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Cinderella's new life

From the parking for the stage...

Yes, Kate Parker. How the life changed… changed and a lot. I really growed. I'm where want do be, where always wanted. Where deserve.

Modesty? This is not be in my mind. I'll be hypocrite if acting so. I'm fight for this my whole life, I'm prepared for this of the way that I can. I deserve this stage, deserve the roses and the claps. I deserve the Johnathan Reeves acknowledge and the proposal that he made. Deserve the American Ballet scholarship… and I know that be just student.

I know that this is my goal, and neither pass in my mind accept less.

I'm obstinate and sometimes selfish. I hurt people for be so, but I never had time for be cool. If I want my dream, to be from that way, however my own stubbornness nearly take me off the game. For a little I to give up for fear from hear not, as if I'm coward. Nearly I'm go away any return for my old life. I know was vain for believe that just my skills that will do. I was prepotent point by insult people that I love just for to not hear not.

Now, I'm thankfull for my sister Bella for have like example someone so defect like me, what persist in me by way so pure! And me to do proceed forward. My youngest sister ever be my reason. I'm wish to fulfil my dream not just for me, but for she. I want to shows Bella that she made anything in spite off all and everybody. And now she know.

I'm too thankfull for Tommy: my pupil, my partner, my boyfriend. For your understanding, your insist. He'snt satisfisfy in understand, but too in teach. Toomy search fire, passion. The dance aren't technique and precision: are chemistry, strength, life. He wants that I teach and I was learn.

And my passion bring me here. Now, I'm the stage, seeing the empty theatre, appreciating everything that I feeling: pain, torpor, fatigue, euphoria, gratitude… for all that conquested.

- Hey, Kate! You're to stay stopped? We haven't all time of the world, Cinderella.

I see for back and he's here. He's smiling and me too. We're not having all time of world, There an party for to go. Can seem madness to go an party after dance in the stage, but cannot leave the opportunity to pass. Not is an any part. Is am Monica Strauss party: director of ballet that finished to dance.

I'm tired, but want to make every second. Because is the first day of my new life and I want all. I'm not wast my clothes and my shoes.

- I'm to go!

- Yes, all right. Monica is waiting in the limousine.

Wait! I'm to go!

I see one more time for the empty theatre, and breathe this air, feeling the good smell… smells of the stage. My place: the stage. I born for be here. And where to stay.

And now I'm preparing. All that I always want is my reach.

An new life now begins.