The Fire Nation princess sat on a rock in the middle of the clearing. Her long sharpened fingernails were drumming on her knee as she watched Ty Lee pace in front of her. Her golden eyes were slightly squinted and her thin red lips drawn tight as the girl she observed was under fire of scrutiny. They traveled alongside the pink girl, who moved back and forth fluidly as if keeping time with every length she paced. Ty Lee felt the need to remain in motion; constant motion. She feared that if she were to speed up, slow down, or stop, the princess would reach an answer. Azula was thinking, and that made Ty Lee nervous.

Azula always thought, about something or rather. She was always scheming about something, figuring out how to manipulate someone, or finding … weaknesses. The last word made Ty Lee shiver internally so that the firebender would not see it. Finding an opponent's weakness was the firebender's favorite things to do, other than mercilessly exploiting it.

The fire princess smirked, as if reading Ty Lee's thoughts. The acrobat fought another shiver that threatened to run along her spine. Her normally bubbly expression was absent and instead placed with one of neutrality except for a slight scrunch of her eyebrows. Azula had discovered her weakness a while ago and had been deliciously pleased to find that weakness, was the fire bending prodigy herself. It had really been more of an accident, the discovery at least.

Ty Lee had been practicing her cartwheels in the fire nation palace garden while Azula, much like she was today, sat drumming her fingers on her crossed legs. They had returned to the palace briefly before embarking on their mission to capture the banished prince Zuko and his uncle Ihro. The Fire Lord demanded to inspect her elite squad before approving. Azula had a good deal of confidence in her two comrades and doubted that there were many who held their level of expertise anywhere, let alone the fire nation. But there was always room for… improvement.

So Azula sat in her royal armor, freshly polished with her royal crest tucked neatly in her hair, while Ty Lee flipped in her pink acrobat costume exposing a large section of her tight tummy and the slight lines of her hips that led underneath her pink drawstring pants. The Princess looked for any imperfections: watching every move searching for some imbalance, misstep, or struggle in her motions. After all, it had been a long time since seeing her childhood friend in action. There had been the skirmish in New Ozai, but she hadn't had time to dissect their movements. Although she would never admit it, she had gotten a bit too excited seeing the avatar and his little friends.

Her golden eyes always held an intense focus that was nearly tangible. Ty Lee could feel them on her; she could always feel the young prodigy's gaze when it was on her. The firebender had always evoked a certain reaction in Ty Lee. She wasn't exactly sure why, but Azula made her feel…hot. She reasoned that firebender's are naturally warmer than anyone else, and Azula was a prodigy and therefore probably even hotter than most. But she also knew her aura didn't lie and Azula made wisps of red flare though her normally pink surroundings. She prayed to Agni that the red didn't mean desire.

Ty Lee landed her last turn and didn't move for a moment to center herself. That mistake would cost her. She felt golden eyes burning into her back. The heat crept up her spine and before she could bite it back, caused a shiver to run through her. Ty Lee gulped, she didn't have to turn around to know that the firebender had risen and now strode towards her.

The Princess had almost missed it, but Azula never missed anything. She had seen the shiver run through the acrobat and the way it had run through her entire back, spreading both high and low. She noticed the pinch of Ty Lee's shoulders as it rippled up her neck and the small quake in her perfect pretty bottom when it slipped between her legs. Azula knew then it was something other than a quick wind chill that had caused Ty Lee's reaction and she had a good guess of what, Azula was never wrong.

"Ty Lee" Azula's voice was right behind her.

She didn't want to turn around and face the prodigy, but she knew it would be worse if she didn't. She shifted awkwardly and found herself looking into the fierce eyes of the Fire Nation's Princess. Her stomach dropped and the heat that had been permeating around her back flushed forward and began to creep on to her face. She swallowed, hard. One corner of Azula's red lips turned upwards in a victorious smirk.

"Yes p-princess?" She knew her prayer's had not been answered when her she felt her heart thump. This was no simple autonomic reaction she had felt that thump somewhere else too, just much lower.

Azula's eyes were locked with hers and she felt her knees buckle a little. Those were Azula's despoiling eyes. Ty Lee was certainly in for something, the thought terrified. She knew Azula would get exactly what she wanted from her. Something told the acrobat that she would give it willingly, if not begging for Azula to take it. Ty Lee wanted to cry out for Mai, but she had gone to the city upon her mother's orders.

"Is something wrong, Ty Lee?" The princess's voice was slick and dripped like venom. Especially the way she said her name.

"N-nothing at all princess!" she squeaked. She felt herself shrinking before the Fire Nation Princess.

"I just thought you might have gotten cold. I saw you shiver." Azula's voice turned to velvet, she was taunting now. She looked the way a cat would when playing with its food. She hadn't noticed when she moved but Azula was much closer now. Ty Lee felt herself sway a little.

