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I jumped, startled and eyed the stack of books in front of me.

"Hi." Sarah smiled my way from behind the books.

"Hey." I said unenthusiastically. I was tired and had a pounding headache.

"I like your enthusiasm. Bad day?" she asked sympathetically.

"The worst. Oh dear, here he comes. Again." I moaned and banged my head on the desk in front of me.

I was in my second year in college. I had listened to my instinct and Mr. Berty and applied for University of Minnesota, Liberal Arts College. I was currently studying English Language and Literature.

Senior year in high school had been hell on Earth, but with Jake's help, I managed to survive. It seemed that I wasn't able to live without having a mythical creature around. When the vampires left, the werewolves came. The bad part was that not all vampires had left, two came back after me. Laurent and Victoria. Jake and his friends helped finishing them off.

It took a lot of pleading with Charlie, but in the end, he caved and let me come here. I had been reborn here. This place did miracles to me; I had a wonderful roommate and best friend in Sarah. I was friends with a few other people, but nothing like with Sarah. And of course, there was this guy that almost gave me a heart attack the first time I saw him.

I was running late to my first course of English. Introduction to Literature: Poetry, Drama, Narrative.

I rushed inside, excusing myself to the teacher who glared at me. I was so embarrassed I didn't even see where I was going. The amphitheatre was full. I spotted an empty seat in the back and scurried that way.

I plopped down and sighed heavily then took my new laptop out of my bag.

"Is it an Apple?" a soft voice asked from next to me. My heart went in overdrive. The voice was oddly familiar, a voice I hadn't heard in over a year.

I decided it was my imagination again so I punched my password then opened a Word document and wrote the teacher's name that was on the blackboard.

"Interesting password." This time, I knew it wasn't my imagination anymore.

I turned hesitantly to my right, my eyes closed tightly, wishing it wasn't who I thought it was. I cracked an eye open then both opened widely and I gaped at the boy next to me. He looked so… familiar, yet he wasn't Edward. His hair was the same distinctive shade of red, but only that was familiar and his lips. His eyes were a deep green, a color I always wished I could see in Edward's eyes, his cheek bones were high and well defined, as well as his jaw.

Who was this guy? Why was he talking with me? Why had this been the only available seat?

I found myself gasping for air. Then I realized what he had told me and I got angry.

"What gives you the right to spy on my password?" I hissed angrily.

"The old man is boring. You're definitely more interesting." He answered, smirking at me.

"Mind your own business." I snapped and ignored him for the rest of the class even though he tried to engage me in different conversations.

I had managed to avoid him most of the time. I felt bad for comparing him with Edward, but maybe they were more alike than I had the heart to admit. Both were obnoxious and cold, even though Edward had been nothing but a gentleman that year. This boy was the total opposite. From what I've heard, he was a trouble maker.

"Oh, you're admirer." Sarah laughed, bringing me back to the library, where I was working after classes to get money.

I scowled his way and returned my gaze to the mounts of books on the desk. "Pizza tonight?" I asked her.

"I'm going to buy two. See you in the room." Sarah said cheerfully and leaned closer. "He has a name, you know."

"Who?" I frowned and cussed the boy in my head. He was the only one here. I had to close.

"He." She whispered and pointed to the boy that was looking in a book which was turned upside down. He never came to learn here. He always looked at me, it was creepy, but I was set on talking with him only if necessary. "Robert Masen."

I chocked on my spit when I heard the last name. "Are you okay, Bella?" Sarah asked worried.

"Y-yeah. Go, buy pizza. Mushrooms on mine, please." I managed. Was Masen a common name? It had to be. Oh who was I kidding? I hadn't heard anyone named like that since… Edward.

I picked the books and started getting them to their places, trying to get my mind off the coincidence. More coincidences.

I had one more book and I had promised Daniel I won't climb the ladder anymore after nearly breaking my neck last time. This book belonged to a shelf I couldn't reach and I was alone here and I had to have everything in order for tomorrow.

"Need some help?" I jumped startled by the voice behind me.

I turned around and put the book in his hands, "Yes. Up there." I pointed to the place and marched to my desk to gather my bag.

