wanting to crush her. They held each other in their arms and kissed each others salty faces. Before either of them could mention so much as an I love you, they drifted of to the best sleep of their lives.

(hours later)

Sora woke up in a dark room wondering where she was. There was a arm over her. It belonged to a boy that had darker skin then her and a black arm brace. Then she remembered. She felt happy and content. She looked over at Tai. She smiled when she saw how peaceful he looked, softly breathing into her hair. She felt no discomfort being with him in his bed like this.

Deciding to wake him, she shifted herself to get access to his face and then gently covered his nose with her mouth to get him to wake up. She giggled as Tai simply opened his mouth to get oxygen into his lungs. So she rocked him side to side while calling his name.

His eyes shot open and he began to yawn, and smiled when he saw Sora looking at him. They both just looked at each other wondering who should speak first.

"Tell me last night was real," Tai finally said.

"It must have been because we're both naked," said Sora.

"Mm good." Tai said closing his eyes.

"Oh no you don't Tai! You'll just go back to sleep. Well, not while I'm in your bed Mr."

"I like it when your in my bed," Tai said, his eyes still closed.

"Do you want me to sleep with you again?"

"Of course, plus were getting married so you kinda have to"

"Well then stay awake and keep me company, and don't think I won't make you sleep on the couch. Plus I owe you a breakfast remember?"

At the mention of food Tai bolted straight up, "That's right! You do… um, Sora?"

"Mm hmm?"

"What time is it?"

"5:34 am. Why?"

"My… family." They both remembered they had gotten here at ten pm so they must have gone to sleep at about eleven pm. The question is how many people knew about them.

"Oh my gosh Tai! Mm… what if we were caught? I wasn't even planning on staying, but the bed was just so warm and you were so warm and… this is all your fault."

"What! Have you gone crazy? How is it my fault?"

"Because you… I don't know Tai, you just made me stay with your puppy dog eyes."

"Oh, right, okay Sora. I made you have sex with me and because of that you ended up staying," Tai said sarcastically.

"Well, yes. Remember how I had explained to you that it was all your fault that I felt compelled to seduce you?"

"Yeah, your right. I am irresistible." Tai laughed and Sora hugged him playfully. She pretended she was mad at him by shacking him back and forth, but it was just an excuse to be close.

"I love you too, but seriously, what are we going to do?" Tai asked.

"Go turn the light on."

"Why can't you go, your closer?"

"Because you're the guy, and girls get cold easily."

"Oh so this is how its going to work? Your just to embarrassed to be nude with the light on, so you want me to do it."

"I'm not embarrassed, just cold."

"Fine," Tai got out of bed and turned on the light. It was still new to be nude like this in front of a girl, even if it was Sora, so he was a little uneasy. Sora couldn't help but let her eyes wonder.

"Hey there's a note on the door… form Kari."

"Really? What's it say?"

"Come over here and read it."

"Can't you just read it out loud?"

"Come on Sora, come over here, I'll keep you warm." Tai grinned mischievously at her, knowing Sora couldn't say no to his famous grin. A little shyly, Sora got out of the bed and walked over to Tai who rapped her in his arms. They read the note together.

To my brother and future sister,

I can't believe you two. I didn't think you guys would go that far that quickly. Don't worry I didn't seen anything, you guys had the bed sheet over you. Was this your idea Tai? Of course I guess Sora could have pulled this of if she's crazy enough to marry you. Just kidding I think you two will make a great husband and wife. But seriously guys, what where you thinking? Couldn't you have waited for marriage? Did you at least use protection? Never mind I don't want to know. Your just lucky I found you two first and not Agumon, or worse Mom and Dad. I had to make up an elaborate lie. I told them and Sora's Mom that Sora had gone to Mimi's. Ithen called Mimi to say you were spending the night with us, and she went on for half an hour about why you two shouldn't be sleeping in the same house (obviously I already knew that, but don't worry I didn't tell her). Then I contacted Biyomon so she knew what was going on, apparently she already knew something was up, whether she knew what exactly is a different story. Agumon and Gatomon don't know, Agumon's in my room right now, that or he's in the frig getting something to eat, you know the drill yeah, I've been busy. And to think Tai you lectured TK on not having sex with me, but trust me we're both way more responsible, not to mention younger. Don't let Tai wet the bed or anything Sora. Your on your own now, so as soon as you get up, think on your feet. You two owe me big time!

Love you, Kari

"She saved us," Sora said.

"Not yet, you need to leave before people start waking up."

"Your right," Sora sighed. She began gathering her cloths and dressing. Tai put on his boxers and watched her.

"Listen Tai, I'll get home fast, sneak in a go to bed for another hour or so. You should do the same. Then we can call each other and go get breakfast, Kay?"

"Sounds like a plan." Tai noticed Sora admiring the ring he gave her. "I'm glad you like it."

"I love it," Sora said, walking over to him and kissing him on the forehead. "Thanks for everything Tai."

"Anything for you Sora, I love you." They shared one final kiss and Sora opened his bedroom door checking for one of the Digimon or one of the other Kamiya's. The coast was clear, she slipped out of the apartment and headed to her own.

In that one hour of sleep they dreamed only of each other. Tai Kamiya and Sora Takenouchi were one friend, one partner, one companion, one warrior, one lover, one Digidestined, one soul, now and for all eternity.


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