Title: The Good Girl

Author: Leah

Summary: With a little help from Torres, Cal makes Gillian realize that being a good girl is not necessarily a bad thing.

Disclaimer: I don't own Lie To Me. I don't have a beta so all mistakes are mine. English is not my first language.

Author's Notes: It's been years since I've written fanfiction so please bear with me. :p This is my first LTM fanfiction but hopefully not the last.

Chapter 1

Thursday morning found Gillian Foster and Ria Torres having coffee in Gillian's office while briefly discussing their newest case.

"So, any other questions regarding the client meeting later?" Gillian asked Torres as she closed the folder before her.

Seated across Gillian's desk, Torres closed her own folder. "No. Everything's clear so far. The case seems pretty straightforward to me."

Gillian picked up her mug and took a sip of her coffee. "The case is pretty straightforward. I just wish I could say the same about Mr. and Mrs. Howard."

Torres shifted in her seat and leaned forward, interest lighting up her face. "Oh, so they've sought our services before?"

"Lots of times. They're one of our first clients, actually," Gillian replied. "Also one of the most difficult and demanding. But they're good people, and they pay well. Besides, they really like Cal."

"Really now?" Torres knew for a fact that not a lot of people liked his boss. "Why's that?"

"They're British, too."

Torres smiled. "Ah. That explains it."

Both women startled when the door to Gillian's office suddenly opened and in walked Cal Lightman.

"Speaking of the devil… Cal! I didn't expect you to be in until after lunch," Gillian exclaimed as she rose from her seat.

Cal shrugged out of his coat as he walked towards the desk. "Yeah, well, I didn't fancy being alone in the house this morning when I arrived, so…"

"Torres." Cal nodded at Torres when he passed by her chair.

Reaching Gillian's side, Cal unhesitatingly brushed his body against hers and kissed her a tad lingeringly on the cheek. "Hello, darling."

Gillian smiled at the warm timbre of Cal's greeting. Her eyes searched over his slightly tanned face. She brought a hand up and cupped his jaw, his stubble tickling her palm. "Spend a lot of your time under the sun in Florida, did you, Dr. Lightman? And here I thought you were hard at work on a case," she teased.

Cal made a show of looking affronted. "For you information, Dr. Foster, I did work hard under the blasted Florida sun. Sweated like a pig the whole time. Got sand in my bloody shoes. Not to mention suffered the longing looks from all those women in bikinis…"

Gillian let out a quiet laugh. "Okay, okay, I stand corrected."

Cal grinned mischievously at her.

As Gillian sat back down, Cal picked up Gillian's coffee mug and drank from the side where her lipstick left a mark on the rim. He surreptitiously licked the spot where he drank before placing the mug back on the table. Gillian didn't notice.

But Torres did. She quirked an eyebrow at what she had just witnessed: Cal romancing Gillian's coffee mug. The act didn't look contrived to Torres. Instead, it looked natural and commonplace. It was just like Cal to invade Gillian's personal space in whatever form and manner. It also looked … intimate. Something a lover would do. As far as she knew, her bosses didn't have that kind of relationship despite their constant touches, hugs, and cheek kisses. Torres settled back in her seat and scrutinized the two people in front her, her powers of observation taking in their body language.

"So, did anything exciting happen in the three days I was gone?" Cal asked.

Torres cleared her throat. "Exciting, no. Romantic, definitely yes." She met Gillian's eyes. Both women smiled as they respectively recalled yesterday's happening.

Cal looked questioningly at his protégé. Finding nothing but amusement in her eyes, he turned back to his partner. "You've got that idiotically happy look about you." He narrowed his eyes at Gillian. "Have you got yourself a boyfriend?"

Torres bit back her smile at Cal's accusatory tone.

"No, silly. Heidi got engaged yesterday."

"Did she now?"

Torres sensed his relief. "Jerry—that's Heidi's fiancé—surprised her yesterday by coming to the office. He proposed to her right then and there at the lobby with most of the staff in attendance. It really was romantic."

Cal straightened. "Fantastic! I'd better congratulate her then, and then get back to work." He scowled. "Bloody hell. There must be a great pile on my desk right now." He reached out a hand and gently caressed Gillian's shoulder. "Later, love."

Torres made sure Cal had gone before launching her question at Gillian. "So…" she began.

Gillian smiled at her expectantly. "Yes, Torres?"

"Since when have you and Lightman been sleeping together?"