I exited the building and I started getting anxious, I hadn't left alone before. Nighttime and I didn't mix, God knows what could happen. I knew he was following, I could hear his footfalls behind me. After a few steps, I stopped and whirled around, knocking into his chest.

"Stop following me!" I snapped and rubbed my forehead.

"I wanted to make sure you got to your room safely." He told me quietly.

"Fine." I sniffed and turned around, marching in the direction of my building. My toe caught on a pebble -or nothing at all- and I started falling. I reached my hands in front of me, but I didn't need to alleviate the fall. He caught me.

"Are you okay?" he asked concerned.

"Yes." I groaned and hissed in pain when I stepped on my left foot.

"You twisted it, I think. Let me see." What could he see in this darkness? He knelt and used a small flashlight that was attached to his keys, touching my ankle. "You have something to wrap it in?"

"No. And don't take me to the hospital." I added quickly.

"Call your friend and tell her you'll be late for dinner." He told me and before I could react, I was in his arms.

"Put me down! I swear, I'll scream." I yelled and slapped him.

"Stop hitting me! I only want to help. I'm studying to become a doctor."

"Then what were you doing that day in my class?" Now, that I thought about it, I hadn't seen him in any of my classes after that.

"I was lost then and the stupid teacher didn't let me leave. He didn't even let me explain that I was in the wrong class, so now you understand why I was bored and tried to talk with you."

"Hmph! Where are you taking me, anyway?" I asked annoyed.

"My room."

"Hell no!" I shouted and while flying my hands around, I managed to knock his jaw.

"Will you stop hitting me? I'm trying to help you, Bella."

"How do you know my name?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him. He entered my building. Was his room in this building, too? Was no one on my side? He stopped to inspect the names on the placard.

"I'm taking you to your room, okay? As for your name… it's written on the desk in the library."

"And your name would be…" I wanted to hear it from him. But he didn't tell me his whole name.

"Robert." He said grinning and stopped in front of my room. I knocked once, knowing Sarah had the door locked.

"Fianl- oh what happened?" she asked worried and made room for Robert to go inside.

"She twisted her ankle." He said before I could open my mouth.

"Really, Bella? Could you go through a day without hurting yourself?" Sarah groaned.

"I have this if it helps." She thrust a wrap to Robert.

"Oh it's perfect." He answered and wrapped in around me ankle. I fisted the sheet.

"Too tight!" I managed to gasp out.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I've never done this before." He apologized and readjusted it.

He stayed for dinner, much to my dislike.

"I have to go now, I'm sure Chad's wondering where I am."

"Chad? Chad Simpson?" Sarah giggled and grasped Robert's hand.

"Eh… yeah." He said embarrassed and eyed her hand warily.

"Could you introduce us?" she continued unaware of his discomfort.

I stifled my own giggle when his eyes widened and glanced at me pleadingly. "I'll see what I can do." He whispered. Sarah sighed dreamily and fell on her bed. "Is she nuts?" he mouthed to me.

I went to open the door, hoping he will just go. "She's just in love." I whispered and before he could say anything else, I closed the door.

"He liiiikeees you!" Sarah sang loudly. I threw a pillow at her.

"Hush! He could hear you!" I groaned.

"You shouldn't walk." She said, smirking.

"I need to shower." I muttered and went to the bathroom. I was happy we had a bathroom in the room.

Later that night, after showering and changing in our pajamas we were in bed and whispering.

"That was so like Willoughby and Marianne!" Sarah giggled.

"Oh hush! I just have to pray now that there won't be an older man coming after me." I mocked her.

"If it's Brandon, send him to me." She said excitedly.

I was glad I had someone that shared my passion for Classics and it wasn't weird to compare people with the ones from the books. Just like that, I had a small epiphany.

I wasn't Marianne. I was… Lucy Steels. She had been with Edward and…. she ended up married with Robert Ferrars. Why was I thinking of this? My life wasn't a book. And I didn't like Robert. He was awful.

The next morning felt like a page was turned and a new chapter of my life began.

"I'm coming over Christmas break. I promised." I muttered in the phone that was nestled between my ear and shoulder as I locked the door and kept my bag on my other shoulder, awkwardly.