"N-no princess, I'm fine." She was sure by now her face was in full flush. She was being swallowed by Azula's eyes now. God it had been so long since Azula's eyes had been on her like this. It was terrifying the way it consumed her, but she had also craved it terribly.

She was so focused on the princess's eyes that she hadn't noticed Azula's hand rise to touch her cheek. She flinched visibly at the contact. Although the gesture appeared caring, Ty Lee could feel the razor sharp nails scratching softly against her skin.

"That's funny, you seem very warm." Ty Lee tore her eyes away from the princess and clenched them shut. Not only could she feel the pure heat from Azula's hand on her face, but she felt the heat resonating off of Azula's body from under her royal armor. She shivered more violently this time, clenching her eyes shut.

"Too warm.." Azula seemed to continue, her voice rich with power. "Perhaps you have a fever." Azula's body was now a centimeter away from Ty Lee's. And this time Ty Lee's knees really did buckle, and her arms instinctually flew up to grab the only thing around her. She felt her hands fall against sheen metal covered shoulders, trying to steady herself. She dropped them immediately after finding her footing only to feel warm hands on her waist and five sharp points digging into both of her sides. Ty Lee's whole body froze, despite the burning that was going on inside of her. Her chest was pounding now and the heat had traveled lower following the path of her stomach.

Azula was gleaming. She was extremely satisfied with the effects she was having on this girl. She could feel every twitch and tremble she evoked on Ty Lee. Had she known she could control her in this way earlier…well, school would have been a lot more interesting. She reveled in holding power over others. Whether through blackmail, strength or terror, it made her blood swell and her skin tingle, but nothing she had done in the past compared to this. This was a power that was terrifying, absolute, and completely intoxicating. The way she was making Ty Lee's body react was completely out of her control. Azula wanted to know how far out of control she could make Ty Lee go.

Azula leaned forward so her lips were brushing against Ty Lee's, "Are you positive nothing is wrong?"

All of the air in Ty Lee left her. The heat that had been edging down her body flared in her centre. Ty Lee felt herself squirm as she felt Azula's nails press harder against her bare skin. Ty Lee would have cursed her choice in outfit if she could think coherently. She wore what she always did, her pink tunic and pants that left her mid-drift bare, allowing complete access to Azula and her nails. She would have also thought that Azula must be able to feel the heat between her legs, being a firebender and all, but at this point all cognitive thought had fled. Her mind was now at the hands of her primal instincts, led by desire.

Azula smiled wickedly. She indeed could feel the heat in Ty Lee and where it was most concentrated. Ty Lee was undeniably turned on and quickly reducing to putty at Azula's fingertips. She moved her hand to the small of Ty Lee's back, holding her with one hand as she used the other to grasp Ty Lee's chin. She felt the girl buck a bit at the movement of her lower hand. Azula smiled wider.

The movement of her head caused Ty Lee to open her eyes. She looked up passively at Azula, her vision slightly foggy. Azula noticed Ty Lee's eyes almost appeared to be glazing over, the look in her eyes burning with innocent desire. It was as if Ty Lee thought she was an angel. This was incredible, thought Azula. Happy, bouncing, blabbering Ty Lee was now wrapped in her own desire. Sweet, boy loved, pretty little Ty Lee was completely seduced by Azula.

Azula thought while Ty Lee remained completely disarmed in her arms. She could do anything to the girl. She had to admit that she'd had…ideas… about what she may want to do to Ty Lee some day. Ideas she'd formed in the past few years while thinking of the girl she'd known in school. She repressed a shiver when a particularly vivid image of Ty Lee in her bed screaming her name in between pants and moans. Heat was also very prevalent between the Princess's own legs.

She thought however, that it would be too easy to take Ty Lee here in the garden. Ty Lee had fallen quickly under her spell and what fun would it be to give her everything she wanted within just a few minutes. No, she wanted to see just how much she could make the girl squirm before making Ty Lee her own. Her Ty Lee. Yes, she liked that.

"Very well Ty Lee." Azula's voice slipped through the fog in Ty Lee's brain, making her scarcely aware that the princess had been talking to her. "I think we're done here for the day. We will leave tomorrow morning."

Ty Lee only nodded. She was too caught up to even realize what was happening. She felt the Princess's arm slip from around her back, nails dragging around her side before the hand was gone all together. Ty Lee slipped to the ground, and ash she did the Princess's fingers rolled off her chin. Her legs were folded beneath her as her hands braced her from behind. The heat was fading from her surroundings and she noticed that the Princess was no longer there. She remained in the garden, thinking about what had happened and praying that it would never happen again. Then she hoped desperately that it would.