"But I have to make sure. Charlie insists you're growing up." Jacob teased.

"Oh really? Do I have to remind him who was cooking there?" I asked, dropping my keys in my bag and making my way downstairs, carefully. My ankle still hurt a little.

"What have you done, now?"

"What?" I asked surprised, taking the phone in my hand.

"You hissed? Are you hurt?" Jacob asked amused.

"I twisted my ankle." I answered tersely. "I have to go, I'm in a hurry. I have to get on the other side of the campus in… ten minutes." I sighed.

"Luck with that. You wished you had my super speed, don't you?"

"Jake, I swear I'd hurt you!" I moaned and exited the building. The ancient door creaked.

"Take care. I have to go learn, Billy insists." He groaned.

"Sure, if you want to come here then you have to learn." I said sternly.

"Yeah, yeah. Bye Bella."

"Bye." I said and closed the phone.

Seven more minutes. I had lost track of time this morning and now, I was running late! Romantic Literature and Cultures. I liked this course and I was always late, for some reason.

"Bella." I turned towards the sound of my name. Oh, not him!

"Robert." I greeted and continued my walk. I stopped dead in tracks and returned my eyes to him. He was on a bike. I could get to my course in time! "Listen, could you give me a lift to my class? It's in Rapson Hall."

He seemed surprised I was talking to him. Maybe I had been too mean to him. "Sure, hop on."

The rush of adrenaline surged through my veins as I sat behind him. I remembered how wonderful it had been to drive the bike. Until Charlie found out and threw a hissy fit, which resulted in me being grounded, and Jake as well because Billy had been mad at him for putting me in danger.

Robert started the bike and I thought I was going to be even later than I was. "Could you hit it?" I groaned.

"Are you sure? I mean-"

"Just go!"

And he did. We flew across the bridge and towards my class building.

"Bella, I thought you were good." I screamed frightened, nearly falling from the bike. I wasn't expecting his voice. I thought he had stopped admonishing me when I jumped off the cliff, which had been the ultimate reckless thing I could have done.

The bike stopped in front of Rapson Hall.

"Are you okay? I shoul-"

"I'm fine." I said shakily. "Thanks. I have to run."

I scurried away, my feet shaking and my heart beating wildly, still replaying the words in my mind.

I didn't pay attention in class, the pain seemed to come back and it scared me. I didn't need this. I was fine! Everything was better! Why did I have to be stupid and not think this would happen if I jumped on the back of his bike? The rest of the day passed in a blur of the velvety voice repeating "Bella, I thought you were good," and me trying to push the numbness away.

Last time when I tried to forget about this… I almost made a mistake. I had let Jake in and it wasn't good because I didn't feel that kind of love for him. I couldn't love again, I was aware of that, but he seemed like he didn't care. I was glad when he realized we were better friends than something else.

What could I do now to keep the pain from resurfacing? I was afraid of this happening.

"So you like bikes?"

I turned my head slowly to Robert, now knowing his voice. I was once again in the library, but everything was different.

"Yes. I used to ride one until Charlie found out." I said gloomily.

"You don't have it anymore?"

I cringed at the memory of Charlie selling both of the bikes to junk yards and giving me and Jake the money to use them for college, as he said.

"It's… junk." I muttered.

"An accident?" he asked worried and leaned on my desk.

"Charlie decided it wasn't safe and he destroyed it." I told him and took the books that accumulated on my desk and went to put them to their shelves.

I found him where I had left him, leaning on my desk.

"You shouldn't let Charlie dictate to you what to do or not." It took me a second to realize he didn't know who Charlie was.

"Oh, he's my dad." I explained.

"Bella, you can go! I've got this covered." Daniel told me and then turned around and left.

"Can I walk you back?" Robert asked unsure.

"Sure. But I have to go get food for dinner." I told him. It was my night to buy the food.

"Why do you eat inside? Call your roommate and I'll call Chad. I'm sure, she'd appreciate it."

"And when they get to talk which can be after hours… we take off?" I smirked.

"That's the plan."

We called our roommates and met them at the mall.

"Ten bucks they come together and don't acknowledge who is next to them. By the way, did I mention that Chad is crazy about your roommate?"

"Really? Ten bucks, then." I agreed. I had spent too much time around boys not to like to bet.

They came together, but not as he had predicted. Chad's arm was around Sarah's shoulders and they were laughing.

I stuck my hand out and tapped my foot.

"Hey." Chad greeted and let go of Sarah to shake hands with Robert who put a ten dollar bill in my palm.

"Such a friend you are." He muttered to Chad. "Let's order." He said as they sat down, too.

"You bet on…?" Sarah leaned into me and asked suspiciously.

"Whether you come together and don't acknowledge the other or do acknowledge. I won." I grinned proudly.

Sarah and Chad seemed to hit it off from that night. The boys had walked us to our room and I entered first, Sarah followed a minute later with a big grin on her face.



"No! Where would I go?" I moaned and crossed my arms over my chest.

"To Robert." She said again. We had had this discussion for the last four days. She wanted Chad to spend the night. It had been a month since they were together.

"No, Sarah! I don't want to strangle him every time I see him anymore, but that doesn't mean we're the best buddies!"

"Come on, Bella! I never asked anything from you."

"Don't do this. Why don't you go to his room?" I questioned.

"He said it's messy."

"Oh thank you! And you're sending me there?"

She grinned sheepishly and bit her lip. "He said he loves me."

"What?" I couldn't believe my ears.

"Please, Bella."

"Fine! You owe me big! I swear, I'll kill you if people start talking about me and that jerk."

"Yey! Thank you! Thank you!" she exclaimed and hugged me.

"So when I'm supposed to-" I stopped asking when a knocked interrupted me.

She skipped to the door and I heard Chad greeting her.

I made my bag quickly and got up. "I'll just go." I muttered. "Wait." I turned around. "What room, Chad?"

"Last one down the hall, three floors above this one."

"Great. Bye. Have fun."

"We will!" he laughed and closed the door.

They kicked me out of my room. I had to share a room with Jerk Robert. He had been very annoying ever since that day. We bumped into each other more often and he came to eat with us, but he always made crude jokes. I understood why no one liked him.

I built up my courage and knocked on his door.

"Are you back, already?" he shouted and a second later, the door opened and my mouth dropped. "You know, Bella, it's rude to stare." He smirked.

I closed my mouth and swallowed thickly. Why was I here? Oh yes, I've been kicked out of my room.

"I don't have anywhere to sleep." I muttered, avoiding looking at his naked chest.

"Well come in. I thought you were gone." He said and closed the door after me. That was right. I had to go home for Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd go for Christmas and it would be enough. It was cheaper, this way.

"Change of plans." I said and picked my way through the mess on the floor. "Which bed?"

"Whichever." He said and took a bottle of something from his desk. "Want some?"

"I don't drink."

"One little sip won't hurt you." He grinned and put the bottle in my hand. If Charlie saw me right now… he'll have a heart attack. "Do you have a glass?"

"Do you have a glass?" Robert mocked me and lay on the bed opposite from me. "Drink already or pass it back. I don't have cooties."

If I gave it back without drinking he'll think me weak. I took a swig and cough on it, it burnt my throat.

"That was one big gulp. You'll be drunk in no time at this rate." He chuckled and snatched the bottle back.

We kept passing the bottle, I was starting to feel lightheaded and fuzzy inside.

"You want to be a teacher?" he asked suddenly.

"A writer. I don't have the nerves to be a teacher."

"That's cool." He muttered and handed the bottle back to me.

"What kind of doctor do you want to be?" I asked and took a smaller sip; still it went straight to my head.


I laughed and soon found myself unable to stop laughing.

"What's so damn funny? Can you share?" he asked amused.

"I don't see you as a children's doctor." I explained.

"I've had this discussion with my old man. I don't want it again." He groaned and flopped on his back.

"He didn't approve?" I wondered.

"He wanted me to become an attorney as him, as grandpa and great grandpa and great grandpa's brother… you get the picture." He explained.

"I though that stuff died decades ago." I frowned, imagining having such a tyrant as a father. I was suddenly grateful for Charlie.

"Not in my family. It started back in the 1900's when Thomas and Edward Masen started this business together then that sickness came and only my great grandfather, Thomas, survived. He continued the business so did my grandfather and father and now, I was supposed to do it. I'll let my sister do it."

I felt my stomach twisting uncomfortably. Was he related to Edward? Was he really talking about Edward's father and uncle in the beginning? I couldn't wrap my head around this, especially in my state of drunkenness.

"Oh… a lot of tradition." I found myself saying.

"Yeah. I guess. What about your father? Did he approve of you learning this?"

"Yeah, but he was upset that it's too far from home."

"How far could it be? We have planes these days." Robert said lightly.

"Forks." I told him.

"Robert, enchanted." He stuck his hand out and shook mine.

I slapped his hand and laughed. "Forks is the town's name. It's in Washington."

"Oh… sounds like the one that named it, didn't have a fork and was hungry in that moment."

"Don't make fun of it. It's really nice and quiet."

"I'm sure. I want that, one day. I'm from Chicago."

There were too many similarities. I was positive he was related to Edward.

I suddenly sat up, unsure why I did so, but I knew that I couldn't so I fell on top of Robert and started giggling.

"Ompf!" he exclaimed surprised.

"Sorry." I whispered and managed only to roll on a side.

"You're drunk." He laughed at me.

"Dad would have a fit. He's a police officer." I explained.

"Do you always wear Tweety pajamas or is it just for me?" Robert asked after a few moments.

"I love these pajamas so don't insult them!" I hissed. I found it interesting that when I was drunk I didn't blush. I liked this.

"Well, if we're confessing favorite cartoon characters then I shall tell you about Thumper."

"True fans wear said cartoon character. I don't see you wearing anything with Thumper." I sniffed and traced a Tweety bird on my pants.

"I wear it. Who said I didn't? You just can't see it." He smirked.

"Prove it." I couldn't believe myself. When did I get so… uninhibited?

His eyes widened and he cleared his throat. "You're drunk, Bella." He reasoned.

"Do it." I hissed. Part of my brain wished he would show me his socks, but when he unbuckled his belt, I knew that there was no backing down.

My eyes were trained on his hands. His jeans opened and he took them off in one fluid movement. There, right over a slight bulge, was the blue bunny and under it, there were written the words "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." The 'Thumper's rule' as it was known this slogan.

I was willing my eyes to look somewhere else, but it was futile to fight.

I heard him groan and the next second I found myself on my back with him hovering over me. I met his eyes and I realized that all the dislike I had for him was just to keep him away, because I was afraid. He looked too much like Edward, but maybe this would help. Maybe this was what I needed.

"Bella, I really like you." He whispered and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"I guess… I do, too." I whispered.

"Like yourself?" he smirked and traced my face with a finger.

"I like you, too." I moaned at his cockiness.

"Come on a date with me."

"Ehh okay." I had to go on with my life. And I liked Robert. Because he looks so much like Edward. A part of my brain told me, I ignored it.

"Tomorrow?" he asked, gazing at me impatiently.

I nodded. He moved away. "Wait. Where are you going?" I asked confused and before I could think, I straddled him and pressed my lips to his.

He let out a surprised sound and kissed me back when he recovered from the initial shock. His hands came in my hair and I made a sound that was foreign to me, which seemed only to spur him on. When I felt his tongue on my lips, I backed away, realizing the gravity of what I had done.

"I'm sorry." I whispered embarrassed.

"I thought it was nice to invite you on a date then kiss you. Not that I didn't like it." He chuckled and cupped my cheek in his big palm.

"I don't know why I did it. Don't let me drink again." I whispered.

He kissed my cheek and I put my head on his shoulder. We fell asleep on his bed.

I woke up with a pounding headache and an awful lurching in my stomach. Note to self: Never drink again.

I went to the bathroom right in time. I threw up all the alcohol in my system then slumped on the cold tile.

"Bella?" I didn't find the strength to answer. "Bella? Are you the bathroom?" I kicked the door and it opened. "Oh fuck." Robert groaned and came to me. "Do you need some medicine? I'm sure you have a headache. I'm sorry for letting you drink so much." I only nodded.

He gave me some Ibuprofen and a bottle of water.

"Thanks." I whispered when the pounding in my head subsided and I could stand.

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